The Habsburg family is a Austrian-German family that gained influence in the late 1400's and ruled the Holy Roman Empire (Draco-Orion Empire) in alliance with the Catholic Church (the Jesuits). Their coat of arms is a red lion (Red Dragon) and the double headed eagle, also used in freemasonry. Knight of Malta Otto Habsburg helped creating the European Union (European Empire) with Richard Kalergi. Francesca Habsburg was a member of the 1001 Club of Bernhard Lippe. The members of the House of Schwarzenberg are the descendants of the Habsburgs.

History of the Habsburgs

The Habsburg dynasty originated in the House of Este (Guelph faction with red cross symbol).

1072 Radbot of Klettgau builds the Habsburg castle in Switzerland. Werner II fights for emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (Hohenstaufen, Ghibeline faction).

1273 Rudolf I (Frederick II Hohenstaufen as godfather) becomes Roman Emperor, rules Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The French Valois dynasty wages war with the Habsburgs (Ferdinand II of Aragon, member of the Order of the Dragon), while they are attacked by the Ottomans from the east.

Maximilian I supports Martin Luther as leader of the protestants with the House of Wettin. His son Philip marries Joana the Mad (Bourbon).

The Spanish Habsburgs conquer the Mayan Empire.

1438 Albert V becomes King of the Romans and King of Bohemia through his marriage with the daughter of Sigismund of Luxembourg (Order of the Dragon).

1452 Frederick III (Order of the Golden Fleece) is crowned emperor by pope Nicolas V.

1527 Charles V (Order of the Golden Fleece) participates in the Sack of Rome (pope de Medici). His niece was Giovanna of Aragan (Colonna).

1534 The Borgia's (court of Charles V) and the Farnese family found the Order of the Jesuits as an army of the pope. The Catholic Church uses the jesuits as confessors to the Habsburg emperors, spying and using blackmail as psychological war. Archduke Wenceslaus of Austria is a member of Order of St John.

1581 Alessandro Farnese-Habsburg, Duke of Parma, reconquers the Netherlands for the Spanish Habsburgs.

1584 the Jesuits murder William the Silent (war against Catholic Habsburg), war of the 3 Henrys.

1618 start of the Thirty Years' War of Habsburgs (jesuit trained Ferdinand II) and Catholic Church against the Palatinate of Frederick V, House of Hesse-Kassel, House of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Welf), Dutch Republic, French Cardinal Richelieu, Saxony and Kingdom of Bohemia.

Philip IV has Diego Velazquez as court painter. Philips IV's daughter, Marie Therese of Spain marries her cousin Sun King Louis XIV of France (centralised state based on the Divine Right to rule. He helps to develop Scottish Rite freemasonry (with double headed eagle symbol of the Habsburgs). Their son Louis Le Dauphin of France gives rise to the House of Bourbon.

1737 Francis I Habsburg marries Marie Therese of Austria (House of Habsburg-Lorraine with double headed eagle emblem).

Because of continuous inbreeding, the Habsburgs become infertile and their faces deformed (the famous Habsburg jaw).

After the death of Charles II (Order of the Golden Fleece), the Spanish Succession War erupts. Josef Ernst Fürstenberg fights in the Austrian War of Succession.

Francis II fights jesuit Napoleon Bonaparte in the Napoleonic Wars.

1819 Napoleon marries Marie Louise Habsburg. They have a son Napoleon II. Alexandre Colonna of the Polish Walewski branch is rumoured to be also the son of Napoléon.

Francis II plays a role in the Congress of Vienna (preparation for the European Union). Joseph II is a patron of mason Wolfgang Mozart. Louis XVI marries Marie Antoinette.

1848 Felilx Schwarzenberg becomes minister-president of the Austrian Empire.

1864 Maximilian of Austria (Habsburg Lorraine, Order of the Golden Fleece, brother of Franz Joseph I) married to Charlotte of Belgium (Wettin, Saxe-Coburg) becomes Emperor of the Mexican Empire.

1872 the Schwarzenbergs help founding Skull and Bones at Yale University with the opium trading families Russell and Forbes.

Knight of Malta Otto Habsburg helps creating the European Union with Richard Kalergi. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and Le Cercle with Konrad Adenauer and Robert Gascoyne-Cecil.

His secretary is Knight of Malta Jacques Jonet. His son Karl is the headmaster of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

1960s Marianne Faithfull Habsburg is the wife of Mick Jagger and member of CIA front Process Church of Last Judgement.

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