Greta Thurnberg

Greta Thurnberg is a Swedish mind controlled actress, used in the media industry as a political puppet of the Left Wing Church and like Al Gore one of the main priests in the Climate Church. She plays the role of the child Horus in Crowley's Aeon of Horus. Her mother participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her grandfather was an actor in a movie of Ingmar Bergman and voice actor of Disney movies.

According to her mythology, she forced her parents to become vegan, use waste products and give up flying.

She was used in a publicity stunt at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (cc=33) of 2018 in Poland with Antonio Guterres (Club de Madrid).

She was promoted on BBC, Instagram, Twitter, in Time magazine, Forbes magazine, GQ, Wired, Vogue, Stern,... Similar to David Hogg (also the role of child Horus) and the March of Our Lives to push the gun control agenda, she was used to organise school climate strikes.

She gave a speech at an Extinction Rebellion event in London. In 2018 her mother Malena Emman wrote autobiography Scenes from the Heart.

In 2019 she met with jesuit pope Francis (also Uranus as dominant), and sailed with a race yacht with Solar panel across the Atlantic Ocean to attend the UN Climate Action Summit with 15 other child actors (Alexandria Villasenor promoted in girl magazine Seventeen of Hearst). She was given extra support by Vice of Hearst, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, jesuit Joe Biden and Meghan Markle (the Left Wing Church) and engaged in a Twitter rivalry with jesuit Donald Trump.

She participated in the Global Climate Strike in Montreal and met with Canadian pm Justin Trudeau (son of jesuit Pierre Trudeau). She hosted the Today Programme on BBC Radio to interview David Attenborough.

She gave speeches at the UN General Assembly, World Economic Forum in Davos, European Parliament, House of Parliament in London, US Congress and her speeches were published as Noone Is Too Small to Make a Difference (Penguin Random Books of Bertelsmann).

In 2020 Thurnberg and Aruna De Wever (gay-transgender agenda) met with Angela Merkel and Luisa Neubauer (German Green Party,

Astrological chart

born 1/3/2003, date Mel Gibson, JRR Tolkien.

Dom: Capricorn (the Devil, ayin: eye), Scorpio, Aquarius - Uranus (environmentalism, mental diseases), Saturn, Pluto.

Uranus, Neptune in Aquarius, Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn, Pluto in Sagittarius.

the Climate Church

Al Gore