Gregory Bateson

Gregory Bateson was a British MI6/ OSS agent (pre-CIA), involved in trauma based mind control research project MK Ultra with mescaline and LSD (History of Mind Control) with Ken Kesey, who wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and played a role in the CIA controlled hippie subculture with Stewart Brand, Paul Krassner and Wavy Gravy. He introduced the double bind theory of schizophrenia (presenting conflicting information, dual role of handler as protector-perpetrator).

He was the son of geneticist William Bateson (Royal Society), who popularized the idea's of Augustinian Gregor Mendel. He was educated at Cambridge.

In 1936 he married Margaret Mead, a jesuit controlled antropologist and fake feminist, affiliated with the Tavistock Institute, AAAS, American Philosophical Society, used in the gay agenda, Multiculti agenda (cultural relativism of the Left Wing Church) and fake sexual revolution of the 60's.

They attended the Macy conferences on cybernetics of the Macy Foundation in 1939 with Norbert Wiener, Harold Abramson (LSD research MK Ultra), Kurt Lewin (Frankfurt School, Tavistock), John von Neumann (also RAND Corporation), Max Horkheimer.

During WW2 Mead was part of the Committee on National Morale under Franklin Roosevelt with George Gallup (polling public opinion), Ruth Benedict, Hadley Cantril (Princeton research of Orson Welles hoax, worked with Theodor Adorno on the Radio Project), Erik Erikson (term identity crisis), Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School, Columbia The New School), Gordon Allport (teacher of Stanley Milgram, Society for the Study of Psychological Issues), Leonard Doob (propaganda), led by Arthur Upham Pope (friend of William Hearst and John Rockefeller). Sigmund Freud's cousin Edward Bernays was a member of her Society for Applied Antropology.

Bateson created the Bateson project in Menlo Park Veterans Affairs Hospital in Palo Alto (home of Google and Facebook, associated with Stanford University School of Medicine) in 1953 with Ken Kesey, as part of MK Ultra. It extended cybernetics to social and behavioral sciences. Kesey was a member of the Merry Pranksters who distributed LSD at concerts of CIA band The Grateful Dead (Neptune drug addiction, escapism in Scorpio Death). Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead was mind controlled with Scientology, also connected to cybernetics and Stanford Research Institute.

His colleague Donald deAvila Jackson was a student of Harry Sullivan, founded the Mental Research Institute and worked with RD Laing. His colleague John Weakland worked for DuPont.

He was associated with fake environmentalist Stewart Brand and like Beatnik Gary Snyder he published in Brand's CoEvolution.

He was appointed to the board of University of California by jesuit Jerry Brown (Laurel Canyon).

From 1956 to 1957 Mead was president of the World Federation of Mental Health with John Rawlings Rees (Tavistock), Frank Fremont-Smith (Macy Conferences) and Morris Carstairs, who she trained in NY.

While Bateson helped to establish the Esalen Institute, Mead played a role in the fake sexual revolution of the 60's (Crowley follower Alfred Kinsey, birth control pill for decline of population in western countries, infant sexuality of CIA hippies, pornography of Playboy, Andy Warhol, Deep Throat, gay agenda, fake feminism of Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis and marxist Betty Friedan). She worked for RAND Corporation, studying Russian culture and was used to promote the UN and World Federation of Mental Health of John Rawling Rees (Tavistock) with Max Horkheimer (Frankfurt School).

Their daughter Mary Catherine Bateson worked for the Global Business Network of Stewart Brand and Peter Schwartz (Stanford SRI, Students for a Democratic Society, Royal Dutch Shell).

Ken Kesey wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, made into a film in 1975 by Milos Forman with Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd and Louise Fletcher, released by United Artists. McMurphy is locked up for raping 15 y old, Roman Polanski raped a 13y old girl in Nicholson' house on Mulholland Drive. The movie normalized the use of electroshocks, as used by Ewen Cameron.

in 1972 Bateson wrote Steps to an Ecology of Mind, comparing the method of the AA and cybernetics.

born 5/9/1904.

died 7/4/1980.

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