Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a British disinfo agent and historian, used in the media industry to spread disinfo about the pyramids of Gizeh, the flood and Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant, to play the role of controversial conspiracy theorist in the MI6/CIA controlled drug culture and of controlled opposition and the Science Church (mainstream archeology with Zahi Hawass).

He worked with David Wilcock, Gaia, Joe Rogan, Russia Today and LondonReal.

He gave a TED talk about Ayuhuasca and like Rupert Sheldrake  pretended to be censored. He was mocked as pseudo-scientific in The Guardian.

He wrote Underworld The Mysterious Origins of Ancient Civilization (pyramid hoax near the coast of Japan), Magicians of the Gods (2015 year I the Magician) and Fingerprints of the Gods.

Astrological chart

born 8/2/1950, date Sam Worthington, Edward Furlong, James Baldwin, Kevin Smith, Peter O'Toole, d William Burroughs, Myrna Loy, Wes Craven.

Asc: Capricorn, mc: Scorpio. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Leo, Virgo - Uranus (rebellion, eccentric outsider), Venus, Saturn.