Google is a technology company founded in 1998. It plays a big role in the Luciferian transhumanist agenda and imposing the totalitarian World State (United Nations-WHO) through censorship of Google and Youtube, during the Covid19-ritual).

Google originated in the Digital Library Initiative of the National Science Foundation, NASA and the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), with its first grants to Stanford University.

90% of internet searches are Google searches (1 billion searches per day, 2 billion Youtube videos per day). Google used Stanford University alumni Sergei Brin and Larry Page as PR-agents. Google has its hq in Mountain View (Silicon Valley) Santa Clara California, close to jesuit university Santa Clara.

GOO stands for 007, Tubalcain, descendant of Lucifer, a password in freemasonry. The GMail logo is the masonic apron. The Google Play logo is the sigil of Lucifer, Google Chrome has a 666 logo (Saturn). They invest in technology projects like Google X, Google Glass (one eye pineal gland, Gnosis), self driving cars and Dwave quantum computers.. Hollywood made propaganda for Google like 'the Internship' with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugn.

Youtube is the only videosite allowed in the Totalitarian World State (Bitchute, Brighteon are controlled opposition). It uses AI to gather information about users and predict the reactions of users. It censors criticism and information, promotes the propaganda with mind controlled slaves of the music industry (aspirational programming).

Google employees

- Jesuits like David Drummond, Paul Otellini, Chris Sacra, Thomas Kurian, Nikesh Arora, Krishna Barat, Ram Shriram and Ruth Porat, trained at London School of Economics of the jesuit Fabian Society (delibaretely using friendly looking non-whites and women).

- Sergei Brin and Anne Wocjicki are connected to the 23andMe company that specialises in genome sequencing, to give everybody a genetic profile (vaccination passport genetic manipulation and genetic racism agenda).

- Eric Schmidt (Smith=another name for Tubalcain, also used in The Matrix), CEO from 2001, member of the Berggruen Institute, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commision, serves on the board of Rothschild magazine The Economist, promoted political puppet Barack Obama. His wife Wendy founded the 11th Hour project and helped to distribute Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' (the Climate Church). He was born 9 days after the death of Albert Einstein (symbol of omniscience, atom bomb project with Harry Truman). In A.I. (2001) Robin Williams plays an A.I. character Dr. Know with all answers, based on Einstein.

- Chad Hurley (presented in the media as co-founder of Youtube, Berggruen Institute)

- Peter Norvig, NASA Aames Research Center (Singularity University), Udacity, A.I.: A Modern Approach with Stuart Russell.

- Regina Dugan, who worked for DARPA.

- Sundar Pichai (educated at Wharton School of Pennsylvania, Magic Leap VR retina display)

- Ruth Porat (London School of Economics, Wharton) works for The BlackStone Group, jesuit controlled Aspen Institute, Brookings Institution. She promoted political puppet Hilary Clinton.

- transhumanist Ray Kurzweil (Singularity University with Peter Diamandis) born 2/12 like Charles Darwin.


The transhumanists of Google celebrate AI as the next step of evolution at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert with the ritual burning of man, to be reborn as upgraded Uebermensch.

Google invested in 300 Entertainment to push the gay-transgender agenda with mind controlled musician Young Thug.

The Covid-19 ritual

During the Covid-19 global prison experiment Google and Youtube were the main culprits behind the massive censorship, presenting itself as a beacon of truth and facts (Ministry of Truth of 1984) to fulfill their dream of transhumanism by injecting everybody with nanotechnology, announced by their transhumanist prophet Ray Kurzweil.

the Transhumanist Church

Berggruen Institute