Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is an investment bank, founded by German Ashkenazi jew Marcus Goldman in 1869. It has a large influence in  the financial system, on US politics, Wall Street and the policy of the European Union.

The Goldman family got richer through the Wall Street crash, was close to Julius Rosenwald of Bear Stairns and Nina Rosenwald (CFR).

Julius Sachs created the Sachs Collegiate Institute (Dwight School, alumni Walter Lippmann, Roy Lichtenstein, Henry Morgenthau Jr of Harry Truman administration, Truman Capote, Vanessa Trump and Paris Hilton).

Goldman Sachs has its hq in the GS tower in New Jersey. Peter Sutherland was chairman from 1995 to 2007.


- Abby Cohen (Brookings Institute)
- Alexander Dibelius (advisor Angela Merkel)
- Anthony Scaramucci (Donald Trump administration)
- Antonio Borges (=Borghese, TC, IMF, Bank of Portugal)
- Ashwin Navin (BitTorrent Inc)
- Bing Song (Berggruen Institute)
- Dambisa Moyo (World Bank, Berggruen Institute)
- Daniel Och (Och-Ziff Capital Management, Endeavor, Robin Hood Foundation)
- David Blood (Generation Investment Management, the Climate Church with Al Gore)
- David Solomon (Bear Stearns, Robin Hood Foundation of Wes Moore CFR)
- David Tepper (Carolina Panthers, Appaloosa Management)
- Divesh Makan (Iconiq Capital with clients Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker of Facebook, Mike Krieger of Instagram, Sean Rad of Tinder, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Tom Hanks)
- Elisha Wiesel (son of Eli Wiesel)
- Eric Asbrink (Minister of Finance of Sweden)
- Eric Mindlich (Eton Park Capitol Management, Center for American Progress)
- Erin Burnett (CNN, NBC show The Apprentice with jesuit Donald Trump)
- Fred Hu
- Friso of Orange-Nassau (son of Dame of Malta Queen Beatrix, married to Mabel Wisse-Smit of Open Society Foundations)
- Gary Cohn (IBM, advisor of Donald Trump)
- Gary Gensler
- Geofri Boisi (Order of Malta, TC)
- Georhe Herbert Walker IV (2nd cousin of George W Bush)
- Gerald Corrigan (jesuit, Federal Reserve NY)
- Greg Penner (jesuit, Walmart, Walton family)
- Guillermo de la Dehesa (Secretary of State of Spain, Banco Santander, Group of Thirty)
- Henry Fowler (Lyndon Johnson administration)
- Henry Paulson (George W Bush administration)

- Jamie Dimon (protegé of Sanford Weil, Federal Reserve NY)
- Jim Cramer (NBC)
- Jim O'Neill (Chatham House)
- John Rogers (Atlantic Council, Ronald Reagan, wife Roberta Lehr worked in the Clinton administration)
- John Thornton (Brookings Institution)
- José Manuel Barroso (jesuit, European Commission, Atlantic Council, Chatham House, pm of Portugal, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization after the Covid19-ritual)
- Joshua Bolten (Stanford, George W Bush administration, president of Business Roundtable)
- Lakshi Mittal (jesuit, steel company ArcelorMittal)
- Laurene Powell Jobs (CFR, Apple, Disney, widow of Steve Jobs)
- Lewis Lehrman (George W Bush administration)
- Lloyd Blankfein (gay agenda of Human Rights Campaign, Robin Hood Foundation with Doug Morris of Universal, Steven Cohen of Point72, Gwyneth Paltrow, Wes Moore CFR, funded by George Soros)
- Lucas Papademos (pm of Greece)
- Luciana Borio (CFR, Covid19-scam)
- Malcolm Turnbull (pm of Australia)
- Marc Tucker
- Mario Draghi (jesuit, European Central Bank, pm Italy)
- Massimo Tononi (Minister of Finance Italy)
- Mario Monti (pm Italy)
- Mark Carney (Bank of England)
- Mark Patterson (Secretary of State in Barack Obama administration)
- Michael Blumenthal (Jimmy Carter administration)
- Michael Fascitelli (Milwaulkee Bucks, Cadre with Jared Kushner)
- Michael Hintze (Australian billionaire)
- Nadia Schadlow (CFR, Donald Trump administration, National Endowment for Democracy)
- Neil Kashkari (Federal Reserve Minneapolis, gay agenda, debt crisis of 2007)
- Peter Oppenheimer (jesuit, CFO of Apple)
- Peter Sutherland (jesuit, TC, immigration agenda of UN)
- Petros Christodoulou (debt crisis of 2007)
- Phil Murphy (DNC, Covid19 scam)
- Rahm Emmanuel (mayor of Chicago, Clinton and Obama administration, brother of Ari Emmanuel of Endeavor and Ezekiel Emmanuel of the Covid19-scam)
- Richard Gilder (George W Bush administration)
- Richard Rainwater (classmate of Disney's largest shareholder Sid Bass, company with Barry Diller)
- Richard Sharp (chairman of BBC)
- Rishi Sunak (government UK)
- Robert Menschel (CFR)
- Robert Rubin (Bill Clinton administration)
- Robert Zoellick (CFR, World Bank, Atlantic Council, George W Bush administration)
- Romani Prodi (pm Italy, ERT)
- Ryan Williams (Cadre with Jared Kushner, funded by George Soros)
- Scott Mead (Philips Academy)
- Sean Hinton (Open Society Foundations, Rio Tinto)
- Stephen Friedman (Quill and Dagger, CFR, TC, Brookings, Federal Reserve NY, advisor of George W Bush)
- Steve Bannon (jesuit, CPD, Breitbart News, Donald Trump administration)
- Steve Mnuchin (S&B, Donald Trump administration)
- Steven Grossman (Israel lobby AIPAC)
- Steven Price (Townsquare Media, funds CFR, Commentary and AEI)
- Suzanne Nora Johnson (Pfizer, culprit in the Covid19-ritual)
- Tito Mboweni (government South Africa)
- Victoria Hull (wife of Richard Sharp, chairman of BBC)
- Viktor Halberstadt (IMCEC coverup of pedophilia with Dennis DeConcini of Victims of Communism)
- William Dudley (Federal Reserve NY, CFR, Group of Thirty)

David Solomon was an Alpha Delta Phi like John D Rockefeller Jr, Walter Teagle (Standard Oil), Edgar Monsanto, David Packard (HP), Gerals Zomow (Eastman Kodak), Macdonald Carey (Days of Our Lives), Grant Tinker (NBC), Fredric March, John Perry Barlow, Colin Angle (iRobot), Daniel Coit Gilman, Henry Luce, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt.

Their influence is obvious so GS is an easy target for fake opposition (Max Keiser of Russia Today, or Donald Trump in his election campaign). Because Marcus Goldman was an Ashkenazi jew from Bavaria, GS is often used to revive the Illuminati hoax (world monopoly in hands of Nouveau Riche bankers and industrialists).

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