Golden Gate

The Golden Gate  is a crossing of the galactic plane and the ecliptic (the Zodiac belt) in Scorpio-Sagittarius, close to Ophiuchus the Snakeholder. It is an astrological concept and motive in many religions of the Saturn cult in worship of the God program.  It represents a dimensional portal, a gateway to the Galactic Center (Black sun).

The Silver Gate was called the Gate of Man and the Golden Gate, the Gate of God.

The celestial plane crosses the ecliptic at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, making 3 x'es (3 crosses).

Rituals were timed to the crossing of the ecliptic and galactic plane, the Silver Gate in Taurus (Belthane) and Golden Gate in Scorpio (Halloween)-Sagittarius, close to Ophiuchus the Snakeholder.

It was studied in the art of alchemy with mercury as divider of silver (moon) and gold (sun). 13th sign Ophiuchus the Snakeholder is seen as activating the 13th cranial nerve and the trinity of pineal gland, pituary gland and thalamus (scarab beetle Khepri).

Like Chiron, Sagittarius the Archer is the Wounded Healer, introvert with a secret, survival of the female, of the species, shedding skin like snake, unpredictable and dangerous. The arrow of Sagittarius=the will, desire of the Magician.

Gold symbolized the sun, the king, God, the one eye at the top of the pyramid.

The moon was worshiped through sacred marriage rituals and sacred prostitution creating the necessity for money.

In Egypt Amun was worshiped through golden statues. Isis was worshiped through the star Sirius, depicted as the 5 pointed star with the golden ratio Phi (irrational number 1, 618=ISIS). The golden ratio spiral is found everywhere in nature and in sacred geometry (synthetic overlay). The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain in a golden ratio spiral. The H-symbol of the pylons of the Egyptian temples were symbol of a stargate.

Osiris was dismembered by his brother Set. Isis went on a quest to find his golden phallus. Mummies were buried in the X-pose of Osiris with scarab beetles as symbol of Khepri.

The Hierophant card shows the priest with two keys, the silver and golden key in a X-cross.

Sagittarius is associated with the Temperance/Art (of alchemy) card, the unity of opposites. Sagittarius was called the Rainbow Bridge on the Tree of Life to the pot of gold at end of the rainbow. The rainbow is associated with dissociation symbolism of the Wizard of Oz and the Luciferian sodomy religion.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, the Knight of Wands, associated with religion. The two-faced figure on the Art card represents the split mind caused by Mercury, Enki's companian Izimud, Roman god Janus.

In Egypt gold was extracted from Ethiopia, Namibia and Syria. They also imported the electric amber stones, associated with the Northern bloodlines. The tombs of Egyptian pharao's contained large amounts of gold. The pharao's were mummified with their arms in x pose, the symbol of the galactic cross, the Golden Gate. The death mask of Tutanchamon was made of gold with Kundalini serpent at the forehead location of the pineal.

The Babylonians built ziggurats with Bab-el as the Gate of God (El: Saturn).

The Greeks had myths about the Argonauts who traveled north and Jason obtaining a golden fleece of a ram (July-August-September-October-November, an imaginary arc to find the ram of 1st zodiac sign Aries, associated with the North, with its large amounts of amber) and about Phrygian king Midas who turned everything into gold by touching it.

The jews built the Golden Gate at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as the gate through the Messiah will enter Jerusalem.

Odin was pictured on a throne that represented the wormhole of the Silver and Golden Gate.

The Abassyd Caliphate built the Golden Gate Palace in Baghdad Iraq (33d parallel).

Pietro Perugino painted the Delivery of the Keys for the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

St Peters basilica was built in Rome with an obelisk inside an 8 pointed star of Ishtar (4 cardinal and 4 fixed signs) inside a keyhole shape, key to silver and golden gate. The obelisk represents the phallus of Osiris, the dome the cup of Isis.

The masonic Royal Arch represents the first 6 signs with Cancer as keystone.

The Schwarzenbergs created Skull and Bones at Yale University with X symbol, nr 322 creating 3 DNA strands. The Baphomet figure represents the union of opposites male and female, its crossed legs represent the galactic cross.

1933 the Golden Gate Bridge was built in San Francisco near Alcatraz (the Rock=Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius). The city became a center of the Luciferian gay-transgender religion with rainbow symbol (Sagittarius=the Rainbow Bridge).

CERN was built in Geneva (coat of arms with golden key, Genesis) Switzerland to open the Abyss of Revelation 911.

The CIA created a hippie cult at  Haight-Ashbury to announce coming Messiah Antichrist in the Golden Gate Park during the Summer of Love to summon Babalon (love) as counterforce to Horus to quicken the endtimes prophecy Manson Family Antichrist figure Charles Manson. Paul Tate worked at the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge.

in the 70's the CIA created Stargate Project at SRI San Francisco.

During the 90's the Heaven's Gate cult with keyhole symbol committed suicide with Nike shoes (rings of Saturn).

Scorpio: Judas, the sting or kiss of death, lady in red. The McMahons created WWE character Sting with Joker persona.

Golden Gate Bridge symbolism is used in The Gnomobile, Dark Passage, Herbie Love Bug (beetle Khepri symbolism), It Came from Beneath (beast from the Abyss), A View to Kill, The Conversation, Star Trek IV the Voyage Home, Star Trek the Future Begins, Interview With a Vampire, X-men the Last Stand, Rise of Planet of the Apes, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, Hulk, Pixels, Zodiac, Just Like Heaven, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Book of Eli, Terminator Genisys, Mr Ricco, House of Sand and Fog, Wolf Mother (lady in red), Zodiac, Venom,..

The broken bridge represents mutated DNA. Gate symbolism was used in psyops Watergate, Pizzagate,..

In Angels and Demons Ewan McGregor plays an Antichrist figure with silver and golden key symbol and plans to steal antimatter from CERN.