Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (Latin aurum, origin of the word aura) and atomic number 79 (between Platinum 78 and Mercury 80), a malleable metal. It was used by the Saturn cult in worship of the God program as imitation and distortion of the Sun and soul energy, with silver as its lunar, female counterpart. It was studied in the art of alchemy to produce monoatomic gold (superconductive).

The first gold artifacts were found at the Varna necropolis in Bulgaria.

The Sumerians worshiped the God matrix in the form of an Anunnaki mythology.

The search for gold was closely linked to the search for mercury. The metals encrusted with gold were separated through mercury or cyanide.

To the alchemists the material world consisted of a prima matera, a prime chaotic matter, formed in 4 elements water, fire, air earth. The elements can be transmuted because of the elements they have in common.

The Latin phrase solve et coagula, means to dissolve and recombine, separate the pure from the impure. For the uninitiated alchemists were supposedly trying to transform and transmutate base metals (basic undeveloped consciousness) into noble metals, the process of turning lead (by fighting everything that is impure and selfish, by purging it and breaking it down in its quintessence) into gold (incorruptable), following the framework of kabbalistic Tree of Life with its various levels of consciousness. For the initiates the starting point was gold that had to be purified to make monoatomic gold (mfktz, manna, the philosopher's stone).

Rituals were timed to the crossing of the ecliptic and galactic plane, the Silver Gate in Taurus and Golden Gate in Scorpio-Sagittarius (close to Ophiuchus the Snakeholder).

Gold symbolized the sun, the king, God, the one eye at the top of the pyramid.

The moon was worshiped through sacred marriage rituals and sacred prostitution creating the necessity for money.

In Egypt Amun was worshiped through golden statues. Isis was worshiped through the star Sirius, depicted as the 5 pointed star with the golden ratio Phi (irrational number 1, 618=ISIS). The golden ratio spiral is found everywhere in nature and in sacred geometry (synthetic overlay). The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain in a golden ratio spiral.

Osiris was dismembered by his brother Set. Isis went on a quest to find his golden phallus (Scorpio is associated with male phallus, Ophiuchus with female vagina).

In Egypt gold was extracted from Ethiopia, Namibia and Syria. They also imported the electric amber stones, associated with the Northern bloodlines. The tombs of Egyptian pharao's contained large amounts of gold. The pharao's were mummified with their arms in x pose, the symbol of the galactic cross, the Golden Gate. The death mask of Tutanchamon was made of gold with Kundalini serpent at the forehead (location of the pineal). The Egyptians also made gold jewelry with the Ankh symbol and scarab beetle Khepri (symbol of thalamus, 13th cranial nerves activates the trinity of pineal-pituary-thalamus).

The Greeks had myths about the Argonauts who traveled north and Jason obtaining a golden fleece of a ram (July-August-September-October-November, an imaginary arc to find the ram of 1st zodiac sign Aries, associated with the North, with its large amounts of amber) and about Phrygian king Midas who turned everything into gold by touching it. Apollo was depicted with golden bow, golden arrows or golden chariot.

The Hindu's believe in a 25.000 year processional cycle, divided into an Iron Age (Kali Yuga), Silver Age and Golden Age, with the Age of Aquarius as the first sign of a new Golden Age.

According to jewish belief and tradition, Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem on the 9th of Av. The mining of gold in the deep crust of the earth led to comparisons to Gehenna-Hell with its underground creatures. Moses (Akhenaten) destroyed the Golden Calf (transition from Taurus to Aries).

The Inca's, Mayans and Aztecs in Latin America all had mastery of gold-working techniques, linked to their funerary rites.

The bible also contained symbolism of ages reaching an alchemical golden stage in the texts about the dream of Nebuchadnezzar (Babylon as Gold, Medeo-Persian Empire as Silver, Grecian Empire as Brass, Roman Empire as Iron, Divided Kingdoms as Iron and Clay).

In the Roman Empire Augustus ordered gold mining with aqueducts in Spain. Under Julius Caesar, it became the foundation of the corrupt financial system to create a human energy farm with a few slave-masters owning all the gold as only life energy. The emperors minted golden coins with their images. In Alexandria gold was mixed in the manufacture of glass.

In 691 Abd Al-Malik, the Umayyad Caliphate built the Dome of the Rock (Jupiter), an octagon shaped building (Thoth was associated with nr 8 as leader of the Ogdoad, mercury as corrupter of the soul) with golden dome at the location where the Romans destroyed the jewish Temple of Solomon. Al-Malik also issued the golden Dinar. The Dome of the Rock is close to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, used by the God program as the place where Jesus Christ was crucified.

The Knights Templar were created to conquer Jerusalem and introduced the concept of paper money of China, leading to the trade of gold certificates instead of gold.

Cortés conquered the Aztec civilization and stole their golden disks (search of El Dorado, the golden city). In Indonesia the Hindu's and Buddhists created golden statues. In China the Forbidden City contained gold and sacred geometry.

The Arab knowledge of sacred geometry was used by the Medici's to innovate the European accounting and banking system. In the Book of Revelation Jesus appears to John surrounded by 7 golden menorahs. The Catholic Church depicted angels with a golden halo and used gold in miniatures. St Peter (Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius) is often depicted a golden and silver key (Golden and Silver Gate).

Philip of Burgundy founded the Order of the Golden Fleece. Gold was used in the Palace of Versailles of Louis XIV, who saw himself as the Sun King.

The elite families of the Catholic Church and 'Enlightened' despots gave the responsibility of banking matters to their court jews (Daniel Itzig, Rothschild, Goldman, Goldsmith).

The jesuits called their opium trade in China and India the Golden Triangle (takeover of the soul through drugs like heroin).

In 1851 the Gold Rush started in California (named after Kali and the Kali Yuga), causing environmental damage through mercury poisoning and leading to huge profits for the Mormon Church (Brigham Young, Samuel Brannan). San Francisco was ruled by the Franciscans of the Catholic Church. In worship of androgynous Mercury, miners started cross-dressing (start of the gay-transgender religion in San Francisco). California became the Golden State.

In the same period a gold rush in Victoria Australia led to more prosperity in the Australian colony.

The Dollar (doll Osiris) was introduced as a gold certificate. Electricity was used to discover new elements and batteries were introduced with golden top.

The Cecils created the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Mercury eclipsing the power of the sun). Emma Goldman played the role of fake anarchist.

The gold price was set daily at the Rothschild bank in London (City of London hq of the Templars).

The discovery of gold in South Africa led to the 2nd Boer War with Robert Gascoyne-Cecil and Alfred Milner.

Sri Yukteswar published The Holy Science, announcing the new Golden Age.

In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy follows the Yellow Brick Road, based on the Buddhist 8-fold Golden path.

William Boyce Thompson (Philips Exeter) founded gold mining company Newmont.

In 1933 the Golden Gate Bridge was built in San Francisco.

Nelson Algren wrote The Man with the Golden Arm.

MI6 agent Ian Fleming wrote Golden Eye, Goldfinger and The Man With the Golden Gun (Mercury archetype James Bond).

The 50's and 60's were called the Golden Age of capitalism (rise of consumerist culture).

CIA created the hippie counterculture (love energy of Divine Feminine, Grateful Dead) in Haight-Ashbury San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The sport industry, music industry and Hollywood film industry uses alchemical symbolism to reward its minions (gold and platinum records, golden medals, golden statues of Oscar=Osiris-Amun, Golden Globe Awards).

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Last Action Hero the child (Horus) receives a golden ticket.

Golden chains were popularized in program Hip Hop (symbol of being chained to the material world).

The Catholic Church represents the Beast with 7 heads (Rome, Roman Empire).

Peter Hambro (Templar bloodline of Robert the Bruce) founded gold mining company Petropavlovsk plc.

2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (alchemical gold) JK Rowling.

In The Matrix Laurence Fishburne played Morpheus who has a ship called Nebuchadnezzar, and shows Neo human beings are used as batteries (with golden top).

Peter Munk founded Barrick Gold and funded the Munk Debates (Tony Blair, Mia Farrow, David Rosenberg).

Ewan McGregor played an androgynous rock star (Mercury archetype) in Velvet Goldmine.

In Entourage Jeremy Piven, suffering from mercury poisoning, played Ari Goldman. Jared Leto (Mercury archetype the Joker) played Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream.

Zecharia Sitchin (LSE) and Jim Marrs was used to spread disinfo (Planet X theories) about the Anunnaki and their worship of gold.

Currently the biggest gold miners are China, Russia and Australia.


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