God (Allah,YHVH)

God, Allah or YHVH, is an entity/consciousness of male, dominant, jealous energy that rules from 4D (the God matrix) and is worshiped in the Saturn cult (the Draco-Orion Empire, the Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman Empire, in Christianity by the Catholic Church, in Judaism and Islam). It controls billions of people through the pineal gland (religious programs of practices of intense fasting, praying and sleep deprivation to overactivate the pineal gland and 7 chakras, one eye symbolism), after which its followers give up their own authority, become more dependent, dogmatic and egotistic (conviction of being superior, being the Chosen Ones).

God=the goat Capricorn, Saturn (Satan). It presented itself as the o

The Sumerians (Aryans) worshiped the Anunaki, the invaders with genetic engineering skills, as creator gods, that demanded worship and sacrifice.

In Egypt the God energy was worshiped in the form of obelisks (masculine phallus symbols).

Pharao Akhenaten (Moses) abolished polytheism and introduced monotheism, the worship of a creator God that created everything (Al/El=all things),  the universe, planets and human beings.

Christianity keeps its followers in the God program with the Bible as central text and Jesus Christ as central figure. Christianity is a continuation of Aryan solar worship (death and rebirth cycle of the sun, inverted to the Black Sun Saturn) and the cult of Baal. It uses the Aryan symbol of the cross.

While in all its cults, it is worshiped as synonymous with good and with light, it is a possessive, dominant energy, responsible for centuries of wars, torture, pedophilia and other forms of abuse.

The Dominicans and  Jesuits used the God program to worship Lucifer (inversion, white becomes black, good becomes evil), the Dark disguised as false Light.

The Catholic Church and the British Empire continued the cult of Baal in the United States (obelisks in Washington, London and Rome).

Freemasonry worships the God consciousness as the Great Architect of the Universe (worship of the pineal as the Eye of God, the One Eye). Masons created the Jehova's Witnessess cult.

During the 19th century scientific institutions like the Royal Society spread the doctrine of atheism and materialism as transition to nihilism (the Left Wing Church-postmodern doctrine of nothing is true).

Richard Dawkins (the God Delusion), Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens played the role of New Atheists.

The Corona ritual is a continuation of the God program (extreme control and restriction, dogmatic thinking, veiling).

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