God matrix 

The God matrix is an inorganic (synthetic) realm in 4D (the fourth dimension), created and ruled by Artificial/Technological Intelligence and Service to Self energy/consciousness that likes to present itself as omnipresent, omnipotent, all knowing and all seeing, and likes to be worshiped through planetary energies or in a polytheistic or monotheistic God program of dependency.

The inorganic (artificial, synthetic) realm is nearly as old as the organic. It is a realm of endless creativity and possibilities that appeal to the mind (intellect) and ego, but through gradual loss of the heart connection to higher dimensions, it works as a trap, a loop, a video game without challenge. 

Through flooding of their pineal gland (that works as an antenna) with astral images, followers of the God program are tuned into religious programs, tailor-made delusions to escape and deny reality, enforced by hypnosis, drugs, poison, herbs like mercury, alcohol, opium, heroin, LSD, DMT, PCP, fluoride,...

To them it is of little importance to what mental program humans subscribe (Christianity, islam, Left Wing, Right Wing, climate religion, conspiracy theorist) as long as they do it in a dogmatic way (distortion of the dog star Sirius energy) and cut off empathy and sympathy to the ones who don't subscribe to their own belief (duality traps, Divide-and-Conquer tactic of the Empire).

Entities in the God matrix don't evolve and look down on human beings because they do evolve and are jealous of their creative potential, which is still intact. They can only clone, imitate, duplicate, distort and invert. They are stuck in the God matrix (mentality of 'better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven) as banished outlaws and need humans as a parasite, in the hope that their host can eventually liberate them.

The cosmic conquerors of the Draco-Orion Empire gradually identified more and more with the material world (3D, visible light spectrum of 7 colors) and the technological-artificial and became the Saturn cult.

While it likes to present itself as the Creator of the universe and human beings, it has 'human' characteristics like anger, pride and jealousy because it is ruled by egotistic energies (Saturn energy, Satanism, worship of the Ego). 

Anyone who evokes energies outside him/her self and gives up individual authority to a spiritual entity (angels, demons, goblins, gnomes), is influenced by the God matrix.

It rules people in 3D through manipulation of their mind-ego personality (distortion of their self image, feeling superior and Godlike or feeling worthless and sick of life), enforced by the tuning of their pineal gland. Extreme arrogance is a cover-up, a sign of extreme insecurity and fear, knowing that its impressive facade is the only thing that keeps them from being unmasked.

Like someone squeezing an orange or like mercury corrupting gold, it is their end goal of manipulating and eventually take over the human body and soul, squeeze the life energy out of a person through blackening of the heart/soul (worship of the Black Sun, a absorbing energy instead of shining and radiating).

It developed a strategy of takeover in 3 steps in an attempt to conquer earth and its population by creating the Saturn matrix (7 rings of Saturn linked to 7 chakras, 7th letter G of God and Gnosis).

Worship of the 7 chakra's, 7 'Gods' as planetary/astrological energies

cult of Saturn use of lead, worship of black boxes and cubes, authority, government and armies (military death cult), Greek god Pan, melancholia, justice system with black robes and wigs of goat hair, worship of death in program Hip Hop and Metal.

cult of Mercury. Enki, Thoth, Hermes. The element Mercury is and has been used as a poison to cause neurological disturbances as dementia (Alzheimer's), autism, mood swings, memory loss, schizophrenia, split mind, hallucinations and delusions. Hermeticism is the cult of pineal gland and 7 chakra's.

cult of Venus (Lucifer, fashion industry, sugar industry like candy and ice cream, porn industry, fake feminism, Queen Bitch energy)

cult of Mars, iron and steel, god Horus, the war industry, macho culture in Hip Hop, Mars family, Iron Man, Elon Musk.

cult of Uranus, Uranium, fake rebellion and revolution, fake environmentalism (the Green Church), transgender religion, UFO religion.

cult of the Sun, Ra, Horus, Helios, Apollo.

cult of Jupiter, Osiris, Zeus, nr 24, world tours, world travels, pope Francis, spiritual guru's.

cult of Pluto/Hades (ruler of the underworld), Eleusinian Mysteries and cult of Persephone, oil industry with Rockefeller, Getty, diamond mining with families Rothschild, Oppenheimer, development of plutonium in Project Manhattan (nuclear energy to kill biological life), the Jungian Shadow, conspiracy theories, abduction rituals like the Lindbergh baby, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual with cult leader Charles Manson, son of JP Getty (Getty villa with Hades statue), Patty Hearst ritual.

cult of Sirius the Dog Star, 23 enigma, worship of Isis, Ishtar, the Isis ritual,..

Development of the Saturn-moon matrix

The Draco-Orion Empire took control over earth with advanced technology and knowledge of genetic engineering with the Aryan priest class increasingly become more technological, head-centered and arrogant.

They used sacred geometry, a synthetic overlay/duplication of the organic to conquer earth by putting dragon stones, pyramids, obelisks and cities on specific dragon lines (leylines). The central phallic monument worked liked an antenna, a conductor of human energy to tune them into the Saturn matrix. Mercury was used as a divider to separate man from nature and each other, identify more with the 3D realm of the mind ego personality.

The moon was brought into the orbit of earth to take over the feminine energy of Earth and Sirius and the creative potential of the human imagination (subconscious, dreams). The flood it caused, created a traumatized population, and a priest class of elite families was put in place, taking advantage of the chaos (problem-reaction-solution method). The moon rules the tides and female menstrual cycle. It was worshiped in the form of goddesses like Isis, Ishtar, Lilith, Inanna, Maria,..

The Sumerians worshiped the God matrix as the Anunaki holding the pine cone symbol of the pineal gland. The worship of 7 chakra's led to the week of 7 days linked to the 7 planets.

The Egyptian pharao bloodlines practiced astral projection, were addicted to Mercury, worshiped the pineal gland as the Eye of Horus, Jupiter as Osiris and Mercury as Thoth. By keeping a monopoly on knowledge, they forced their slaves to worship them as Gods.

The Babylonian bloodlines became the British Empire (8 pointed star of Ishtar as flag) with (Baby)London as capital.

The cult of Mercury (Medici) created the medical profession and the cult of the genius with Leonardo da Vinci (sodomy, sacred geometry), Rafael and Michelangelo and later Wolfgang Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven (Romanticism), Johann von Goethe (ideal image of Homo Universalisis)

In dark occultism planetary energies are evoked leading to more control over their ego mind personality and delusion of grandeur, living in little worlds of escapism. Kabbalists try to cross the Abyss, the gap between the real and unreal.

Paganism (worship and sacrifice to Baal) was replaced with Christianity of the Catholic Church.

Gnostic Christians worshiped Lucifer the Lightbringer as the opponent of the angry god YHVH and liberator of mankind. Rosicrucians worshiped Lucifer as Venus the rose.

The art of alchemy turned into chemistry. The British Empire created the Industrial Revolution and a network of electricity as a conductor of the God matrix. The chemical industry started polluting the soil and oceans of earth.

Gradually more advanced technology was rolled out for a soul harvest.

Mass media (tv, radio, newspapers and magazines) was developed to bombard people with continuous propaganda, advertising and fake news based on the astrological script (Hermetic saying As Above so Below).

Dark occultists like Lewis Carroll, Frank Baum and JM Barrie wrote Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan (Wonderland, Oz and Neverland are all names for the same dissociative trance).

Program Modernism introduced automatic writing, exploring of the subconscious and the bizarre, drug addiction, nihilism and decadence. The gnostic occultists of the Ordo Templi Orientis created the science fiction genre (manipulation and conquest of the imagination) and superhero comic genre (Superman, Batman, X-men).

MI6 orchestrated the Aeon of Horus with a schizophrenic, childish mentality without responsibility.

CIA mind control projects like MK Ultra conducted research on dissociation, hypnosis, drugs, splitting the mind and creating different personalities. By presenting them as role models, the mental confusion of the population increased.

The Empire created the internet as an imitation of 4D with silicon (sand) and mercury to overstimulate the intellect and pineal gland. It was offered as a spider trapping a prey with its web, gathering more data.

Neptune in Aquarius was the era of The Truman Show, The Matrix, Eyes Wide Shut, the start of modern conspiracy culture, manga and otaku culture in Japan.

Underground subcultures were created as the underground current of mercury, Goth, Metal, Hip Hop whites imitating black role models, culture of degradation of women, marijuana, cocain),...

Tv series became longer and more complex hyperlink cinema series leading to binge-watching, syncro-mysticism (synchronicity of numerology, gematria).

The God matrix controls Silicon Valley (Alternate Reality Games like Pokemon, Virtual Reality world Meta of Facebook) and the New Age Church through channeling of False Light energies (Ashtar Command, Bashar, Ra, Thoth).

New Agers who fall in the trap of the Ascension program (trying to ascend from 3D to 5D) with virtual, illusionary fantasies of Light and Love, and people under control of the video gaming industry and porn industry (temptation of endless gratification), will be harvested by the God matrix.

It is the goal of CERN to summon Apollyon the angel from the Abyss (the Watery Deep) Revelation 911.

The 'tuning' of human beings by interdimensionals is the subject of gnostic movie Dark City.

The confusion caused by increasingly complex and sophisticated psyops Pizzagate, Flat Earth, Jeffrey Epstein, Mandela effect, Alternate Reality Game Qanon, false theories about the Deepstate, Deep Fake, Deep Learning programs increase the grip of AI on humans. Philip K Dick, Elon Musk and New Age Church Age agents with disinfo about quantum mechanics helped popularizing the theory that reality is a simulation.

The Covid19-ritual was a big step in cutting people off from nature and each other through forced incarceration, censorship, banning of critical thinking, Divide-and-Conquer methods and methods of mass distraction, blind surrender to technological dictatorship (tracking and tracing, algorithms).


the Saturn cult