Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a jesuit trained media actor, used in the media industry as controlled opposition in the Right Wing Church. He founded Mercury Radio Arts (after Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre) and Blaze Media. He worked for CNN and Fox News. He uses George Soros and Al Gore as villain. He worked with Alcoholics Anonymous and the Mormon Church. He is the host of the Glenn Beck Program. Like Alex Jones, his tv studio is in Dallas Texas. He is used as villain for the Left Wing Church and the Climate Church.

He went to Sehome High School like Hilary Swank (transgender agenda). He was influenced by Mormon Willard Cleon Skousen (John Birch Society).

He participated in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

His program was launched by Premiere Networks, wich also hosts Mario Lopez (X Factor with Kloe Kardashian), Coast to Coast with jesuit George Noory, Sean Hannity (Fox News, Qanon psyop). Premimere Networks is owned by IHeart Media (Bain Capital of Mitt Romney of Mormon Church).

Blaze Media works with:

- Andrew Napolitano (Washington Times, Fox News)
- Ben Shapiro (TheDailyWire, TruthRevolt of David Horowitz, Breitbart News of jesuit Steve Bannon)
- Bill O'Reilly (Fox News)
- Dana Loesch (Breitbart News)
- Dave Rubin (gay agenda)
- Dennis Prager (PragerU)
- Gavin McIness (ProudBoys, Capitol attack)
- Jeremy Boreing (TheDailyWire)
- Laurie Dhue (Fox News)
- Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks of Tea Party Movement)
- Pat Gray (Mormon Church)
- Sarah Elizabeth Cupp (NYU, CNN, Fox News, Real Time with Bill Maher)
- Scott Baker (The Huffington Post, Breitbart News)
- Ted Cruz
- Tomi Lahren (pro Trump, Fox News, One America News Network with Jack Posobiec)
- Will Cain (Fox News)

born 2/10/1964.

the Right Wing Church

Mormon Church