Gershom Scholem

Gershom Scholem was a German jewish propaganda writer and philosopher, affiliated with the Frankfurt School (Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm) and professor at Hebrew University Jerusalem, who wrote books on Kabbalah and Sabbatai Zevi. The Frankfurt School introduced the cultural relativism of the Left Wing Church, based on the Frankism of Jacob Frank (redemption through sin).

He studied mathematics and philosophy at Humboldt University (founded by Wilhelm von Humboldt and Johann Gottlieb Fichte) and Semitic languages at Ludwig Maximilian University.

His brother Werner Scholem played a role in the Communist Party of Germany, founded by Rosa Luxemberg, Karl Liebknecht.

He was married to Fania Freud.

He was a friend of Shmuel Yosef Agnon (Nobel Prize in Literature), Leo Strauss and Walter Benjamin who was part of the Westender Circle with Hans Blüher (pedophilia agenda, Wandervogel movement), Kurt Hiller (gay agenda with Hirschfeld), Hans Kollwitz (Wandervogel) and Hans Koch (also Wandervogel, precessor of the Hitler Youth).

In 1923 he moved to British Palestine.

He participated in the Eranos conferences of the Theosophic Society with Carl Jung, fascist Mircea Eliade, Zionist Martin Buber, also professor at Hebrew University, published Die Welt of Theodor Herzl, connected to Karl Wolfskehl of the Munich Cosmic Circle, the homoerotic society of Stefan George).

In 1941 he wrote Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism.

Scholem divided history in 3 parts: a Biblical primitive, naive and monotheistic phase, Talmudical and mythical phase. He considered Hassidic Judaism as a synthesis of Lurianic Kabbalah and Sabbataeism. He influenced jesuit Jacques Derrida (deconstructionism). The doctrine of Redemption through sin/destruction fits in the doctrine of Ultimate War of the nazi's and Holocaust of the jews, a continuation of the fire worship of Baal. The death and destruction of art (modern art-postmodernism) was a cult of Baal.

Scholem's view on history is similar to Crowley's Aeon Osiris, Aeon of Isis and Aeon of Horus the child. 

His exchange of letters with Hannah Arendt was published by Encounter of CIA agents Stephen Spender and Irving Kristol.

He influenced Jorge Luis Borges (The Aleph).

Amir Engel wrote Gershom Scholem: an Intellectual Biography.

born 12/5/1897.

died 2/21/1982, year of birth Antichrist William V.


1941 Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
1960 Jewish Gnosticism, Merkaba Mysticism and the Talmud Tradition.
1973 Sabatai Sevi Jewish Messiah
1974 Kabbalah
1981 Walter Benjamin The Story of a Friendship
1987 Origins of the Kabbalah
1997 On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead


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