Gerald Massey

Gerald Massey was a British poet and propaganda agent, used in the Spiritualist and Christian Socialist movement with Charles Kingsley (Church of England, friend of Thomas Huxley) and to write for Lucifer magazine of Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical Society, the start of the Luciferian New Age Church, in alliance with the Fabian Society and the HOGD. He was a member of the Most Ancient Order of the Druids. He wrote The Book of Beginnings, The Natural Genesis and Ancient Egypt The Light of the World about the analogies between Jesus and Egyptian sun god Horus, mixed with disinfo. His writings influenced Canadian writer Tom Harpur (=Harpo, 2004 book The Pagan Christ, documentary with CBC) and later Dorothy Murdock (promoted by Kenn Thomas), Robert Price (Center for Inquiry), Jordan Maxwell and Zeitgeist (Venus Project=Lucifer, debunked by Chris White) of Peter Joseph, Michael Tsarion, all used with a watered down teaching of astro-theology as controlled opposition against mainstream historians of the Science Church (W. Ward Gasque of Harvard, ..).

The claim of an Egyptian Anap the baptizer was repeated in Religulous of comedian Bill Maher (HBO Real Time with Bill Maher) and Larry Charles (NBC show Seinfeld with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and mason Michael Richards, gay propaganda Bruno with Sacha Baron Cohen), distributed by Lionsgate. The Egyptian new year began during the rise of Sirius (the dog days). The Catholic Church made Saturnalia (winter solstice) Christmas while the pagans and gnostics kept celebrating the sun of summer solstice as John the Baptist.

born 5/29/1828.

died 10/29/1907, date  d Anton LaVey.

Theosophical Society

the New Age Church