Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford was a Knight of Malta, Shriner (33d degree mason) and mind controlled political puppet of the Left Wing Church, who played the role of vice-president from 1973 to 1974 and US president from 1974 to 1977. He replaced Richard Nixon after the Watergate media ritual. He was a member of the BSA, CFR and American Enterprise Institute. He married Betty Ford (drug clinic Betty Ford Center, Neptune: drug addiction).

He was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon like Theodore Roosevelt, JP Morgan, Dean Acheson, Britton Hadden (Time), George HW Bush, George W Bush.

The Ford administration consisted of:

- Nelson Rockefeller (vice-president)
- Henry Kissinger (jesuit, Secretary of State)
- William Simon (Citibank, Halliburton, The Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institution, institute with Irving Kristol of CCF, daughter related to Meryl Streep)
- James Schlesinger (Harvard, CIA, CPD, Mitre Corporation, RAND)
- Donald Rumsfeld (jesuit, Le Cercle, CFW, BSA, NATO, Sears, friend of Frank Carlucci)
- Edward Levi (Mont Pelerin Society)
- John Albert Knebel (jesuit)
- Frederick Dent (St Paul's School)
- Elliot Richardson (Harvard, mason, Society of the Cincinatti, son professor at jesuit school)
- Caspar Weinberger (Harvard, Nixon administration, CFR, TC, Iran-Contra affair, pardoned by George HW Bush, Bechtel Corporation, Forbes magazine)
- Peter Brennan (CCNY)
- James Thomas Lynn (Harvard, Business Roundtable)
- Carla Anderson Hills (CFR, TC, CSIS, International Crisis Group, AOL Time Warner)
- Claude Brinegar (Stanford, Phi Beta Kappa)
- William Thaddeus Coleman (Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, NAACP)
- Roy Ash (Harvard, Bank of America, Hughes Aircraft)
- John Scali (ABC News)
- William Scranton (Hotchkiss, worked under John Foster Dulles, UN, IBM, The NY Times, CFR, TC, Richard McCormack of Le Cercle as assistant)
- Alexander Haig (jesuit, Pilgrims Society, CFR, Order of Malta)
- Dick Cheney (CFR)
- Anne Armstrong (CSIS)

He was a member of the American Enterprise Institute with Irving Kristol (CCF, ACCF).

He played a role in the Frank Olson media ritual, by inviting Eric Olson to the White House.

He was replaced by Jimmy Carter.

The co-founder of Betty Ford Center on the 33d parallel, was Leonard Firestone (The Hill School, chairman of Nelson Rockefeller's campaign, Bohemian Club) and jesuit James West. Elizabeth Taylor met her husband Larry Fortensky met at the Betty Ford Center. The center later merged with the Hazelden Foundation (based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous).

Astrological chart

born 7/14/1913, date Bastille Day, Joel Silver, Matthew Fox, Ingmar Bergman, The Dark Knight, in Omaha Nebraska.

Asc: Taurus, mc: Capricorn. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Taurus, Gemini - Neptune, Venus, Sun.

Houses 1, 4, 3. 1: Mars in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, 4: Neptune in Cancer, Venus in Leo, 3: Sun in Cancer.

died 12/26/2006, date death Harry Truman, Mao, death Dietrich Eckhart, Kit Harrington, death Jason Robards, Phil Spector, Jared Leto.

Richard Nixon

Ronald Reagan