George W. Bush

George W. Bush is a mind controlled political puppet of the Right Wing Church, a member of S&B, the son of George HW Bush, who played the role of US president from 2001 to 2009. He deliberately played the role of a buffoon character, ridiculed by Hollywood actors, as he represented the Fool archetype.

He was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon like Theodore Roosevelt, JP Morgan, Dean Acheson, Britton Hadden (Time), Gerald Ford, George HW Bush.

He was of the main actors in the 911 Twin Towers ritual, integrating the Shadow (actor Osama Bin Laden) the uniting of the two in one with the William and Catherine wedding and Moonchild George as ending.

1946 Like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, he was born in 1946, the year of the Babalon Workings of Jack Parsons, so symbolically he was the Moonchild at the end of the 22 year period of 1926-1947, which ended with the death of Aleister Crowley in 1947. Crowley was connected to Pauline Pierce, mother of Barbara Bush. He is related (9th cousin) to Marilyn Monroe, who appeared in her first movie in 1947.

His grandfather Prescott Bush funded Adolf Hitler through the bank of Averell Harriman and the nazi regime who also used the Saturnian Skull and Bones symbol. His brother Jeb Bush is a Knight of Columbus.

He was educated at elite school Philips Academy, Yale and Harvard.

He married Laura Welsh in 1977 (born 11/4 date Obama became president). Laura Bush was educated at Southern Methodist University in Texas (like Aaron Spelling, Dorothy Malone, Jayne Mansfield, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bob Taylor).

He played the role of Dionysus-Christ (alcohol addiction). He was a member of the Atlantic Council and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation of jesuit Edwin Feulner.

2001 After the Florida recount farce, Bush was inaugurated with Richard Bruce 'Dick' Cheney as vice-president. He became a villain for the Green Church and the Climate Church by not signing the Kyoto protocol.

The Bush administration consisted of:

- Donald Rumsfeld (jesuit, PNAC, Le Cercle, CFW, Hoover Institution)
- Dick Cheney (PNAC, American Enterprise Institute)
- Colin Powell (CCNY)
- Condoleeza Rice (CFR)
- Paul Wolfowitz (Le Cercle, PNAC, World Bank, AEI)
- Robert Gates (jesuit, CIA)
- Paul O'Neill (RAND, The Blackstone Group of Peter Peterson)
- John Ashcroft (Assemblies of God)
- Joshua Bolten (son of CIA agent, Goldman Sachs, AB, later president of Business Roundtable)
- John Walters (Chief of Staff of jesuit William Bennett)
- Susan Schwab (TC)
- Mary Peters (RAND)
- Mitchell Daniels (jesuit)
- Robert Zoellick (World Bank, Goldman Sachs, Order of Malta, CFR, TC)
- Doug Feith (jesuit, CFR, PNAC)
- Peter Pacer (jesuit)
- George Schultz

The ritual on 911 symbolized the attack of an army of the East from Book of Revelation 9. Bush represented Mercury, the Wizard in the 911 Twin Towers ritual, he visited Ground Zero, as the Fool card zero (the killing of the twins like John and Robert Kennedy).

John Lehman (cousin of Grace Kelly, jesuit, The Heritage Foundation, Committee on the Present Danger) was a member of the 911 Commission and the Project for New American Century.

Pluto (Shadow) in Leo: abuse of power, era of Hitler. Bush started the war in Afghanistan as an excuse to catch terrorist Osama Bin Laden and the war in Iraq as a crusader war (West-East, Shock and Awe strategy= the Shekhina, the smoke of the Wizard of Oz).

He used the term 'Axis of Evil', like the Axis powers in WW2 (defeating the Draco Empire) with Tony Blair of the Fabian Society (the jesuits) as ally. The phrase was invented by his speechwriter David Frum (Forbes magazine, Weekly Standard, Commentary, The Atlantic, NBC, Manhattan Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Republican Jewish Coalition). Frum wrote a book with Richard Perle as propaganda for the War on Terror.

Skull and Bones was founded by opium trading families Russell and Taft, Afghanistan and the Golden Crescent are the biggest export country of opium. The Bohemian Schwarzenbergs were part of the rosicrucian movement with the Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding as a ritual, to create Moonchild George I.

2003 capture of Saddam Hussein, replaced by jesuit Ayad Allawi.

2005 election ritual with John Forbes Kerry (S&B, initials JFK, 9th cousin of Bush). Hurricane Katrina represented the tempest in Wizard of Oz, the Saint stadium represented the cup of Babalon.

Pluto: cracks open what's repressed, exposes hypocrisy. After not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the media (Rothschild magazine The Economist) spread pictures of torture and humiliation (the Devil), asking the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld. After the George Bush good-Osama bad, the ritual transformed into Bush as Shadow figure (attacked by Kanye West after Katrina) and Barack Hussein Obama, a new Osama as good guy.

Frank Giustra (Clinton Foundation, International Crisis Group, Lionsgate Entertainment) produced Michael Moore's (mm=33) 'Fahrenheit 911', about his ties with the Bin Laden family.

2009 he is replaced by jesuit puppet Barack Obama (the Left Wing Church)

His character is played by Will Ferrell, Josh Brolin in W. (Oliver Stone who also made JFK, Lionsgate) and Sam Rockwell in Vice (Christian Bale as Dick Cheney).

Astrological chart

born 7/6/1946, date 50 Cent, Frida Kahlo, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, Nancy Reagan, date coronation Richard III, day before Howard Hughes (Jack Parsons Horus) plane crash, 22 days after Donald Trump. cancer.

Asc: Leo, mc: Aries (the emperor). Dominants: Leo (Lust), Libra, Cancer- Mercury (the Wizard, air flight, plane Air Force One), Pluto, Moon.

Houses 1, 3, 12.1: Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Leo (Mercury conj Pluto like Harry Truman, River Phoenix, Kubrick), 2: Mars in Virgo (the tower -war), 3: Neptune in Libra,5: lilith in sagittarius, 11: Uranus in Gemini, 12: Sun and Saturn in Cancer.

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