George Orwell

George Orwell (Eric Blair) was a British propaganda writer, used to announce the totalitarian UN world state after the Covid19-ritual. His teacher at Eton College was Aldous Huxley (dystopian novel A Brave New World, brother of Julian Huxley, who created the United Nations-WHO with the Cecils). He worked in Paris for The Observer of David Astor (also Eton). From 1941 he wrote for Partisan Review, propaganda of the NY Intellectuals.

He was a friend of occultist Steven Runciman (gay agenda). In 1931 he published in The New Statesman of the Fabian Society and GK's Weekly of GK Chesterton, the son of AK Chesterton (British Union of Fascists of Fabian Oswald Mosley).

He fought in the Spanish Civil War (the war industry). Communist Victor Gallianz (University of Frankfurt, home of the Frankfurt School) published his Road to Wigan Pier. Gallianz also published about the antisemitism of the nazi's in Germany and worked with prime minister Clement Atlee (LSE of Fabian Society) and with André Malraux and Arthur Koestler of the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

His wife Sonia Brownell had an affair with Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud.

Orwell worked for the British propaganda office Information Research Department, a branch of the Foreign Office, with Christopher Mayhew (Labour Party, BBC, LSD experiment with mind control doctor Humpfrey Osmond), actor Michael Redgrave (gay agenda, father of Vanessa Redgrave), Arthur Koestler (CCF), publisher Frederic Warburg. The Warburgs, intermarried with the Astors, owned Sandoz, the company that commercialized LSD). James Warburg was a member of the Century Group with CIA director Allen Dulles.

Orwell was also a friend of Zionist T.R. Fyvel, the founder of Congress for Cultural Freedom propaganda outlet Encounter (Stephen Spender and Irving Kristol), who worked with Golda Meir (pm of Israel) and was related to Zionist Ahad Ha'am. Fyvel's daughter married Robert Gavron (The Guardian, governor of the London School of Economics of the Fabian Society).

He contributed to Horizon magazine of Stephen Spender.

He participated in a media ritual in the British press through an open with Arthur Koestler (CCF), CEM Joad (Fabian Society, fascist party of Oswald Mosley), HG Wells (Fabian Society, Wellington House), which cited the Dewey Commission to announce the fake Nuremberg trials.

His book Animal Farm was an allegorical tale about the failure of Joseph Stalin's communism.

In 1949 his dystopian novel Nineteen Eight Four (84 is the nr of Uranus, planet of revolution, rebellion) was published by Frederic Warburg and Richard Senhouse (Bloomsbury Group of Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes, Aldous Huxley). Warburg and Senhouse also published feminist Simone de Beavoir and from 1971 had Tom Rosenthal as director.

1984 announced the Covid19-ritual, a society with a Ministry of Truth, Big Brother technology, persecution of independent thinking,..

Astrological chart

born 6/25/1903, date Louis Mountbatten, George Michael, Ricky Gervais, Blade Runner, d Michael Jackson, d Eloise Hardt.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Leo, Gemini - Saturn(all seeing eye, control), Moon, Sun.

Houses 8, 9, 4. 8: Mercury and Pluto in Gemini, Neptune conj Sun in Cancer, 9: Moon in Cancer, 4: Saturn in Aquarius. 2: Uranus in Sagittarius, 3: Lilith in Aquarius, 5: Jupiter in Pisces.

died 1/21/1950, date Rasputin, death George Meliès, Geena Davis, Michael Wincott.


1934 Burmese Days
1935 A Clergyman's Daughter
1936 Keep the Aspidistra Flying
1937 The Road to Wigan Pier
1938 Homage to Catalonia
1939 Coming Up for Air
1945 Animal Farm
1949 Nineteen Eighty Four

Orwell in popular culture

1949 1984 NBC broadcast

1954 BBC adaptation of 1984 Peter Cushing (Star Wars of George Lucas, the Ghost Club)
1954 Animal Farm (funded by CIA)

1956 1984 Edmond O'Brien (The Other Side of the Wind of Orson Welles) Donald Pleasence (Eye of the Devil with Sharon Tate, dystopian THX 1138 of George Lucas) Michael Redgrave (also Information Research Department) Jan Sterling (Actors Studio of Elia Kazan ACCF) Michael Anderson (dystopian Logan's Run) Columbia Pictures

1974 David Bowie album Diamond Dogs with songs 1984 and Big Brother

1984 Steve Jobs presents the Macintosh with a commercial, directed by Ridley Scott, based on 1984, birth of Mark Zuckerberg, movie 1984 with John Hurt
1997 political puppet Tony Blair (like Eric Blair)

2000 Endemol tv show Big Brother

2005 V for Vendetta Natalie Portman Hugo Weaving John Hurt

2012 Cloud Atlas Tom Hanks Hugo Weaving

the Covid19-ritual

Aldous Huxley