George H.W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush was a mind controlled political puppet of the Right Wing Church, a Knight of Malta and member of Skull and Bones, Phi Beta Kappa and Bohemian Club, who played the role of US president from 1989 to 1993. He was the father of George W Bush, also Skull and Bones. Aleister Crowley was connected to Pauline Pierce, mother of Barbara Bush. His father Prescott Bush funded Adolf Hitler and the nazi regime who also used the Saturnian Skull and Bones symbol.

Prescott Bush was the chairman of United Service Organisation, wich worked with celebrities like Bob Hope to entertain soldiers during WW2.

Because of his NWO speech, links to the CFR, Rockefellers and Bohemian Club, he was used as an archetypal globalist villain for controlled opposition like Alex Jones and David Icke (like George Soros-the Schwarzenbergs control S&B).

His name George H is linked to George Harrison (The Beatles cover with Crowley, Revelation 911 murders), he started a war with an army of the east (Revelation 9). Charles Manson's father was also named Walker.

He was educated at Philips Academy with William Sloane Coffin (RESIST with Noam Chomsky, critic of the Bushes). He was a member of the Bohemian Club.

1946 Like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, his son George Bush was born in 1946, the year of the Babalon Workings of Jack Parsons, so symbolicly he was the Moonchild at the end of the 22 year period of 1926-1947, which ended with the death of Aleister Crowley in 1947. He is related (9th cousin) to Marilyn Monroe, who appeared in her first movie in 1947.

His son Jeb Bush is a Knight of Columbus, a puppet of the Roman Emperors Colonna (jesuits of Georgetown).

1971 Gary Allen (John Birch Society, speech writer of George Wallace) publishes None Dare Call It a Conspiracy, with introduction by John George Schmitz, focuses on Council of Foreign Relations. His son jesuit P John Schmitz became advisor of George HW Bush, his son Joseph Schmitz became advisor of Donald Trump.

In 1976 Bush was made Director of Central Intelligence, in charge of the CIA, during Operation Condor, the installing of right wing dictatorship in South America.

George W was also educated at elite school Philips Academy. He married Laura Welsh in 1977 (born 11/4 date Obama became president). He played the role of Dionysus-Christ (alcohol addiction).

1981 (81 HA Adolf Hitler) Bush is made vice-president of Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan, who acted with John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby) in The Killers. Nicolas Brady (Order of Malta, Bohemian Club) designs the Brady plan. William Bennet starts the War on Drugs (underworld). His assistent John Podhoretz (son of Midge Rosenthal Decter of The Heritage Foundation) wrote their speeches and wrote for National Review of S&B member William F Buckley Jr. Buckley and The Heritage Foundation had ties to the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, also a friend of Nixon and Bush.

They supported jesuit puppet Saddam Hussein (Fabian Society socialist Baath party) in the Iran-Iraq war.

In 1983 Pluto moved in Scorpio (Shadow, oil, wealth, underworld, dark secrets, conspiracy theories) era of mafia and underworld figures.

1985 Iran Contra affair media ritual with John Forbes Kerry (also S&B) as good guy.

1987 William Conway, Daniel D'Aniello and David Rubenstein found the Carlyle Group with backing of the Mellon family of bankers and oil merchants, with George Bush, James Baker and Frank Carlucci.

1989 inaugurated as US president with William Rehnquist (Antichrist William).

The Bush Administration consisted of:
- Dan Quayle (Hudson Institute) as vicepresident
- Secretary of State James Baker (CFR, Atlantic Council)
- Laurence Eagleburger (president Kissinger Associates)
- Secretary of Treasure Nicolas Brady (CFR, Rockefeller University, Mitre Corporation)
- Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney (Project for New American Century)
- Attorney General Dick Thornburg (UN, World Bank)
- William Barr (Columbia, CIA, Time Warner)
- Secretary of Housing Jack Kemp (Catherine Austin Fitts as assistant, later used in campaign of Donald Trump)
- Secretary of Interior Manuel Lujon
- Secretary of Agriculture Clayton Yeutter (honorary degrees of jesuit universities Georgetown and St Clara)
- Robert Mosbacher (daughter Diane part of the gay-transgender agenda),
- Barbara Franklin (married to Wallace Barnes Yale, born 3/22 nr of S&B, Barnes Group Inc)
- Elizabeth Dole (wife of Bob Dole, Phi Beta Kappa)
- Louis Wade Sullivan (name mother Mia Farrow)
- jesuit Ed Derwinski
- Paula Dobriansky (CFR, Victims of Communism, Hudson Institute) as Secretary of Global Affairs

James Baker (Crossroads Baker explosion, Charles Manson Bakersfield, Sherlock Holmes Baker Str, book about the Bush family by Russ Baker) was born 4/28 like Saddam Hussein and death of Mussolini. Nicolas Brady was born 4/11 like Anton LaVey.

Bush and Russian president Gurbachev (Pallavicini) met in Malta for a media ritual, uniting the opposites west and east.

1990 Immigration Act, 40% increase of immigration. Bush's famous New World Order speech on 9/11.

1991 Invasion of Iraq Desert Storm (going through the Abyss), world government United Nations as police man of the world. Actors: Norman Schwarzkopf (Norman Schwarzkopf Sr played a role in the Lindbergh kidnapping media ritual, Pluto abduction in Cancer era), Colin Powell, CIA director jesuit Robert Gates, Richard Bruce 'Dick' Cheney, Saddam Hussein.

In The Naked Gun 2+1⁄2: The Smell of Fear (the Fool), John Roarke played George HW Bush (actor OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown murder on 6/12).

Reunification of Germany, the alchemical marriage uniting the twins, uniting the opposites in one, Berlin Wall on 11/9 (Rev 911). In 1993 he was replaced by jesuit puppet Bill Clinton (the Left Wing Church)

George W Bush was of the main actors in the 911 Twin Towers ritual, integrating the Shadow (actor Osama Bin Laden) the uniting of the two in one with the William and Catherine wedding and Moonchild George as ending like the wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth. Michael Moore (mm=33) focused on the Carlyle Group meeting at 9/11 with Shafiq bin Laden.

Bush is inaugurated with Richard Bruce 'Dick' Cheney as vice-president.

The ritual on 911 symbolized the attack of an army of the East from Book of Revelation 9. Bush represented Mercury, the Wizard in the 911 Twin Towers ritual, he visited Ground Zero, as the Fool card zero (the killing of twins like John and Robert Kennedy).

Pluto (Shadow) in Leo: abuse of power, era of Hitler. war in Afghanistan to catch Osama and war in Iraq as a crusade war West-East, Shock and Awe strategy= the Shekhina, the smoke of the Wizard of Oz. He used the term 'Axis of Evil', like the Axis powers in WW2 (defeating the Draco Empire) with Tony Blair of the Fabian Society (the jesuits) as ally.

Skull and Bones was founded by opium trading families Russell and Taft, Afghanistan and the Golden Crescent are the biggest export country of opium. The Bohemian Schwarzenbergs were part of the rosicrucian movement with the Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding as a ritual, to create Moonchild George I.

2005 election ritual with John Forbes Kerry (JFK, 9th cousin of Bush). Hurricane Katrina the tempest in Wizard of Oz, the Saint stadium as the cup of Babalon.

Pluto: cracks open what's repressed, exposes hypocrisy. After not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the media (Rothschild magazine The Economist) spread pictures of torture and humiliation (the Devil), asking the resignation of Rumsfeld. After the George Bush good-Osama bad, the ritual transformed into Shadow figure and Barack Obama, a new Osama as good guy.

Matthew Modine played George HW Bush in Speed Kills (2018) with John Travolta (he also played the villain in Stranger Things, set in 1983).


Astrological chart

born 6/12/1924, date David Rockefeller, Rosemary's Baby, OJ Simpson murder, Samuel Z Arkoff, Josef Retinger (Bilderberg), Jordan Peterson, Anne Frank, Dave Franco, in Milton Massachusetts (mm=33).

Asc: Leo, mc: Taurus. Dom: Leo (Lust), Taurus, Libra - Mars (war, like Mia Farrow), Neptune, Sun.

Houses 10, 3, 6. 10: Sun in Gemini, 3: Saturn and moon in Libra, 6: Mars in Aquarius. 8: Uranus in Pisces, 11: Lilith in Gemini, Venus and Pluto in Cancer, 12: Neptune in Leo.

died 11/30/2018, date death Paul Walker (Fast and Furious the Chariot Mars), Richard Brake, Ben Stiller, 6 days after death of magician Ricky Jay who played Milton (birthplace of George) in The Prestige, 12 days before movie Vice with Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, John Hillner as George HW, Sam Rockwell as George W Bush, year 4 the Emperor, 227 days after death of Barbara Bush, 7/22 date prince George.

George W Bush

Skull & Bones