George Gurdjieff

George Ivanovich  Gurdjieff was a Russian freemason and MI6 agent (like baldhead Aleister Crowley) with links to the Theosophical Society, of Greek-Armenian descent, used in the Great Game (between Britain and Russia), the New Age Church, to play a role in program Modernism, to push the gay-lesbian agenda and popularize Buddhism and to move towards a world religion. He was a friend of Dimitrije Mitrinovic (Der Blaue Reiter with Wasilly Kandinsky and Paul Klee, The New Age of Fabian Society), the mentor of CIA asset Alan Watts.

He traveled to Asia, Egypt and Tibet as agent in the Great Game and wrote Meetings with Remarkable Men. He married a Polish woman of half his age.

He was the teacher of Theosophist PD Ouspensky, jewish Kabbalist Thomas de Hartmann and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, wife of modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright, friend of modernist Katherine Mansfield and the daughter of Joseph Stalin.

He also taught Jane Heap (program Modernism in Greenwich Village, The Little Review with Ezra Pound, TS Eliot, Emma Goldman, Marcel Duchamp, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, André Breton, Gertrude Stein).

Ouspensky published The Fourth Dimension in 1909, influenced by Charles Howard Hinton. His lectures in London were attended by British agents Aldous Huxley, TS Eliot and Gerald Heard. He was promoted by the wife of Lord Rothermere, Alfred Orage and George Mead. He taught Remedos Vario (surrealist scene of André Breton, Dora Maar and Max Ernst, friend of Frida Kahlo), Maurice Nicoli (friend of Carl Jung) and Robert de Ropp (stayed at the Rockefeller Institute, friend of Hunter S Thompson).

In Tbilisi Georgia he worked on ballet The Struggle of the Magicians. The media created a negative image of Gurdjieff as black magician and hypnotist, while at the same time Crowley was branded as The Wickedest Man Alive.

In 1922 he founded the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man in Paris.

From 1924 he worked with Theosophist Alfred Orage (friend of Friedrich Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley and Bertrand Russell, The New Age).

He choreographed Sacred Dance rituals and had sexual relationships with the dancers.

He formed a group called The Rope with lesbian (gay-lesbian agenda) writers like Jane Heap, Kathryn Hulme (The Nun Story, adapted into movie with Audrey Hepburn), Solita Solano and Margaret Anderson, and Dorothy Park. Dorothy Park was the widow of Enrico Caruso (marketed by Edward Bernays). He was also in contact with lesbian Gertrude Stein, patron of Pablo Picasso.

In 1924 he took his dancers to Greenwich Village NY.

He was promoted by Rom Landau (New Statesman of Fabian Society) in God Is My Adenture about his contact with Gurdjieff, Jidda Krishnamurti, Rudolf Steiner. The book was the source of the legend that Gurdjieff was Lama Dordjiefif. Landau later worked with Frederic Spiegelberg and Alan Watts.

He had a relationship with Georgette Leblanc, wife of Maurice Maeterlinck.

Prince Sabahaddin (Turkish House of Osman) introduced him to John Benett. Bennett visited Maharishi Yogi in Rome in 1974.

Hartmann's music was adapted by Laurence Rosenthal for Peter Brook's Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979) with Dragan Maksimovic and Terence Stamp (Swinging London project, Superman).

Henry Sinclair was president of the Gurdjieff Foundation. James Webb and James Moore wrote a biography.

He influenced Alan Watts, Louis Pauwels (Vril Society hoax that linked Gurdjieff to Karl Haushofer and Rudolf Hess), David Sylvian (transgender agenda), Kate Bush (lesbian agenda), Oskar Ichazo (Enneagram of Personality), Samael Aun Weor (gnosticism), Claudio Naranjo (worked with Willis Harman of SRI), George Russell, Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.

died 10/29/1949, date d Anton LaVey, Winona Ryder, Rufus Sewell.

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