George Edward Griffin

George Edward Griffin is a disinfo agent used as controlled opposition to spread disinfo about the Federal Reserve, the JFK ritual, the UN, 911, Illuminati Deep State, fluoride, 5G, chemtrails,... He served in the US Army, is a member of the JBS and participates in the  Anarchopulco events of financial scam artist Jeff Berwick. George is the name of William's child. Griffin is an animal associated with Apollo and Dionysus. He worked for Curtis LeMay, running mate of George Wallace (antagonist of MLK, the Right Wing Church).

 In 1964 he wrote The Fearful Master about the UN.

In 1987 he interviewed Philips Academy alumni Norman Dodd before his death about the Rockefeller Foundation planning the world wars.

In 1994 he wrote The Creature of Jeckyll Island blaming the creation of Federal Reserve on an Illuminati conspiracy of Rothschild bankers.

He wrote The Discovery of Noah's Ark and Fluoride Poison on Tap. He produced Who in the World Is Spraying? about chemtrails.

He promoted the work of Carroll Quigley.

He worked with Alex Jones, KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, Stefan Molyneux, Sacha Stone, Sean Stone, Russia Today,  ..

In 2011 he appeared in Foster Gamble's movie Thrive (crop circles, extraterrestrials, torus fields, free energy) with Steven Greer, Daniel Sheehan, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, Nassim Haramein, Deepak Choprah, Amy Goodman, Vandana Shiva,..

He organized the New Earth Festival in Indonesia with Sacha Stone and Del Bigtree. A New Earth is announced in the Book of Revelation.

During the Covid19-ritual he was used as controlled opposition.

born 1/7/1931.

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