Gematria is the occult practice of assigning numerological value to a word, a system of logic where numbers are attributed to letters. Like letters, numbers define, weigh, measure, express, shape and form reality. Language was a downgrade from telepathic communication with images. Words are designed as spells (grammar=grimoire of spells) to confuse or distort meaning. Every number corresponds to a geofractal shape. Sacred geometry (measuring of Gaia-Earth, study of ley lines) and the science of mathematics was developed in Babylon and Greece (School of Pythagoras, pytha: serpent).

The Phoenicians invented the modern alphabet (bullhead symbol became first letter A) with 26 letters (2 x 12 zodiac signs with sun in the middle, two bulls). Gematria was practiced by the Assyrians (Sargon II).

Gematria is used in Kabbalism (Judaic mysticism) in conjunction with astrology, Tarot and study of the Hebrew Bible, Talmud and Midrash.

The 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet correspond to 22 cards and paths of the Tarot (Aleph: ox, Lamed: ox goad).

Numerological value of Hebrew alphabet

1 Aleph 2 Beth 3 Gimel 4 Dalet 5 He 6 Vav 7 Zayin 8 Chet 9 Tet 10 Yod 20 Kaf

30 Lamed 40 Mem 50 Nun 60 Samekh 70 Ayin 80 Pe 90 Tsaddik 100 Kof 200 Resh 300 Shin 400 Tav.

40 days and nights in Genesis is a reference to letter mem. The word nephesh (serpent) has the same numerological value as messiah. The angles of a circle=angels with archangels as symbol of cardinal signs.

In the Book of Revelation the number of the Beast is 666 (nr of carbon), in some manuscripts 616.

The Zodiac shows the life of man (life as masculine force, initiative) from conception to death: from Aries (the Emperor, Horus the child)  to Pisces (21 the world), the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) is attributed to Abraham.

During the so-called Renaissance gematria was used on the Latin alphabet (Medici agent Pico della Mirandola who fused Kabbalism with Christianity, Pietro Bongo, Christoph Rudolff). The Medici's spread Hermeticism (cult of Mercury-Hermes).

In 1533 HC Agrippa published 3 Books on Occult Philosophy, defining the Agrippa code. Agrippa was the mentor of John Dee, the occultist behind the creation of the House of Hanover who created the University of Göttingen and its mathematics tradition.

Rosicrucian Francis Bacon was assigned by James I Stuart (books on demonology) to translate the bible in English.

In 1665 Jesuit Athanasius Kircher published Arithmologia (one eye pyramid cover).

The 47th problem of Euclid is a riddle in freemasonry (center point of a circle is seen as God).

Gematria was used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of Samuel Mathers (Kabbalah Unveiled).

Aleister Crowley wrote the Book of the Law with gematria symbolism and discussed gematria in 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings. He stressed the learning of talking backwards (reverse ordinal method). In gematria Thelema (true will)=93.

Gematria is used in Hollywood and news rituals of the media industry (rabbi's collaborate with NSA and Scientology).

The Police (Sting, Miles Copeland son of CIA agent Stewart Copeland) released Murder By Numbers.

In The Matrix the matrix is designed through a rain of numerological code.

Jim Carrey starts seeing gematria patterns in The Number 23 with Virginia Madsen and Logan Lerman.

Slipknot released the song Gematria The Killing Name on All Hope Is Gone (Paul Gray died two years later).

Words can be reduced to numbers through Hebrew gematria, English gematria, reduction cypher (reducing numbers to a single digit), reverse and reverse reduction.

Important numbers in gematria

10 (male and female)= Satan (say ten)

13= Al, L.A.

15= Judy, Batman, metal (red), moon (rev red), gay (red)

17 = DNA (rev red), Eden (rev red), ice, Bill (red), NBC (rev red), FBI,  Zion (rev red), El, eye (red), Ra (rev red)

23=Joker, Frank, Ali, Christian Bale, rabbi, judaism, king (red), atom (rev red), alien (red), nazi (red), king (red), blue (rev red), car (rev red), mind (rev red), fall (rev red), line (rev red), atom (rev red), LHC,  CERN (rev red), model (rev red), cube (rev red), Frodo (rev red), CIA (rev red), pink (red), dream (red), island (red), apple (red), lion (red),..

24 (nr of Jupiter, 42)= truth, blood, George, MK, Truman, Las Vegas, angel (rev red), great (red), rise (rev), yehovah (rev red), Canada, CBS, live-evil (rev red),..

26=God, Adam (rev red), Esau (rev red), Joseph (rev red), letter, lie, dollar, game, carbon (red), Torah (red), temple (red), Madonna (red), Putin (red), Marvel, virus, Nuit, Babylon (red), heaven (rev red), New Age (rev red), enemy (red), China (red), sky (rev), Jayne (rev red), summer (red), Al Quaeda (red), phoenix (rev red), Coca Cola (red), quantum (red),..

27= Cain, JFK, Alma, tower (red), Holmes (red), red, sun (rev), real (rev red), the moon (rev red), climate (red), cocain (red), child (red), Steve Jobs (red), world (red), ball, witch (red)

29 (cycle of Saturn and moon)=black, see, Diana, Harry (rev red), Baal (rev red), gnosis, ET (rev), London (red), heart, earth (rev red), light (red), point (red), Rachel (red), James Bond (red), fire (red), Naomi (rev red), John Dee (rev red), purple (rev red), church (rev red), monkey (red), Michael (red), Tubalcain (red), Exodus (rev red), Daath (rev red), Tom Hanks (red), Aurora (29), Greys (red), Elon Musk (red), Jack (rev red), Matt Damon (red), Mao, duality (red)

31= Jacob, Pan

33= Muhammed, Isaac, Holocaust (red), Chris, Chester, MPD, Simpson, Bill Gates, Corona, Tesla, Beyoncé, New York, MGM, magic, bird, gay, Genesis (red), pizza, orange (red), Howard (rev), Tom (rev), craft (rev red), sex (rev), bible (rev red), Robert (red), Kennedy (red), abyss (rev red), James (rev red), Hollywood (rev red), Kanye West (red), Alex Jones (red), Clinton (red), believe (red), momentum (red), order (red), diamond (red), black hole (red), gnostic (red), home (red), Joachin (red), Cameron (red), Kushner (red), Joaquin (red), KKK, Luther (rev red), ..

38= murder, death, Minnesota

39= Enki, TS (Theosophical Society, Time Square, Space-Time), Chris, butterfly (red), gravity (red), Coast to Coast AM (red), communism (red), diamond (rev red), Drake, flat, men in black (red), Michael (rev red), stranger (red), illusion (red), particle (red), Nike,..

40= David, US, circle (rev red)

42= Maria, sin, jesuit, Georgetown, freemason, gun, war, female, feminine (rev red), endlösung, Pizzagate, new, Dorothy, Aaliyah, internet, twin, Kurt Cobain, Saddam, vaccine, rain, chakra, Hadit, Tom Cruise, math, UFO, Lost (rev), astrology (red), world war (red), Charles (rev red), Saturn (rev red),  Leonardo (rev red), Liv Tyler (red), pyramids (red), John Hurt (red), Tom Cruise (red), NLP, Jackie (rev red), gravity, Parsons (rev red), Bob Dylan (rev red), strength (rev red), Walt Disney (red), Mel Gibson (red), Mena Suvari (red), inclusive (red), Moonchild (rev red), Alex, PETA, YMCA,..

44= kill, execution, space, Set, mask, Dune, Will Smith (red), week,..

46 (2x23)= chaosChicago, dove, Elon, labyrinth (red), WHO

47= time, bull, rock, Babalon, Beast, Grail, John, JZ Knight, Christian, William,  Catherine, Nirvana, Dave Grohl, Frank Zappa, France, Wonderland, The Aviator (red), sport (rev), Russell (rev red), Ukraine (rev red), Trump (rev), Rachel, Francis (rev red), legend, Oppenheimer (rev red), NSA (rev), rabbit (rev red), rabbit hole (red), Nemo,,..

49= Antichrist, Eve (rev), Aaron, Athena, pentagram (rev red), Apocalypse (rev red), Washington (red), crash, atom, hook, Dallas, danger, Christian Bale (red), clone, Joseph Stalin (red), Kevin Spacey (red), John Lennon (red), Katy Perry (red), year

50= America, apple, owl,..

52= Devil


56= Coronavirus (red), Anthony Fauci (red), Black Lives Matter (red), Will, sea (rev)

61= Christmas (rev red), news, blue beam,

66= Sodom, Charles, Adolf Eichmann (rev red); Robert Kennedy (red), lunar, twin, abyss, Ozzy Osbourne (red), wedding, Alex (rev), Smith (rev), Billie Eilish (red), Lost, Corona

67= water, alchemy, Do What Thou Willt, Elvis, Elvis Presley (rev red), The Truman Show, Morgan Freeman (red), George Floyd, Kaufman, crucifiction (red), home (rev), Huxley (rev), Italy, Khepri, Mark David Chapman (red), The Terminator (red), Gal Gadot,..

71=Moses, Babylon, Whore of Babylon (red), Virgo, Thoth, Apollo, Merlin, mirror (rev), Diana Spencer (born 7/1), car crash, Bruce Lee, catholic, Talmud, Orion, Zeus, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando (rev rev, died 7/1), Steve, The Dark Knight (rev red), Black Dahlia (rev red), Mulholland Drive (red), Christopher Lee (red), movie (red), Cillian Murphy (red), snow, Dennis Hopper (red), Peter (rev), never (rev), Hell (rev), temple, G.A.O.T.U. (rev), Sherlock Holmes (rev red), Laura Palmer (rev red), Robert De Niro (red), sodomy (rev), dome (rev), future (rev), Jeffrey Epstein (rev red), Plato (rev), Frankenstein (rev red), Stranger Things (red), Anunaki,

72 (letters YHVH add up to 72, 72 deacons in zodiac, pentagon has 72° angles) =world, money, Paris, Hitler, river, Hip Hop, Holmes, marriage, Monarch, Jackie Kennedy (rev red), Harvard,  Bruce Almighty (rev red), Dulce base, Cooper,..

74=Gematria, English, Killing, Jesus, Lucifer, Messiah, Cross, Gospel, Energy, Occult, Tarot, Independence Day (7/4), Peace, Agape, Deep, jewish, masonic,..

76= Thomas, Arthur (rev), Napoleon Bonaparte (red), Nixon, contact, Carl Sagan, Over the Rainbow, Titanic, Jude Law, The Da Vinci Code, slave, square compass, Louis, Disney, Skull and Bones (rev red), concentration camp (red), Darren Aronofsky (red), 2001 A Space Odyssey (rev red), Neil deGrasse Tyson (red), prince Charles (rev red), Area 51, Columbia, Crispin Glover (rev red), John the Baptist (rev red), Manson, Donald John Trump (rev red),..

78= pizza,..

81= Venus, Horus, square, islam (rev), atom bomb, silicon, hermetic, tower, Jennifer, wizard, Christopher Lloyd (red),..

88=Exodus, Crowley, French Revolution (red), Aurora (rev), California, conspiracy theory (red), cake (rev),..

91= spirit, liberty, stargate, Manhattan Project (rev red), Dan Brown, Flat Earth, future, Unabomber

93= Thelema, Moonchild, Saturn, Louvre, Martin Luther King Jr (red), Heath Ledger, Hadit (rev), Howard (rev), Malcolm X, Nicki Minaj, MK Ultra (rev), torus, Darwin (rev), laurel, Mozart, Leonardo di Caprio (rev red), David Rockefeller (rev red), Christopher Plummer (red), Conspiracy theorist (red), Liv Tyler (rev), Olympic, Stanley (rev), Ariana Grande, Eagles of Death Metal (rev red),..

97= serpent, The Beatles, Marilyn (rev), Marilyn Monroe (rev red), Meghan Rachel Markle (rev red), Jared (rev), Prince (rev),..




117= Bruce Wayne

150=Islam, Illuminati (rev), Dante, HAARP,..

190=Aleister Crowley

201=Mars, Qanon, Apollo, Roman, The Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, Order of Illuminati, Columbine shooting, Monarch butterfly, Event 201 (announcing the Covid19-ritual),..

237 (2x3x7=42, room 237 in The Shining)= Christopher Nolan (rev), Marshall Mathers (rev), Stephen Paddock (rev), conspiracy theorist

Zachary Hubbard (Hubbard reference to Ron Hubbard of Scientology, worked with Alex Jones, Mark Passio, Truth Frequency Radio), Flat Earthers and Randall Carlson (worked with Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan) are used as disinfo about gematria.


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