Gatestone Institute

Gatestone Institute is a think tank of the Right Wing Church, founded in 2008 by Nina Rosenwald (NYU, CFR, Sears Roebuck, Committee for the Present Danger, Hudson Institute, Freedom House).

Rosenwald funds Project Veritas of James O'Keefe (works with Alex Jones). It also funds the Abstraction Fund (666 Third Avenue). The Gatestone Institute is closely associated with David Horowitz, Richard Shillman, Robert Mercer, Alex Jones and Rebel News.

Rosenwald backed Henry Jackson in the 70's (clique of jesuit Frank Gaffney, Richard Perle). Eli Wiesel was also associated with the Gatestone Institute.


- Alan Dershowitz (Harvard Law School, Zionist, Commentary, client of Roy Cohn, represented Patty Hearst, Julian Assange, OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, worked with Natalie Portman)

- Amir Taheri (The Guardian, The NY Times, Die Welt, Der Spiegel)
- Bat Ye'or (author of Eurabia, promoted by Nial Ferguson)
- Daniel Pipes (Harvard, Hoover Institution, CPD, CFR, Commentary, advisor of Rudy Gulliani, Collapse of Europe Conference with David Horowitz, Foreign Policy Research Institute with jesuit Adrian Basora CFR and jesuit John Lehman of 911 Commission and Heritage Foundation)
- Elliott Abrams (LSE, Harvard, Commentary, Reagan administration, Iran-Contra affair, Bush administration, Project for New American Century, war Iraq, Trump administration, jesuit school Georgetown, CFR, married to the daughter of Midge Rosenthal Decter)
- Geert Wilders (Dutch provocateur trained in Israel, party PVV, Sputnik tv, Russia Today, villain in The Guardian and The NY Times)
- Gordon Chang (Quil and Dagger, Commentary, The NY Times, The Heritage Foundation, CFR)
- John Bolton (Project for New American Century, American Enterprise Institute, National Security advisor of jesuit Donald Trump)
- Khaled Abu Tomaeh (The Jerusalem Post, NBC News)
- Lars Hedegaard (Danish cartoon media ritual, International Free Press Society with Ayaan Hirsi Ali)
- Nina Rosenwald (NYU, CFR, Sears Roebuck, Committee for the Present Danger, Hudson Institute, Freedom House, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)
- Raheel Raza (muslim supporter of Israel)
- Raymond Ibrahim (jesuit school Georgetown, Frontpage magazine, David Horowitz Freedom Center of David Horowitz who uses George Soros as villain)
- Rebekah Mercer (Stanford, The Heritage Foundation, Reclaim New York with jesuit Steve Bannon, Cambridge Analytica, right wing social media site Parler, donated to Cato Institute of Koch family, husband director at Morgan Stanley)
- Richard Kemp (COBRA UK national crisis committee after false flag attack London)
- Sebastian Gorka (Breitbart News, advisor of Viktor Orban)
- Salim Mansur (People's Party of Canada, documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West of David Horowitz)
- Soeren Kern (jesuit school Georgetown, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Spanish Popular Party)
- Uzay Bulut (Washington Times of Unification Church, Jerusalem Post)

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