Gary Oldman

Gary Leonard Oldman is a British mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, to announce the James Holmes Phoenix ritual in the Aurora theatre in Denver and the Covid19 ritual. He had relationships with Monarch slaves-actresses Lesley Manville (in Maleficient with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning as Aurora), Isabella Rosselini and Uma Thurman.

He played Sid Vicious, Harvey Lee Oswald, Ludwig van Beethoven, Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, Winston Churchill and Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies.

He attended meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

He played in 3 movies filmed at Chelsea Hotel (Sid and Nancy, Romeo Is Bleeding, Léon the Professional), where Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke lived and in Basquiat about Andy Warhol who made Chelsea Girls.

Astrological chart

born 3/21/1958 (equinox ides of march, like Barron Trump), date Linda Lee Cadwell mother Brandon Lee, Aries ruled by Mars (Horus the child).

Asc: Cancer (queen of cups), mc: Pisces (the Moon, inner child)). Dominants: Aries (the Emperor), Aquarius (the star), Cancer (the chariot)- Moon, Neptune (idealism, in scorpio mlk), Mars.

Houses 10, 8, 5. 10: Sun, Moon, Lilith and Mercury in Aries, 8: Mars and Venus in Aquarius, 5: Jupiter in Libra (osiris restoring justice, four of swords like churchill), Neptune in Scorpio (murder JFK), 2: Uranus in Leo, 3: Pluto in Virgo, 6: Saturn in Sagittarius (Ten of Wands, like Osama). moon square asc cancer (expression conflict with feelings).


1982 Remembrance Daniel
1986 Sid and Nancy as Sid Vicious Chloe Webb Courtney Love (My Way imitated Frank Sinatra's movie The Manchurian Candidate) Alex Cox (Love Kills, point finger), died in hotel after overdose like David Kennedy=Bruce Wayne
1987 Prick Up Your Ears Joe Orton (playwright) Stephen Frears Vanessa Redgrave Alfred Molina
1988 Track 29 (the moon path 29) Martin Nicolas Roeg
1988 We Think the World of You Johnny Colin Gregg the fool dog sirius)
1989 Criminal Law Ben Chase Martin Campbell
1989 Chattahoochee Emmett Foley Mick Jackson (locked up like Manson, experiments on Korean War veterans=Project Bluebird) with Dennis Hopper (Oldman dated Isabella Rosselini, 'Dorothy' in Blue Velvet)
1989 The Firm (mars=rivalry)
1990 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Rosencrantz Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare, writer of the Tempest) Tim Roth Richard Dreyfuss
1990 State of Grace Sean Penn Jackie Flannery Phil Joanou
1990 Henry & June Pop Philip Kaufman Credited as Maurice Escargot
1991 JFK as Lee Harvey Oswald Oliver Stone (the JFK ritual) Joe Pesci Kevin Costner Tommy Lee Jones Donald Sutherland Frank Whaley
1992 Bram Stoker's Dracula (Bram Stoker member of HOGD) Francis Ford Coppola Count Dracula (nov 13) (vampire Royal Arch) pluto in virgo Winona Ryder (Charles Vlad Dracula bloodline) Anthony Hopkins Keanu Reeves Monica Bellucci
1993 True Romance Drexl Spivey Tony Scott (purple third eye, aquarium) script by Quentin Tarantino Christian Slater as C. Worley (=Crowley) Patricia Arquette James Gandolfini Brad Pitt Val Kilmer as Elvis Samuel Jackson Dennis Hopper Christopher Walken scene at Ambassador Hotel of RFK murder. Warner Bros
1993 Romeo Is Bleeding (Shakespeare) Jack Grimaldi Peter Medak Juliette Lewis
1994 Léon: The Professional Norman Stansfield Luc Besson Jean Reno Natalie Portman
1994 Immortal Beloved as Ludwig van Beethoven (9th symphony rev 911, role also played by Ed Harris) Isabella Rosselini Barry Humphries
1994 Bernard Rose (one eye, red rose) Isabella Rosselini
1995 Murder in the First (Alcatraz, jupiter in libra the rock) Milton Glenn Marc Rocco
1995 The Scarlet Letter (aleph) Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale Roland Joffé (hierophant scarlett woman) Demi Moore Robert Duvall
1996 Basquiat (heroin overdose like River Phoenix) Albert Milo Julian Schnabel with David Bowie as Andy Warhol Dennis Hopper Courtney Love Christopher Walken Willem Dafoe
1997 The Fifth Element Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg Luc Besson with Bruce Willis
Milla Jovovich (orange hair like James Holmes)
1997 Air Force One Egor Korshunov (hijack plane president) Wolfgang Petersen
1997 Nil by Mouth N/A Himself Writer, director and producer
1998 Lost in Space Dr. Zachary Smith Stephen Hopkins Matt LeBlanc Heather Graham
1998 Quest for Camelot Sir Ruber Frederik Du Chau Voice
1999 Jesus Pontus Pilate (Antichrist, role also played by David Bowie)
2000 The Contender Rep. Sheldon Runyon Rod Lurie Christian Slater Jeff Bridges
2001 Nobody's Baby Buford Hill David Seltzer Joker Matthew Modine
2001 Hannibal (enemy of the Massimo's) Mason Verger Ridley Scott Anthony Hopkins Julianne Moore
2002 Interstate 60 O. W. Grant Bob Gale
2002 The Hire: Beat the Devil The Devil Tony Scott Short film James Brown Marilyn Manson
2003 Tiptoes Rolfe Kate Beckingsale Matthew McConaughey Patricia Arquette Matthew Bright Peter Dinkley Michael J Anderson (=Son of Man, Manson)
2003 Sin Charlie Strom Michael Stevens
2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Sirius Black Alfonso Cuarón (Harry Mountbatten)
2004 Who's Kyle? Scouse Gerald Emerick Short film
2005 Batman Begins James Gordon Christopher Nolan Christian Bale Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy Tom Wilkinson Katie Holmes Michael Caine
2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  Mike Newell
2005 Dead Fish Lynch Charley Stadler Terence Stamp Billy Zane
2006 The Backwoods (libra)
2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (aurora Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual)
2008 The Dark Knight with Joker Heath Ledger Christian Bale Maggie Gyllenhaal Aaron Eckhart Michael Caine Eric Roberts
2009 The Unborn (the star, mirror) Odette Yustman Idris Elba Meagon Good (Meghan Markle)
2009 Rainfall as William
2009 Planet 51 Dwayne Johnson Jessica Biel Justin Long
2010 the Book of Eli Mila Kunis Saturn in Sagittarius Denzel Washington
2010 Countdown to Zero (nuclear Choronzon symbol)
2011 Red Riding Hood (=ews wayne manor) rubedo
2011 Kung Fu Panda 2 Jack Black Angelina Jolie
2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Sirius Black
2011 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy George Smiley=the Joker John Hurt

Colin Firth Tom Hardy John Hurt Mark Strong Benedict Cumberbatch StudioCanal
2012 Guns Girls Gambling one of four Elvis Presley impersonators (Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon) Christian Slater suitcase like True Romance
2012 Paul McCartney My Valentine osiris risen Johnny Depp Natalie Portman
2012 Lawless Tom Hardy Shia LaBeouf Mia Wasikowska Jessica Chastain Guy Pearce Jason Clarke Noah Taylor
2013 Paranoia Harrison Ford
2014 Dawn of Planet of the Apes Dreyfus Jason Clarke Andy Serkis (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Neptune evolutionary destinty) Covid19 ritual
2014 Robocop cancer
2015 Child 44 (nr Mass of the Phoenix) Tom Hardy Vincent Cassel
2016 Man Down Kate Mara Shia LaBeouf
2016 Criminal (one eye) Kevin Costner Tommy Lee Jones Alice Eve Gal Gadot Ryan Reynolds
2017 The Darkest Hour Winston Churchill (WW2 Adolf Hitler nazis, night of Pan, hour before dawn, died 8 days before birth Brandon Lee, Michael Caine played Josef Stalin) Kirstin Scott-Thomas
2017 The Hitman's Bodyguard Ryan Reynolds Samuel Jackson Salma Hayek
2017 The Space Between Us child born on mars
2018 Tau
2018 Hunter killer Gerard Butler nov 13 orion the hunter
2019 Killers Anonymous Jessica Alba
2019 Mary
2019 The Laundromat (pig sharon tate pisces confront with animal side) Meryl Streep Sharon Stone Jeffrey Wright David Schwimmer Antonio Banderas Robert Patrick Steven Soderbergh
2019 the Courier the chariot one eye patch
2020 Mank (Baphomet pose) as Herman Mankiewicz Tom Burke as Orson Welles Charles Dance as William Hearst Bill Nye as Upton Sinclair
2021 Crisis
2021 the Woman in the Window (ww=33)
2023 Oppenheimer
as Harry Truman Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer Emily Blunt Matt Damon Robert Downey Jr Matthew Modine as Vannevar Bush Rami Malek Josh Hartnett Casey Affleck (Interstellar) Jason Clarke Tom Conti as Albert Einstein Christopher Nolan


Mind control