Gaia is a jesuit controlled propaganda outlet of controlled opposition, founded in 1988, used in the New Age Church to spread disinfo and to spread the yoga trend (used to learn to dissociate). It merged with Real Goods Solar of John Schaffer (Whole Earth Catalog scene of Stewart Brand). In 2007 it bought Lime tv (AOL founder Steve Case, Sirius Radio).

It temporarily changed its name to Gaiam (I Am movement). It spreads disinfo about the JFK ritual, extraterrestials, Atlantis, pyramids, Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra, Stargate Project, chemtrails, Bilderberg (Daniel Estulin, Nigel Farage, Lyndon LaRouche), ..

It produced propaganda with Richard Alpert (CIA drug research with jesuit Timothy Leary), David Icke, Paramahansa Yogananda (disciple of Sri Yukteswar Giri who introduced the concept of the Great Year),...

Gaia uses a lot of purple, a color used for dissociation (also in the Gay Church). It promotes all New Age dogma's and hobby-horses Ascension, HSP label (Elaine Aron, Alanis Morisette), opening of the third eye,.. Dan Winter and Jay Weidner worked on show Cosmic Disclosure.


- Andrew Basiago
- Barbara Marx Hubbard (daughter married to Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers)
- Benjamin Lipton (God program)
- Bob Lazar (Area 51)
- Carolyne Miss (promoted by Oprah Winfrey)
- Catherine Austin Fitts
- Corey Goode (blue bird aliens=dissociation of Project Bluebird)
- Daniel Pinchbeck (Reality Sandwich)
- Darryl Anka
- David Icke
- David Wilcock (Ancient Aliens)
- Deepak Chopra (Thrive)
- Demi Lovato (Disney)
- Drunvalo Melchisidek
- Emery Smith (Sirius with Steven Greer)
- Erich von Däniken (Ancient Aliens)
- George Noorey (jesuit, Coast to Coast)
- Graham Hancock (disinfo about Atlantis)
- Gregg Braden (Thrive II, Ancient Aliens of Hearst)
- James Van Praagh (PGS Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System with Dean Radin and Foster Gamble)
- Jason Louv (disinfo about John Dee)
- Jay Weidner
- Joe Dispenza (What the Bleep Do We Know?!)
- Jordan Maxwell
- Julia Cannon (daughter of Dolores Cannon)
- Michael Murphy (Esalen)
- Michael Tellinger
- Nassim Haramein (Thrive)
- Noam Chomsky
- Randy Cramer
- Richard Dolan (Disclosure Project)
- Rupert Sheldrake
- Russell Brand
- Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone)
- Stanislav Grof (CIIS with Alan Watts)
- Steven Greer (Disclosure Project)
- Uri Geller (Stargate Project psyop)

the New Age Church

Controlled opposition