The Fürstenberg are a German family with a Swabian and Westphalian branch, who played a role in the Thirty Years' War and with the Schwarzenbergs, took over the Holy Roman Empire from the Habsburgs. Wilhelm Egon Furstenberg was a prince in the Holy Roman Empire and bishop of Strasbourg and helped establishing the League of the Rhine. Maria Henriette Furstenberg married Alexander Ferdinand, Prince of Thurn und Taxis.

Josef Ernst Furstenberg fought in the Austrian War of Succession (end of Habsburg dynasty).

Ferdinand Fürstenberg was jesuit trained.

Kaspar von Fürstenberg was involved in witch trials.

Dietrich von Fürstenberg owned Wewelsburg castle, which played a role in the Thirty Years' War between protestants and catholics.

Egon von Furstenberg Colonna, son of Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis, was cardinal and member of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Franz Egon von Furstenberg-Heiligenberg worked for Louis XIV.

Antonia Furstenberg married Karel IV Schwarzenberg, cousin of Felix Schwarzenberg (Minister-President of the Austrian Empire).

Jacob Furstenberg Ganecky was a Polish communist associated with Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Parvus and played a role in instigating the Russian Revolution as member of Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania with Rosa Luxemburg and Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Maximilian Egon Furstenberg was advisor of emperor Wilhelm II, joined the nazi party.

Tassilio zu Furstenberg married Clara Agnelli (Fiat, daughter of Umberto Agnelli CFR).

Egon Furstenberg, Tassilio's son, was educated at Le Rosey.

Ira Furstenberg played in Italian movie Matchless (1967) of UA with Patrick O'Neil (Actors Studio), Henry Silva (mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate), Nicoletta Machiavelli (descendant of Niccolo Machiavelli) and Donald Pleasence. She married Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (also Princes of the Holy Roman Empire), who owned Marabella Club Hotel. He later married Playboy model Jocelyn Lane, who played in Tickle Me with Elvis Presley.

Diane von Fürstenberg is married to Barry Diller (Tinder, IAC, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, trained Jeffrey Katzenberg of Disney), works with Kendall Jenner, Kendra Spears (princess of Iran, married to Aga Khan) and has a foundation Vital Voices with Hilary Clinton and jesuit Madeleine Albright (CFR).

Alexander Fürstenberg married Alexandra Miller (sister of jesuit Pia Getty and Marie-Chantal Glücksburg of Greece) in a jesuit church. Their daughter, Talita Furstenberg is the niece of Coco Brandolini and educated at jesuit school Georgetown and NYU.

Tatiana Furstenberg posed for Richard Avedon for Egoiste. She worked with Francesca Gregorini (gay agenda with Ellen DeGeneres' partner Portia de Rossi). She owns the house of Norman Mailer (RESIST with Allen Ginsberg).

Antonio Furstenberg (protestant) is married to Matilde Borromeo (Contrareformation war of the jesuits).

Alison Furstenberg played a role in a media scandal with basketball player Reggie Miller.

The Fürstenbergs owned Fürstenberg Brewery, from 2005 owned by Brau Holding International.

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