French Revolution

The French Revolution was a series of riots and executions in France, from 1789 to 1799, instigated by the Illuminati/Jesuits, that followed the American Revolution and was aimed to put dictator Napoleon Bonaparte in power, push Leftist agenda's (atheism, multiculturalism), redesign the map of Europe (form the European Union) and fulfill the biblical prophecy of Revelation 911, under the disguise of Enlightenment ideals.

Main actors

- Abraham Goldsmid
- Camille Desmoulins (jesuit)
- Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (mason)
- Charles Montesqieu (french Enlightenment)
- Emmanuel Sieyès (jesuit, Jacobin)
- Gabriel Riqueti (compte de Mirabeau, mason)
- Georges Danton (mason, Jacobin)
- Germaine de Staël
- Guizot François (mason, pm of France from 1848)
- Henri Gregoire (catholic priest, Jacobin, Society of the Friends of the Blacks)
- Jacobins (founded by jesuit Robespierre, Republican movement and club with half million members)
- Jacques Billaud-Varenne (mason, Jacobin)
- Jacques Pierre Brissot (Girondins, influenced by JJ Rousseau, Society of the Friends of the Blacks, American Philosophical Society, died on guillotine)
- Jacques-Louis David (Jacobin)
- Jansenists (catholics)
- Jean Sylvain Bailly Maire de Paris (decapitated during the Reign of Terror)
- Louis Antoine de Saint-Juste (Jacobin Club)
- Marquis de Lafayette
- Marquis de Sade
- Maximilien Robespierre (jesuit, Jacobin)
- Napoleon Bonaparte (friend of Augustin Robespierre)
- Nicholas Bonneville (in contact with JC Bode of German Illuminati)
- Philippe Egalité
- Vincent Ogé (Haitian Revolution, Society of the Friends of the Blacks)

In 1773 the jesuits were expelled from Spain, France and UK.

Most actors in the French Revolution were freemasons (Stuart and Bourbon controlled Scottish Rite masonry thrived in Versailles), who used Enlightenment ideas as cover for their agenda. The French Revolution was modeled on the masonic American Revolution of 1765 to 1784 (John Brown, Abraham Whipple, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Clinton Cornwallis, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones,..).

In 1778 jesuit trained Voltaire was initiated into Nine Sisters lodge in Paris with Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones, Camille Desmoulins, Emmanuel Joseph Sieyés, Jean Sylvain Bailly and Nicolas Chamfort as members.

The Sans-culottes ('without pants') of the French Revolution wore a red Liberty cap or Phrygian cap, like Roman god Mithras.

In 1784 the Affair of the Diamond Necklace led to the disillusionment with the French monarchy.

The German masonic lodge Asiatic Brethren had Thomas von Schonfeld (Moses Dubruska, alias Junius Frey) as member, whose mother was a cousin of Jacob Frank, follower of Antichrist figure Sabbatai Zvi. Frankists saw Napoleon as a messiah. According to rumors, Jacob Frank's daughter Eva had an affair with Austrian emperor Francis II (descendant of Frederick V).

The Jacobin movement split into Jacobins, Girondins (Jacques Pierre Brissot) and Montagnards. The National Assembly of the French Revolution was made up of jesuit Marquis de Lafayette and Samuel Dupont (Colonna).

The Bastille tower was stormed (Tarot card the Tower, assocciated with Uranus, planet of revolution= the tower of the 911 Twin Towers ritual) on initiative of Illuminati agent Nicholas Bonneville, 10 days after Marquis de Sade had left the prison.

In 1789 Napoleon's brother Louis became Grandmaster of the Grand Orient of France, Robespierre founded the Jacobin Club with Louis Philippe, son of the Duke of Orléans. It was a bourgeois club, which like freemasonry appealed to the middle class.

Lafayette and Sieyès designed the Declaration of Rights of Man (ideals of Enlightenment) with one eye pyramid symbol.

The high price and scarcity of bread were used to fuel the Woman's March on Versailles in october 1789. Illuminati member Philippe Egalité (Orléans-Bourbon) was accused of funding the riots.  He was the patron of abolitionist Joseph Bologne (Chevalier de Saint-Georges) who worked with Thomas Clarkson and had a legion with black soldiers (like the father of Alexandre Dumas). The royal family moved to the Tuileries Palace.

The Jesuits also orchestrated the fake Belgian Revolution (JF Vonck, Charles Rogier of Legion of Honour).

Jesuit Ignace Guillotine invented the guillotine to decapitate people in a fast way (symbolism of Libra, Queen of Swords, which cuts the year in half, Justice card, decapitation of John the Baptist, worshipped by the Templars).

The National Convention (fake parliament) was formed on 1792 with Marquis de Sade as member.

Louis XVI was decapitated on 1/21/1793 on the Place de la Revolution (Place de la Concorde) as a symbolic revenge for Templar Jacques de Molay.

It was the start of the Reign of Terror, execution and decapitation of 16.000 people. Marie Antoinette was decapitated in october 1793. Antoine Lavoisier was decapitated in 1794.

After the coup of 11/9 in 1799, a consulate was formed with Napoleon as First Consul.

Germaine de Staël and Louis Napoleon helped spreading the Romanticism movement (Johann von Goethe, David Friedrich and Friedrich Schlegel in Germany, Lord Byron in UK, Edgar Allan Poe in the US).

After the Reign of Terror, the jesuits put the blame on freemasonry and the Illuminati (Augustin Barruel in Memoires History of Jacobinism).

After Napoleon, the Bourbons (Farnese) were reinstalled. The map of Europe was redesigned at the Congress of Vienna at 1814 (start of European Union).

After the july revolution of 1830, Louis Philippe I (son of Illuminati member Philippe 'Egalité' Bourbon) became King of France. His daughter married the 1st king of Belgium mason Leopold I Saxe-Coburg (friend of mason Karl Marx). Jesuit and mason Eugène Delacroix made propaganda painting Liberty leading the People.

The obelisk (phallus of Baal) of Ramesses II (enemy of the Nesilim) was put on de Place de la Revolution/Place de la Concorde.

Eugene Sue's anti-Jesuit book 'the Wandering Jew' caused the 2n French Revolution in 1841.

The French Revolution was a disappearance trick of the Jesuits and Roman Emperors, start of the myth that the Roman Empire ended and the reign of elite families was replaced by democracy, by reign of the people.

Gershom Sholem (ties to the Frankfurt School) wrote From Frankism to Jacobinism.


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