Frederick and Elizabeth wedding

The wedding of Frederick V Brunswick-Lünenburg and Elizabeth Stuart took place on Valentine's day 2/14/1613 at the palace of Whitehall near the obelisk of Trafalgar Square in London UK. Frederick V was the child of Juliana of Orange-Nassau, grandchild of Charlotte Bourbon (Farnese family who founded the jesuits), and descendant of Stephen Simmer-Zweibrucken.

It symbolized a rosicrucian alchemical wedding of Lucifer/Satan and Christ to produce a Magical Christ-like child that would usher in the new Aeon.


Historic background

In the 1600's the first of catholic Stuart dynasty (Guise -Lorraine blood) form guilds of operative stonemasons. England and Scotland are united, the Scottish Montgomerys and Hamiltons seep into England. The northern Scottish knowledge, combined with John Dee's work, German rosicrucian enlightenment (anti pope, golden age, John Dee's disciple Robert Fludd) and Guise-Lorraine's knowledge becomes speculative freemasonry. Rosicrucians worship Venus, the rose Lucifer, with Luciferian sodomy (families Rosenthal, Rosenberg).

1608 rosicrucian John Dee dies. The Protestant Union (Palatinate, Wurttemberg, Bayreuth, Hesse-Kassel, Zweibrucken, Nuremberg, Strasbourg) is led by Frederick IV (son of Elizabeth of Hesse), married to Louise of Orange-Nassau, father of Frederick V.

1609 William Shakespeare writes 'A Winter's Tale' (Frederick V was nick-named the Winter King) about Leontes, king of Sicily and Polixenes, king of Bohemia, chased by a bear (north), performed at Frederick's wedding 4 years later.

1610 death of Frederick IV. Shakespeare writes The Tempest, based on legends of how, when the Spanish Armada loomed over the English Channel, Dee as the magician suggested to hold the course and be still, anticipating that storms would destroy the Spanish Fleet and that it would be best to keep the English ships at bay.

Acccording to legend it was Dee himself who conjured up that storm, like Prospero in the Tempest. (Prospero is the duke of Milan, the duke of Milan Sforza ordered Da Vinci's Last supper). Prospero traps his daughter Miranda (Mercury ruling Virgo) and Caliban, a savage beast (Pluto, the Jungian Shadow) on an island (the subconscious, the material world).

Caliban was based on descriptions of cannibals of colonial Carribean islands, the black child Cain (baal, tubalcain). Miranda represents Persephone in the Eleusinian Mysteries. Bacon as guiding spirit of colonization, Stephano, Trinquilo and Caliban as spiritual, rational and carnal part of soul failing initiation. The court party represented the lesser initiation (3 parts of an egg). Dido (Queen of Carthage) and Aeneas (aenid tempest descent into hell from Carthago to Cumae, descent into Avernus, Tunis to Naples). Prospero invented a morality play within a play, a masque, where civilization is put in contrast with wildness (noble savage Tarzan, Mowgli, etc).

The alchemical marriage is the union of earthly and divine soul, lower and higher self. The last stage of the training was called the epopteia, the 'revelation' when the initiate had a vision of his inner god (end of the great work: the World card, omniscience). Ferdinand thanks Prospero for second life (rebirth). Colonialism represented Reason controlling desire, 1st stage blackening marriage with Saturn, integration with animal desires (Beauty and the Beast). The playwright or director played the role of gnostic Demiurge to fulfill the wish of Sophia to find Adam.

1613 2/14 (Valentine's day, Valentinus prophecy of gnostic christ) elector of the Palatinate marries Elizabeth Stuart, the wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart (Queen of Hearts, daughter of James 1) at palace of Whitehall near the obelisk of Trafalgar Square (TS=39, nr of Baal), as rosicrucian alchemical marriage, the union Lucifer/Satan (Guelph Lunenburg, Habsburg Roman Empire, the Beast) and Christ (Akhenaten, Scotta, Robert the Bruce).

The aim of the marriage was a symbolic union of bloodlines to create a protestant rosicrucian Messiah, leader of Protestants (Lucifer) against Catholics (Christ), ending the Roman Empire, reforming the whole world, similar to the start of 1000y rule of Christ (millenialism), the fifth (V) kingdom, the eternal kingdom of Christ, as described in the Book of Revelation.

Valentinian gnosticism worships an androgynous god (Hermes/Mercury), reintegrated son saviour, bridegroom for fallen Sophia. Sophia, unable to tell what's real, through gnosis, is freed from illusion. Just as the Savior is the bridegroom of the lower Sophia, so also the angels will be the bridegrooms of the spiritual seeds at the end of time (masque in The Tempest, masque ball of Truman Capote in 1966, masks of V for Vendetta, masks of the Corona ritual).

The ceremony was designed by rosicrucian Francis Bacon, influenced by John Dee (mercury ruling Gemini), on the same day Frederick V was inducted in the rosicrucian Order of the Garter (st George). The ceremony featured a wedding song of Michael Maier and Shakespearian plays the Tempest (Miranda and Caliban, the Beast, the Roman Empire) and the Winter's Tale about the king of Bohemia (based on Anne Boleyn, Perdita=her daughter Elizabeth 1). Frederick V represented the Red King, in alchemy, sulphur, male fire.

Masque plays were performed by Francis Beaumont and George Chapman (poem by John Donne).

1614 Frederick V orders a rosicrucian garden for his new wife, at the Heidelberg castle in Germany, the Hortus Palatinus with orange trees, clockwork-driven musical automata and grotto's (because Pan was worshipped by lovers in caves and grotto's, castle programming).

1619 Frederick V is crowned on 11/4.
1620 Frederick V dies in the Battle of White Mountain in the Thirty Years' War. His daughter Sophia Stuart is named after the archetype of fallen Sophia in gnosticism. After the death of Frederick, his family lives in exile in the Hague, Holland, protected by the House of Orange. In Holland the Stuarts are in contact with the Sabattaean jews of Amsterdam. Frederick Henry drowns at young age.

The name of her husband Ernst Augustus refers to Augustus, first emperor of Rome, born out of union of west (Julius Caesar) and east (last pharao Cleopatra). The bloodline of Julius Caesar became the Colonna's.

Her child with Ernest Augustus Brunswick-Lünenburg (House of Hanover), George I was born in 1660, year XX Judgement/Aeon. George=Jupiter Osiris, georgos (harvest).

At the same time rosicrucian jesuits in the New World found Georgetown, with eventually first president George Washington, like the rosicrucian order of the Garter worshiped st George.

Rupert of the Rhine founds the Royal Society as a continuation of the rosicrucian Invisible College, and evolves into modern freemasonry, the Stuarts invent the Scottish Rite.
The Rhineland Palatinate is the origin of protestant family Rogenfelder, Rockefeller in Neuwied (ROC order of rose cross) and family Trump (Frederick Trump, later Donald Trump).

Francis I (Order of the Golden Fleece) married Maria Therese, who supported Sabbatai Zevi-follower Jacob Frank. His son had an affair with the daughter of Jacob Frank. Dorothea of Hanover married Frederick the Great.

The descendants of the Habsburgs, emperors of the Roman Empire, the Schwarzenbergs found the Bohemian Club (gathering at Bohemian Grove).

Philip Mountbatten married Elizabeth II. The George Bush 911 Twin Towers uniting in one ritual, resulted in wedding William and Catherine and birth prince George. In controlled opposition media, Hungarian George Soros/Schwartz is presented as Antichrist figure.


References to the alchemical wedding in pop culture

1888 Jack the Ripper media ritual in Whitechapel, 'investigated' by Frederick Abberline.

- Alice in Wonderland gets lost in a labyrinth garden, based on the rosicrucian garden of Frederick V, where she has the paint the roses red.
- The wizard Prospero/John Dee that summons the Tempest and traps his daughter Miranda on an island= the Wizard of Oz that causes the twister that takes Dorothy to Oz.
- Joh Frederson (Frederick V) in Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

- Al Capone (the Beast) St Valentine Day massacre in Chicago (Chicago Outfit mafia of the Colonna's).

1932 Howard Hughes movie Scarface about Al Capone and his Valentine Day massacre.

1946 Bill Clinton born on 8/19 like Elizabeth Stuart.
Frederick Terman father of Silicon Valley, creating a Brave New World of technology.

1963 the John F Kennedy ritual on 11/22/1963 like death Aldous Huxley, writer of 'Brave New World', a phrase from the play within a play of the Tempest.

1966 wedding of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra. masque ball at the Truman Capote ball near Central Park, for Katharine Graham (announces William and Catherine), similar to the masque ball of Guy de Rothschild at Chateau Ferrieres (Alice Miranda Rothschild).

1968 birth child Charles Manson Valentine Michael Smith on 5/15, date Dodi Fayed.

Robert Kennedy's son David Kennedy nearly drowns at house of John Frankenheimer (the Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra), like the drowning of Frederick (dk=411, Cain) (movie the Omen). Robert Kennedy is killed at the Ambassador Hotel (Sirhan Sirhan mind controlled by technical advisor of The Manchurian Candidate).

6 days later Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby, filmed in the Dakota Hotel. A typhoon/tempest is the start of Mia Farrow's nightmare, in which she is raped by the devil.

1975 jesuit trained androgynous Freddie Mercury 'Bohemian Rhapsody', making sign of Skull and Bones (Schwarzenbergs of Bohemia) on oct 31 (Halloween).

Star Wars emperor Palatine, the king of the Palatinate

1980 Stanley Kubrick The Shining rosicrucian labyrinth garden, based on Hortus Palatinate of Frederick V.

1984 Nightmare on Elm St, Freddie Kruger.

1985 masque ball with Jennifer Connelly as Sophia and David Bowie as the Demiurge in Labyrinth, with Diana Spencer at the premiere. The Tempest, directed by John Cassavetes.

1991 Silence of the Lambs on Valentine's Day, Wayne's World (Mike Myers=rosicrucian Michael Maier) with song Bohemian Rhapsody on Valentine's Day. Guns n Roses with Skull and Bones symbol, wedding Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour in November Rain.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenberg) rose symbolism in the Terminator (soundtrack Guns 'n' Roses).

1996 Romeo + Juliet with Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Catherine Danes.

1997 Titanic Jack and Rose

1999 St Valentine's Day Massacre wrestling event of the McMahons with Dwayne Johnson. masque ball in Eyes Wide Shut.

2001 Johnny Depp in From Hell as Frederick.

2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Johnny Depp as John Dee, Freddie Highmore as child Frederick.

V for Vendetta. King Kong=Caliban on the island of Prospero. 50 Cent (rosicrucian Paul Rosenberg) announces his album St Valentine Day Massacre will be released on 2/14.

Valentine's Day with Anne Hathaway (warns Bruce Wayne in DKR a storm is coming)

2011 The end of the 911 Twin Towers ritual uniting the two in one, the William and Catherine wedding before death Osama, resulting in birth George.

2012 Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) as masked Miranda Tate in the Dark Knight Rises.

2014 A Winter's Tale with Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Colin Farrell and Will Smith (as Lucifer). Freddie Grey (black + white) Baltimore riots.

2020 masque ball in the Covid19 ritual to announce the coronation of the new Frederick V, king William V, start of the 5th kingdom.

The Tempest

wedding William and Catherine