Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School (Institute for Social Research) was a German institute of the Goethe Institute, founded in Frankfurt in 1923, by Friedrich Pollock (United Nations, International Labour Organisation) and marxist Felix Weil, to develop the doctrine of the Left Wing Church. Felix Weil was the son of Argentinian business man Hermann Weil. Its first director was Kurt Albert Gerlach, member of the Fabian Society, trained at the London School of Economics.

The writers of the Frankfurt School invented Cultural Marxism, and the Critical Theory. They wrote books 'criticizing' and deconstructing every pillar of western culture, spreading the herd mentality of moral relativism and hypocritical political correctness (control through language). Critical Theory represented sociological deconstruction towards a Marxist revolution (dictatorship of the proletariat). Johann von Goethe was a member of the Illuminati.

Main actors

- Carl Grünberg: teacher of Otto Bauer (Austrian marxist movement), brother of Ida Bauer, a patient of Sigmund Freud.

- Erich Fromm: student of Alfred Weber, Karl Jaspers (ACCF).  He founded the Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute with lectures of Anna Freud, Hans Sachs and introduced the theory of alienation. He worked in alliance with the Aryan nazi's but played the role of innocent jew, that had to flee to the open minded and tolerant United States. He worked at Columbia University from 1934, and at leftist institute The New School.

In 1943 (during the WW1-WW2 ritual) he was part of the Committee on National Morale under Franklin Roosevelt with George Gallup (polling public opinion), Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, Hadley Cantril (Princeton research of Orson Welles hoax, worked with Theodor Adorno on the Radio Project), Erik Erikson, Gordon Allport (teacher of Stanley Milgram, Society for the Study of Psychological Issues), Leonard Doob (propaganda), led by Arthur Upham Pope (friend of William Hearst and John Rockefeller).
'Escape from Freedom' describing the rise of fascism. 1955 The Sane Society, 'Psychoanalysis in religion', 'the Art of Loving', 'On disobedience' 1981. He founded the William Alanson White Institute (Freudian psychotherapy, named after jesuit WA White) in NY in 1943, joined by Harry Sullivan.

- Felix Weil: student of Karl Korsch, worked with marxist Bertolt Brecht, who created Epic Theatre with alienation effect, and the Tin Pan Alley music publishers network in NY.

- Franz Neumann: educated at LSE, invited by Harold Laski (LSE), analysis of national-socialism, Board of Economic Warfare (Henry Wallace), OSS with Herbert Marcuse, personality analysis for the Nuremberg trial. He was a friend of Soviet spy Paul Massing. His first book was published by the League for Industrial Democracy, founded by Walter Lippmann. At Columbia University he was the teacher of jesuit Jeane Kirkpatrick (CFR, Reagan administration).

- Günther Anders son of William Stern (coined the term IQ), cousin of Walter Benjamin, married to Hannah Arendt (NY Intellectuals, University of Chicago).

- Gyorgy Lucaks Hungarian Hegelian marxist, friend of Max Weber (Paris Peace Conference) and Stefan George (influence on nazi party), name similar to George Lucas. He published in Die Rote Fahne of Rosa Luxemburg's Spartacus League and spread communism in Vienna. Thomas Mann based a character jesuit Naphta in the Magic Mountain on Lucaks.

- Herbert Marcuse: worked for OSS (CIA), was teacher of Angela Davis who created the fake Black Power movement (the Black Church), of Abbie Hoffman and of Andrew Feenberg who created the fake leftist may 1968 'protests'. He participated in the Dialectics of Liberation conference of RD Laing (Tavistock).

Marcuse was published by Beacon Press (James Baldwin, black and gay characters, friend of Marlon Brando, participant in the Civil Rights Movement), distributed by Penguin Random House, from 2020 acquired by Bertelsmann (nazi family Mohn Atlantik-Brücke).
1941 'Reason and Revolution', discusses Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx, dialectic process leading to fascism.
1955 'Eros and Civilisation: A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud', a blueprint for the fake CIA controlled 'liberation movements' (the Black Church, feminism).
1964 'Soviet Marxism'. 'One Dimensional Man' critique of capitalism and communism, defense of negative thinking. 'A Critique of Pure Tolerance' anti freedom of speech.
1972 'Counterrevolution and Revolt' .

- Julian Gomperz (married to Russian agent Hede Massing, leftist magazine Die Rote Fahne of the Spartacus League of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg)

- Jürgen Habermas
1961 'The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere' describes the social welfare state.
1968 'Knowledge and Human Interests' .
1981 'The Theory of Communicative Action'.

- Karl Korsch member of the Fabian Society, teacher of Bertolt Brecht and Felix Weil, friend of Sidney Hook (CCF). His wife Hedda Korsch was a founding member of the Communist Party of Germany (Arthur Rosenberg).

- Kurt Lewin also affiliated with Tavistock Institute

- Leo Löwenthal was transferred to the US to work for propaganda office Office of War  Information, Voice of America, Stanford Center for the Advanced Studies of Behavioural Sciences.

- Max Horkheimer (American Jewish Committee of banker Jacob Schiff, Elliot Cohen of NY Intellectuals and Midge Decter's husband Norman Podhoretz, who published Commentary). He was director of the Frankfurt School from 1930. He was a member of Atlantik-Brücke of Eric Warburg.
1947 'Eclipse of Reason', social repression as repression of natural environment, the philosophy of eco-feminism. He moved to California and attended the Macy conferences on cybernetics with Margaret Mead and Harold Abramson.

- Siegfried Kracauer worked for the Frankfurter Zeitung with Walter Benjamin and was associated with the Lehrhause (House of Jewish Learning) with Gerschom Scholem, YG Agnon (Nobel Prize in Literature), feminist Bertha Pappenheim and Franz Rosenzweig (friend of Martin Buber). He was transferred to the US through Varian Fry's Emergency Rescue Committee to work at the Museum of Modern Art, supported by Guggenheim and Rockefeller fellowships.

- Theodor Adorno
Adorno published in Der Monat (anti-communist propaganda of the CCF). He moved to California like Horkheimer and Bertolt Brecht. He was a friend of Charlie Chaplin and Fritz Lang (Metropolis). He participated in the Princeton Radio Project, a research project on influence of mass media with Hadley Cantrill (research on War of the Worlds media hoax of Orson Welles), Knight of Malta Frank Stanton of CBS and Paul Lazarsfeld (teacher of Nathan Glazer CCF, Macy Conferences on cybernetics with Margaret Mead, Kurt Lewin). The project was funded by Rockefeller Foundation.

He was a friend of Paul Celan (Holocaust poetry) and Gershom Sholem (historian of kabbalism). He was related to Robert Karplus, who committed fraud trying to prove Richard Feynman's quantum electrodynamics as evidence of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
1944 'Dialectic of Enlightenment' (with Max Horkheimer, influence of Friedrich Nietzsche, essay on Marquis de Sade)
1950 'The Authoritarian Personality', authoritarian personality as suppressed homosexuality
1950 'Spengler After the Downfall' (reflecting on Oswald Spengler's 'Decline of the West')
1951 'Minima Moralia: Reflections of a Lie'
1966 'Negative dialectics' seminars with Angela Davis.

- Walter Benjamin:
1934 'The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction' describes how the aura of art disappears in the age of mechanical reproduction, announcing the modern art movement Andy Warhol 'Marilyn' copying, art as something purely conceptional. He was the cousin of Gûnther Anders and a friend of marxist Bertolt Brecht, Herman Hesse, Kurt Weill, Hannah Arendt (NY Intellectuals) and Georges Bataille (affiliated with the surrealists). He worked with nazi theorist Carl Schmitt. He was part of the Westender Circle with pedophile Hans Blüher, Kurt Hiller (gay agenda with Hirschfeld), Hans Kollwitz and Hans Koch (all members of the Wandervogel movement). He visited the Institute for Sexual Science of Magnus Hirschfeld. He committed suicide in 1940.


In 1919 The New School was founded by puppets of Colonna-Columbia University: Alvin Johnson, Charles Beard (New Deal socialism of Roosevelt, married to feminist Mary Ritter), James Harvey Robinson (New History, revionist) and John Dewey (invented the euphemism 'pragmatism', University of Chicago of John Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundation, Steven Clark Rockefeller as biographer). The New School trained marxist André Beton, who created surrealism (based on Freud's theories of the subconscious) and Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of FDR who introduced New Deal socialism in the US, while Adolf Hitler introduces national socialism in Germany.

Their project University in Exile was funded by Hiram Halle (Gulf Oil) and Rockefeller Foundation, for scholars who were 'exiled' from Nazi Germany (while at the same time RF was funding nazi company IG Farben): Hannah Arendt, Erich Fromm,...

Zionist Harold Laski (The New School, The New Republic of Walter Lippman, LSE) established a British office for the Frankfurt School with Sidney Webb of the Fabian Society. He invited Franz Neumann (LSE) to the Frankfurt School. He was a member of the Nation Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) of Fabian HG Wells with Kingsley Martin (The New Statesman), Clement Attlee (LSE, pm of UK), EM Forster, Rebecca West (friend of Allen Dulles, covered the fake Nuremberg trial).

His niece Marganita was a friend of Stephen Spender's wife and worked for The Observer and Brain Trust of BBC. His brother Neville Laski was vice-president of the Anglo-Jewish Association. He was related to Moses Gaster (British Zionist Federation, board of Yiddish Scientific Institute with Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud).

Benjamin, Kracauer and Adorno worked for the Frankfurt Zeitung, sold in 1934 to IG Farben.


Adorno and Benjamin were friends of Gershom Scholem and Leo Strauss of the German Zionist movement, teacher of Susan Sontag. Scholem wrote Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism in 1941 and books on Kabbalah and Sabbatai Zevi. He was married to Fania Freud. His brother was a member of the Communist Party of Germany.

Scholem divided history in 3 parts: a Biblical primitive, naive and monotheistic phase, Talmudical and mythical phase. He considered Hassidic Judaism as a synthesis of Lurianic Kabbalah and Sabbataeism. He influenced jesuit Jacques Derrida (deconstructionism). The doctrine of Redemption through sin/destruction fits in the doctrine of Ultimate War of the nazi's and Holocaust of the jews, a continuation of the fire worship of Baal. The death and destruction of art (modern art-postmodernism) was a cult of Baal.

Scholem's view on history is similar to Crowley's Aeon Osiris, Aeon of Isis and Aeon of Horus the child.


Axel Honneth (The New School) led the Frankfurt School from 2001 to 2018. In 2001 the IG Farben buildings (Bayer, BSF, Hoechst, Agfa, know for producing poison gas Zyklon B) became part of Frankfurt University. Other Frankfurt University alumni were Josef Mengele and Moses Rothschild.

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