Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was a Knight of Malta, a mind controlled Hollywood movie actor and director, used to announce the JFK ritual with The Manchurian Candidate about a mind controlled assassin. He played his dark Shadow side (also connections with underworld of the mafia). He was married to Mia Farrow, the mother of the Antichrist in Rosemary's Baby.

Because he played the lunar Shadow of JFK, he had connections to the Gambino family (Liza Minelli, Greg De Palma). He often performed at the Ambassador Hotel, where his brother RFK was shot.

He was a member of the Rat Pack with Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Knight of Malta Sammy Davis Jr (Anton LaVey's Church of Satan). The Moon=sin, he played in movies, set in Las Vegas (casino's=house of sin).

He had 4 wives: Nancy Barbato, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow (mother of Antichrist in Rosemary's Baby) and Barbara Marx. Ava Gardner played in The Blue Bird (mind control Project Bluebird) with Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda and in The Killers, also a movie with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan and John Cassavettes.

Barbara Marx grew up in Kansas (Wizard of Oz) was previously married to Zeppo Marx.

He had 3 children: Nancy, Frank Jr and Tina. 

His psychiatrist was Ralph Greenson, who was a friend of Anna Freud, Freud's student Wilhelm Stekel, Frances Deri and jesuit Margaret Mead (Tavistock) and who also treated Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh and Tony Curtis.

He was present at the masque ball of Truman Capote with his wife Mia Farrow (Monarch butterfly mask), Andy Warhol, Lauren Bacall (with who he also had a relationship), Harry Belafonte and Candice Bergen (house of Sharon Tate).

His daughter Nancy Sinatra went to University High School like Marilyn Monroe. She played in Speedway with Elvis Presley, released on 6/12/1968, like Rosemary's Baby with Mia Farrow, in Wild Angels with Peter Fonda and in Those who Think Young (rainbow Wizard of Oz programming). She wore red shoes (Wizard of Oz) on cover 'These Boots Are Made for Walking' and made a version of the song 'Bang Bang' used in Kill Bill.

His house band was named the Wrecking Crew like the Sharon Tate movie.

He made 3 movies with producer Aaron Rosenberg, who collaborated with Martin Melcher, father of Terry Melcher.

Astrological chart

born 12/12/1915, date of Jennifer Connelly, The Godfather Part II, Madchen Amick, the Rose Tattoo (Mansfield meets Monroe).

Asc: Libra, mc: Leo. Dom: Leo (Lust), Sagittarius (Art), Pisces (the Moon)- Neptune (movies, stage illusion, like JFK), Venus, Uranus.

Houses 10, 2, 4. 10: Mars in Leo, 2: Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, 4: Uranus in Aquarius.

died 5/14/1998, date death Rita Hayworth, Tim Roth, Cate Blanchett, year of The Truman Show (=Truman Capote).

Filmography and discography

1941 Las Vegas Nights
1942 Ship Ahoy
1943 Reveille with Beverly Ann Miller
1943 Higher and Higher
1944 Step Lively Adolphe Menjou
1945 Anchors Aweigh (anchor=Neptune god of the sea) Gene Kelly Kathryn Grayson
1946 The Voice of Frank Sinatra (Columbia Records)
Till the Clouds Roll By (umbrellas) Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz) as Marilyn Miller in Jackie Kennedy Outfit, Angela Lansbury (The Manchurian Candidate)
1947 It Happened in Brooklyn
1948 The Miracle of the Bells (RKO of Hughes)
1949 the Kissing Bandit, Kathryn Grayson
1949 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
1949 On the Town
1951 Double Dynamite, Jane Russell, Groucho Marx
1952 Meet Danny Wilson Shelley Winters Tony Curtis
1953 From Here to Eternity as Angelo Maggio (Monroe's husband DiMaggio), Burt Lancaster
1954 (year 6 the Lovers) Songs for Young Lovers.
1954 Suddenly CIA agent Sterling Hayden, about assassination of the president, announces the JFK ritual.
1954 Young At Heart, with Doris Day (mother of Terry Melcher, lived at house of Sharon Tate with Candice Bergen)
1955 Not as a Stranger (masks Pisces the Moon, child Manson named after Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land)
1955 Guys and Dolls (doll programming, music by Frank Loesser CCNY) Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons
1955 The Tender Trap Debbie Reynolds (Lust)
1955 The Man with the Golden Arm, Kim Novak (the Moon)
1956 Meet Me in Las Vegas
1956 High Society with Grace Kelly (car crash 15y before Diana) and Sydney Blackmer (Roman in Rosemary's Baby) remake of the Philadelphia Story with Katherine Hepburn (Kelly born in Philadelphia, 11/12 date Charles Manson) 7/17 date Camilla Parker
1956 Johnny Concho
1956 Around the World in 80 Days, written by John Farrow, father of Mia Farrow
1957 the Pride and the Passion, Cary Grant and Sophia Loren
1957 The Joker Is Wild (Batman-Joker lunar-solar)
1957 Pal Joey with Kim Novak and Rita Hayworth

1958 Kings Go Forth (WW2) Tony Curtis Natalie Wood (tagline the Hells of Battle=War is Hell, movie Harvey Lee was watching)
1958 Some Came Running, Arthur Kennedy
1959 A Hole in the Head, song High Hopes used in JFK's campaign
1959 Never So Few
1960 Can Can
1960 Ocean's Eleven, set in Las Vegas with Rat Pack Sammy Davis Jr (Neptune: Oceanus) George Clayton Johnson
1960 Pepe Sammy Davis Jr Tony Curtis Zsa Zsa Gabor
1961 The Devil at 4 O'Clock
1962 Sergeants 3 Sammy Davis Jr Dean Martin Peter Lawford Henry Silva UA
1962 The Road To Hong Kong
1962 The Manchurian Candidate John Frankenheimer (friend of RFK) Angela Lansbury Laurence Harvey Janet Leigh about mind control, announces the JFK ritual with Harvey Lee. 10/24 like Melvin Purvis who shot John Dillinger at the Biograph movie theatre (movie becomes real).
1963 The List of Adrian Messenger John Huston Kirk Douglas Tony Curtis Burt Lancaster Robert Mitchum
1963 Come Blow Your Horn
1963 4 for Texas
1964 Paris When It Sizzles
1964 Robin and the 7 Hoods Sammy Davis Jr Dean Martin Bing Crosby Edward G Robinson
1965 None But The Grave
1965 Von Ryan's Express
1965 Marriage On the Rocks
1966 (year 18 the Moon) Moonlight Sinatra
1966 Cast a Giant Shadow Michael Douglas
1966 Assault on a Queen
1966 The Oscar

appearance at masque Black and White ball of Truman Capote (The Tempest) with Mia Farrow near Central Park
1967 The Naked Runner
1967 Tony Rome Sue Lyon Geena Rowlands (wife of John Cassavetes) Jill St John (University High School like Nancy Sinatra, married to Lance Reventlow, later married to Cheryl Holdridge of Mickey Mouse Club) produced by Aaron Rosenberg
1968 The Detective produced by Aaron Rosenberg
1968 Lady In Cement
1970 Dirty Dingus Magee
1974 That's Entertainment! Elizabeth Taylor Fred Astaire Bing Crosby Debbie Reynolds Lizzie Minelli (daughter of Judy Garland)
1976 That's Entertainment II
1980 The First Deadly Sin

Sid Vicious (Nancy Spungen as girlfriend, name Sinatra's daughter, swastika like Charles Manson) made a parody of Sinatra's My Way in the Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, shooting at the audience like the Manchurian Candidate
1984 Cannonball Run II Sammy Davis Jr
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming)
1995 Young At Heart

Sinatra in pop culture

1992 Sinatra Marcia Gay Harden Gina Gershon Bob Gunton
1998 The Rat Pack played by Ray Liotta Don Cheadle Angus MacFayden Deborah Kara Unger as Ava Gardner
2001 Ocean's Eleven remake with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon
2003 When We Called the Day a Night, played by Dennis Hopper

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