Frank Olson

Frank Olson was the subject of a media ritual in 1975 with Seymour Hersh (The NY Times, Phi Kappa Psi), and Knights of Malta Gerald Ford, William Colby and Ronald Reagan, to spread distraction on the subjects Operation Paperclip and MK Ultra. Like JFK Jr, Eric Olson played the role of child Horus, remembering his dead father Osiris (Ted Kennedy was also an actor in the ritual).

His jump from the Hotel Pennsylvania in NY in 1953 represented the fall of the Tower card, also used in the Diana Linkletter media ritual (jump out of a window after taking LSD in 1969) and the 911 Twin Towers ritual (Uranus=the Fool, the Joker).

The biological weapons program was a project of War Research Service was led by George Merck.

The Frank Olson media ritual started in 1974, when John D Marks published CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, which led to the Rockefeller report, which introduced the character Frank Olson and the Church Commission.

In 1976 John D Marks wrote The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.

In 2009 HP Albarelli wrote the book A Terrible Mistake.

Seymour Hersh later worked for Democracy Now!. He was a member of Phi Kappa Psi like Frank Morgan (Wizard of Oz).

In 2017 Netflix produced series Wormwood (broken glass symbolism=split mind), directed by Errol Morris (also a project about clown Ed Gein and movie with jesuit Steve Bannon). Peter Sarsgaard who played Olsen is married to Maggie Gyllenhaal, who falls from a tower in The Dark Knight, after being pushed by Joker Heath Ledger, a friend of the Olsen twins. Tim Blake Nelson (Phi Beta Kappa) as Sidney Gottlieb, Bob Balaban (played in Capote and Altered States) as Harold Abramson.


born 7/17/1910, date Angela Merkel, Camilla Parker, Marina Oswald (JFK ritual), Disneyland.

died 11/28/1953, date Ed Harris, Anna Nicole Smith, Truman Capote ball.

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