Frank Ocean

Christopher Edwin Breaux (Frank Ocean) is a mind controlled singer, used as an agent of the Black Church (image of black successfull, rich entrepreneur in free market capitalism) in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop, to promote the Crowleyan sodomy religion.

He was educated at the University of New Orleans like Ellen DeGeneres. He stayed at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. He moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles. He participated in meetings of the AA.

He wrote music for Beyoncé, Brandy and Justin Bieber. He is a member of the Odd Future collective (=Odd Fellows) like Tyler the Creator and The Internet, also used to push the gay agenda. Tyler is a masonic title for the guardian of the lodge. Odd Future was photographed by Terry Richardson.

He participated in the Orlando shooting media hoax.

He attended the Met Gala with a robotic baby. He toured with Spike Jonze.

His brother died in a car crash on 8/2/2020.

Frankists, followers of Jacob Frank, worship the Black Madonna. Frank Morgan played the Wizard in Wizard of Oz. Frank Olsen played a role in MK Ultra. Frank Sinatra played Danny Ocean in Las Vegas film Ocean's Eleven.

Astrological chart

born 10/28/1987, date Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Joaquin Phoenix, Caitlyn Jenner.

Dom: Scorpio (Death, orange), Sagittarius, Capricorn - Pluto, Sun, Venus.


2011 Nostalgia, Ultra (MK Ultra) Novacane (Christopher Stewart)

Swim Good music videos directed by Nabil Elderkin cover of Hotel California of the Eagles
2011 Jay-z Kanye West No Church in the Wild, Tyler the Creator She (album Goblin)
2012 Channel Orange (orange=33=sodomy) Pyramids (announcing the Las Vegas shooting ritual) one eye pyramid symbolism feat John Mayor Pharrell Williams Andre 3000 Earl Sweatshirt Tyler the Creator recorded at Record Plant Def Jam (Rick Rubin) Universal
2016 Endless
2016 Blonde

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