Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (Lord Verulam) was a British occultist and rosicrucian, an agent of the Cecils and Lord Chancellor from 1617 to 1624. He prepared the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, which resulted in the birth of Moonchild George I Brunswick-Lüneburg. His father Nicholas Bacon was Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. His mother was the daughter of humanist and Knight of the Bath Anthony Cooke, father of William Cecil's wife Mildred Cooke. He was educated at Cambridge. He was married to Alice Barnham.

His brother Anthony Bacon worked for spymaster Francis Walsingham and Queen Elizabeth I. He was accused of pedophilia but protected by Henry IV Bourbon. He was a friend of French writer Michel de Montaigne, Thomas Gresham of Royal Exchange and Antonio Perez.

Edward Coke was his rival. King James I ordered him to translate the Bible into English (Martin Luther had translated the Bible into German). His writings contained emblems with AA (Apollo Athena, cult of Athena and her spear=Shake spear).

The Jesuits plotted against James I, to bring Catholic Stuarts to power (Henry Garnett, questioned by Robert Cecil). 

In 1626 his work New Atlantis was published (announced the university system in the US, the dream of rebuilding Atlantis, Athena and her spear became the emblem of Virginia VA).

Ross Jackson wrote The Companion to the Shaker of the Speare the Francis Bacon story. He was the subject of movie Anonymous (2011, Was Shakespeare a Fraud?).

Astrological chart

born 1/22/1561, date Karl Germer (OTO), death Joker Heath Ledger, Lord Byron, Jim Jarmush, Logic, Linda Blair, John Hurt, d Ann Miller, d Lyndon Johnson, d Bérenger Sauniere, Conrad Veidt, Irving Kristol, Piper Laurie, wedding Donald Trump.

Asc: Aquarius, mc: Sagittarius. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Sagittarius, Aries - Mars, Uranus, Mercury.

Houses, 1, 10, 2. 1: Sun in Aquarius, Venus conj Pluto in Pisces, 10: Mars in Sagittarius, 2: Jupiter and Moon in Aries.

died 4/9/1626, date d Francois Rabelais (Do What Thou Wilt), Lea Hirsig, Stephen Paddock, Hugh Hefner, marriage Charles and Camilla, Elle Fanning, Paul Krassner.


Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart