France is a country founded in 987. It has a population of 67 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city and capital is Paris (on the meridian, the bar of Isis), important in the Art scene and Fashion Industry. With Germany, it is the biggest economy of the European Union. It is a member of the United Nations.


History of France

France/Gaul was conquered by the Roman Empire and became part of the Carolingian Empire. In the 1100's the English Plantagenets conquered the west of France (Angevin Empire). Afterwards France was controlled by the Valois/Capetian dynasty (House of Hugues Capet), de Guise-Lorraine, Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaliers/Order of Malta. The Valois waged war with the Habsburgs of Spain and Germany. Gnosticism (Paulicianism) spread from Turkey to France and in the south of France, kabbalism resurfaced (Makhir of Narbonne, Isaac the Jew). Philip IV of France suppressed the Knights Templar.

Henry II married Catherine de Medici. Henry III was assassinated by a Domenican and replaced by the Bourbons. Henry IV was controlled by jesuit Pierre Coton. Cardinal Richelieu was the Chief Minister of Louis XIII.

In 1773 pope Clement XIV expelled the Jesuits in France. Sun king Louis XIV who lived at the palace of Versailles, helped to develop Scottish Rite freemasonry.

Napoleon was made First Consul after the coup of 11/9/1799. After the French Revolution (decapitation ritual in worship of John the Baptist, jesuit mason Maximilien Robbespierre, masons Georges Danton, Jacques Billaud-Varenne), the Bourbons and the jesuits are reinstalled and all presidents are freemasons (the cult of Saturn).

The French Empire reached its peak in 1812, under Napoléon, controlled by jesuit family Massimo.

Augustin Barruel spread the Illuminati hoax. Spring of Nations with masons Bugeaud Thomas and Armand Barbes. An obelisk was put on the Place de Concorde, in worship of Baal. The Colonna-Dupont family gained more influence in the United States. France colonised a part of North America (Quebec Canada) and Africa. After neoclassicism, Romaniticism, Impressionism and Bohemian culture (cabaret) became the new trend in art.

Jesuit Du Lac helped to spread antisemitism in France (La Libre Parole) and Louis Blanc (Theodor Reuss OTO) and jesuit Jean Jaurès helped to spread socialism (communism) as the new slave religion.

Doinel Jules tried to revive the gnosticism of the Cathars. The first Tour de France was organised in 1903.

As a Sabbataen ritual of redemption through sin/destruction (the Abyss of Revelation 911), the Modernist art movement was created in Montparnasse (associated with the cult of Dionysus, in alliance with a similar project in Greenwich Village) Paris : Pablo Picasso (Gertrude Stein and Paul Rosenbeg as patron), Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray,.. André Breton, trained by Joseph Babinski, wrote the Surrealist Manifesto, based on theories of Freud and Marx.

The Ballets Russes performed modern ballet pieces in Paris (Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Russians Igor Stravinsky, Nicholas Roerich, Leon Rosenberg). Stravinsky was supported by Coco Chanel.

Urbain Gohier, a friend of Emile Zola and Lea Fry (book Occult Theocracy) and catholic priest Ernest Jouin spread the antisemitic Protocols in France.

Corsican mafia set up a network of heroin smuggling through the port of Marseille (the French Connection, François Spirito, Paul Carbone).

In 1940 Adolf Hitler and the nazi's occupied Paris and France was divided into a northern and southern part (the Vichy regime with jesuit Charles de Gaule). Meeting of intellectuals nazi Carl Schmitt, Jean Cocteau (Ballets Russes).

After the WW1 and WW2 ritual, Knight of Malta Antoine Pinay formed Le Cercle with Konrad Adenauer (banker of Hitler), in cooperation with Knight of Malta Otto Habsburg (Roman Empire). France became a member of the European Empire (European Union).

Martine Carol was presented as the French Marilyn Monroe. Cocinor of Ignace Morgenstern (related to Zali Ruchel Rosenberg) produced French New Wave movies.

From may 1968 the Left Wing Church became the official doctrine of France (normalisation of incest with Serge Gainsbourg, the Crowleyan religion of fame promoted by mind controlled sex slaves like Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Myléne Farmer, Alizé, Marion Cotillard, Emanuelle Seigner, Audrey Tautou, transhumanist agenda with Daftpunk). Diana Spencer and Dodi Fayed died in a media ritual in the Alma tunnel in Paris in 1997.

Jesuit Jean-Marie Le Pen and his family, Brigitte Bardot and Nicholas Sarkozy played the role of opposition in the Right Wing Church. Sarkozy married sex slave Carla Bruni. His halfbrother Olivier worked for The Carlyle Group (Knights of Malta George HW Bush and Frank Carlucci) and married Hollywood actress Mary-Kate Olsen (Olsen twins, friend of Joker Heath Ledger).

False flag attacks like the fake Charlie Hebdo attack (the Isis ritual, Charlie=the Fool, the Joker) were orchestrated in Paris. Jean Pisano-Ferry (government of Manuel Valls) was a member of the ECFR and Berggruen Institute.

Jesuit Emmanuel Macron (worked at NM Rotschild) pushed the Multiculti-agenda and participated in the fascist Covid19-ritual.


Roman emperors, Merovingians, Valois and Capetian dynasties, Napoléon Bonaparte, Jacques-Charles Dupont (Colonna) de l'Eure, Lous-Napoléon Bonaparte (grandmaster Grand Orient France, pm masons Jean-de Dieu Soult, Guizot Francois, Odilon Barrot), Adolphe Tiers, Patrice de MacMahon, Jules Grevy, Sadi Carnot, Jean Casimir-Perier, Félix Faure, Emile Loubet, Armand Fallières, Raymond Poincaré (jesuit), Paul Deschanel, Alexandre Millerand, Gaston Doumergue, Paul Doumer, Albert Lebrun, Maréchal Pétain, Charles de Gaule (jesuit, jesuit general Philip Leclerc, minister André Malraux CCF), Vincent Auriol (mother cousin of Isambard Kingdom), René Coty, Alain Poher, George Pompidou (jesuit pm Michel Debre), Valéry Giscard d'Estaing (Order of Malta, Charles de Croisset Goldman Sachs), Francois Mitterand, Jacques Chirac (jesuit, Paul Violet of Le Cercle as advisor), Nicolas Sarkozy (Berggruen Institute), Francois Hollande, Emmanuel Macron (jesuit, extreme multiculturalism, Bruno Le Maire ECFR).

Jesuits: Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès, Ignace Guillotine, Eugène Delacroix, Camille Desmoulins, pm Raymond Poncaré, pm Michel Debre, pm Laurent Fabius, Francois Villeroy (Bank of France), Badouin Prot (BNP Paribas), Bruno Lemaire (Minister of Finance), Pierre Gadoneix (Gas de France), Thierry Breton (European Commissioner for Internal Market), Henri Beaufour (Ibsen pharmaceutics),...


Le Siècle (elite club that gathers monthly at the Place de La Concorde):
- Alain Juppé (ex-pm, Club of Madrid with Bill Clinton, Le Cercle)
- Alain Lamassoure (Treaty of Lisbon, constitution of European Union)
- Bernard Kouchner (Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, European CFR)
- Christian Noyer (BNP Paribas, Group of Thirty)
- Claude Bébéar (BNP Paribas, AXA, think tank Institut Montaigne)
- Delphine Arnault (Louis Vuitton, LSE of Fabian Society, daughter of richest man on earth)
- Denis Olivennes (Air France, Fnac, Canal+, Libération)
- Edouard de Rothschild
- Eric Bisson (Avisa Partners)
- Etienne Davignon (European Roundtable of Industrialists, Friends of Europe, Trilateral Commission)
- Francois Hollande (ex-pm)
- Gérard Worms (NM Rothschild and sons)
- Jacques Attali (promotes world government)
- Jean-Claude Trichet (Bank of France, European Central Bank, Trilateral Commission, Group of Thirty)
- Jeanette Bougrab (Charlie Hebdo hoax)
- Laurence Parisot (BNP Paribas, European CFR, Open Society Foundations of George Soros)
- Laurent Fabius (ex-pm)
- Louis Schweitzer (Renault, BNP Paribas, Philips, Volvo, related to JP Sartre)
- Maurice Lévy (Publicis, CFR)
- Michel Barnier (European Commissioner for Internal Market)
- Michel Pébereau (Paribas Fortis)
- Nicolas Sarkozy (Carla Bruni)
- Nicole Notat (union leader)
- Olivier Duhamel (European Parliament)
- Pascal Lamy (World Trade Organisation, European Council on Foreign Relations, Berggruen Institute)
- Patricia Barbizet (Christie's, Groupe Artémis, Trilateral Commission, husband Barclays Bank)
- Rachida Dati (European Parliament)
- Thierry Breton (jesuit, European Commissioner for Internal Market, Bank of America)

French propaganda outlets

- Bayard Presse (La Croix): Catholic Church

- Dassault Group (Le Figaro): (past Serge Dassault, part of Le Siècle)

- Le Monde: Xavier Niel (Iliad, Bergguen Institute, married to Delphie Arnault of Louis Vuitton, LSE of Fabian Society), friends of Emmanuel Macron

- Le Parisien: LVMH (Lous Vuitton Moët Hennessy) of Bernard Arnault, supported controlled opposition Yellow Vest Movement.

- Libération: Edouard de Rothschild, Patrick Drahi, Denis Ollivennes

European Union

United States