Fox is a tv network and propaganda tool of the media industry, founded in 1986 by Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation, 20th Century Fox) and Barry Diller. In 1996 Fox News was founded.

1985 Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation buys 50% of TCF Holdings, parent company of 20th Century Fox.

1986 The Late Show with Joan Rivers, married to Edgar Rosenberg.

1987 Married... With Children Katey Segal (kitten programming) Christina Applegate. The Tracey Ullman Show. 21 Jump Street.

1989 animated series The Simpsons Matt Groening Harry Shearer Julie Kavner (Beverly Hills High School) Sam Simon (BHHS) Nancy Cartwright Dan Castellada, producer James Brooks (Terms of Endearment of Ken Kesey's friend Larry McMurtry) and jesuit David Mirkin. Cops.

1990 Beverly Hills 90210 Aaron Spelling Jason Priestley Shannon Doherty (Rick Salomon, also relationships with Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton) Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills High School).

In Living Color Wayans brothers Jim Carrey Jennifer Lopez Jamie Foxx.

1992 Melrose Place Heather Locklear (married to Tommy Lee) Rob Estes Alyssa Milano Aaron Spelling. The Ben Stiller Show.

1993 The X-Files jesuit Chris Carter (Disney, Coast to Coast) jesuit Jim Wong, David Duchovny (TAP) Gillian Anderson. Models Inc Carrie-Anne Moss. The Sinbad Show jesuit Salma Hayek Ray J (brother of Brandy).

1995 Party of Five Matthew Fox Neve Campbell

1998 That 70's Show  Topher Grace as Eric Forman (Jack Parsons' friend Ed Forman) Mila Kunis Laura Prepon (Scientology of Parsons' friend Ron Hubbard) Danny Masterson (Scientology, married to Bijou Philips) Ashton Kutcher Wilmer Valderrama (Lindsay Lohan) Tommy Chong (Lou Adler as manager) Tanya Roberts (Charlie's Angels). World's Wildest Police Video

1999 Family Guy Seth Macfarlane (People for the American Way)

2000 Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire (mm=33). Dark Angel (Lucifer) James Cameron Jessica Alba music by Chuck D.

predictive programming of jesuit Donald Trump election ritual.

2001 Temptation Island (EndeMol) Miss Universe models (owned by Trump). Grounded for Life. 24 Kiefer Sutherland Tony Krantz (BHHS). Undeclared Judd Apatow Kevin Hart.

2002 American Idol Simon Cowell Paula Abdul Steven Tyler Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez Nicki Minaj Katy Perry Ellen DeGeneres Avril Lavigne produced by Ryan Seacrest

2003 The O.C. The Simple Life Paris Hilton (signed to agency of Donald Trump).

2004 Method and Red (Wu Tang Clan) Beth Littleford (NYU, The New School)

2005 So You Think You Can Dance Simon Fuller Paula Abdul Stephen tWitch Boss (gay agenda with Ellen DeGeneres) Vanessa Hudgens. Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay. Prison Break.

2008 Fringe JJ Abrams Meghan Markle.

2009 Glee. Dollhouse (doll programming) Eliza Dushku (Mormon Church) Keith Carradine.

2011 Terra Nova (biblical New Earth). The X-Factor.

2012 Alcatraz Sam Neill Jorge Garcia.

2014 Gotham. Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey Neil deGrasse Tyson.

2015 Empire Terrence Howard. Miss Universe.

2016 The X-Files reboot character based on Alex Jones.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again (Luciferian transgender agenda) Kenny Ortega (gay agenda, Disney) Laverne Cox Victoria Justice (Disney Channel) Adam Lambert (Pasadena Playhouse) Christina Milian Tim Curry

Star Queen Latifah (gay agenda) Amiyah Scott (transgender agenda) Jussie Smollett (gay agenda) Brandy Norwood Stephen Dorff Lance Gross Quincy Brown (P Diddy) Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) Caroline Vreeland (related to Diane Vreeland of Harper's Bazaar) Tyrese Gibson Harold Perinneau Patti LaBelle

Lucifer (Luciferianism) Tom Ellis Lauren German, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Zeta Beta Tau).

2019 The Masked Singer Nick Cannon.

2020 Cosmos Possible World Neil deGrasseTyson. I Can See Your Voice.

2021 Alter Ego (transhumanist agenda of digital avatars) Grimes (Elon Musk) Alanis Morisette Will-i-am

2022 Monarch (Monarch butterfly programming) Susan Sarandon Beth Ditto Shania Twain.

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