Foundations and think tanks

The Bilderberg-Trilateral Commission-Council on Foreign Relations have become a hobbyhorse for Alex Jones, Dan Dicks, Daniel Estulin, David Icke, and the entire alternative media as a Holy Trinity in conspiracy bibles. Nonetheless, it is obvious these globalisation think tanks are not innocent gatherings for more prosperity and peace.

- American Enterprise Institute: Kevin Hassett (economic advisor Trump), Glen Hubbard (BlackRock), Scott Gotlieb (Pfizer), jesuit Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dick Cheney,..

- Asia Society: Josette Sheeran (World Economic Forum), Henrietta Fore (CFR), Ronnie Shan, jesuit Joseph O'Hare,..

- Aspen Institute (jesuit Dan Porterfield), Aspen Strategy Group: Elliot Cohen (CFR), Condoleezza Rice, jesuit madeleine Albright, Robert Blackwill (CFR, Bilderberg), Stephen Hadley (CFR, Quill and dagger), Richard Cooper (National Intelligence Council, CFR, TC), Dianne Feinstein (CFR), Clark Ervin (CFR), Mortimer Zuckerman (CFR), Mercedes Bass (Disney, step-cousin of Fahra Pahlavi-Pallavicini), Ruth Porat (Google)..

- Aspen Insitute Germany: Matthias Döpfner (Atlantik-Brücke, Axel Springer Publishing House)

- Atlantic Council (started by jesuit William Casey): Jessica Ashooh (Reddit, CFR), Joel Rayburn (CFR), Anders Aslund (CFR), Hans Binnendijk (CFR, Nato, Rand), Myron Brilliant, Richard Burt (Diligence, CFR), Brent Snowcraft, jesuit Henry Kissinger, jesuit Leon Panetti (CIA), jesuit David Petraeus (CIA), jesuit Robert Gates (CIA), jesuit Madeleine Albright, George Shultz, James Baker (CFR), Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Wallenberg, Ashton Carter (secretary of defense, TC, CFR), David Aaron (CFR), Tom Enders (German CFR, Airbus)..

- Atlantik-Brücke (US-German network): Angela Merkel, Joshua Bolten (Goldman Sachs), Richard Burt (CFR, Diligence), jesuit Alexander Lambsdorff (European Parliament, TC), Jens Spahn (health minister), Tom Enders (German CFR), Liz Mohn (Bertelsmann Group), Joshua Bolten (Goldman Sachs), Kasper Rorsted (Adidas),..

- Berggruen Institute (21st Century Council): Nicolas Berggruen (CFR), Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt (Google), Pascal Lamy (WTO), Stephen Schwarzmann (S&B, BlackRock), Xavier Niel (Le Monde, Delphine Arnault), Axel Weber (Group of Thirty, TC)..

- Bertelmanns Foundation (founded by nazi Reinhard Mohn): Liz Mohn (Club of Rome),

- Bloomberg New Economy Forum: Eyal Ofer, David Rubenstein, Gary Cohn, jesuit Mukesh Ambani,..

- Bilderg Group, started by Knight of Malta nazi prince Bernhard Lippe, jesuit Josef Retinger and Knight of Malta Herman Abs (IG Farben, both supporters of the nazi regime), mainly used as a distraction by Alex Jones, Dan Dicks, James Corbett: chairman Etienne Davignon (ERT), Umberto Agnelli (Fiat, CFR), jesuit Jose Barrosso, Joseph Johnson (IISS), Jacob Wallenberg, Peter Thiel, jesuit David Petraeus (CIA), Robert Kimmit (Facebook),..

- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, launched in 2000 (46 billion budget), Warren Buffet as trustee: Bill Gates, Rajiv Sha of Rockefeller Foundation, jesuit Ashok Alexander, Sylvvia Matthews who works at the CFR with Luciana Boro of the Covid19 hoax team, Trevor Mundel of Novartis and Pfizer, sponsors WHO, the Guardian, Le Monde, Financial Times, der Spiegel, LA Times, Save the Children (Hearst), closely associated with Bain Capital.

- Brookings institute: since 2017 jesuit John Allen (general responsable for war in Syria, CFR) as president, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Israel billionaire Haim Saban, Michael Armacost (CFR), Zoe Baird (CFR, TC, Bilderberg), jesuit Ivo Daalder, Kenneth Dam (Deputy Secretary of State, CFR, Bilderberg), Benjamin Friedman (economist, CFR), Martin Indyk (ambassador Israel, CFR), David Rubenstein (the Carlyle Group), John Thornton (Goldman Sachs), Ruth Porat (Google)..

- Business Council: Averell Harriman, Barry Diller, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Bechtel, David Rubenstein (CFR, the Carlyle Group),...

- Business Roundtable: Brendan Bechtel (CFR, Bechtel Group), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Albert Bourla (Pfizer, both culprits behind the Covid scam), Edward Breen (DuPont Colonna), David Calhoun (Boeing), Tim Cook (Apple), Michael Dell (Dell), Jamie Dimon (Goldman Sachs), Larry Fink (BlackRock), Kewsong Lee (Carlyle Group), James Quincey (Coca Cola), Brian Roberts (Comcast), jesuit John Stankey (AT&T), Darren Woods (Exxon),..

- Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Jessica Matthews (Bilderberg, family of Wertheim -nazi bank Finck & Co), Penny Pritzker (CFR), jesuit John Kerry, jesuit Denis McDonough, Robert Zoellick (Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg, TC), jesuit John Kerry, Morton Halperlin (CFR, Open Society), Morton Abramowitz (CFR, National Endowment for Democracy, International Crisis Group), ..(Harvey Bundy S&B)

- Cato Institute: jesuit Robert Levy,..

- Center for American Progress: jesuit Elisa Massimino, Neera Tanden (Biden's Office of Managent and Budget), jesuit John Podesta, Kathleen Kennedy, Brian Deese (BlackRock, National Economic Council), Greg Rosenbaum (Carlyle Group), Zeke Emanuel (Covid19 scam), Heather Boushey (economic advisor Biden, leftist institute the New School),..(funded by George Soros, Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, Walton Family Foundation)

- Center for National Policy: Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Warren Beatty, Frederick Seitz,..

- Center for Strategic and International Studies, affilated with jesuit university Georgetown: jesuit Michael Green (CFR), John Hamre (Deputy Secretary of Defense), chairman Thomas Pritzker (Pritzker Organisation, Hyatt Hotels Organisation, CFR), Henrietta Fore (CFR, Unicef), Evan Greenberg (Coca Cola), Maurice Greenberg (insurance AIG), jesuit Leon Panetta (CIA), Zalmay Khalilzad,,..

- Century Foundation

- Club of Rome: Aurelio Peccei (Fiat, Agnelli family, WWF), Graeme Maxton (climate scam), Liz Mohn (Bertelsmann Foundation), Sandrine Dixson-Declève (advisor to European Commission), Mamphela Ramphele (World Bank, wife of Steve Biko)..

- Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921, as continuation of League of Nations and Chatham House by Elihu Root, lawyer of the Carnegie family. HQ in Harold Pratt House NY :
Stephen Adler (Reuters)
jesuit Madeleine Albright
jesuit John Allen (general war Syria)
Richard Allen (National Security Advisor)
jesuit Roger Altman (Lehman Brothers, Blackstone, Bilderberg, TC, Secretary of Treasure under Carter and Clinton)
Jessica Ashooh (Reddit)
Lloyd Austin (Secretary of Defense under Biden)
James Baker (secretary of state under Bush)
Haley Barbour (governor Mississipi during Katrina and BP oil spill)
William Bardel (Eight Schools Association: St Pauls, Philips Exeter Academy,..)
Michele Barry (Covid19-'expert')
Charlene Barshefsky (TC, negotiations with China to be allowed to the WTO)
Warren Beatty (actor who had relationship with Madonna and Jacqueline Kennedy, child part of trangender agenda, part of Center for National Policy,..)
Brendan Bechtel (Bechtel Group, nuclear plants, son of Stephen Bechtel of the Bohemian Club, hired by FEMA to build houses after Katrina)
John Bellinger (911 commission)
Lawrence Bender (producer of Tarantino movies and Climate Church propaganda 'An Inconvenient Truth', working for Miramax/Disney)
Marc Benioff (World Economic Forum, Time Magazine, Bill Gates' Giving Pledge, cloud computing firm Salesforce, Oracle, part of announcing the 'Great Reset')
Nicolas Berggruen (Council of the Future of Europe)
Wayne Lee Berman (Blackstone)
Susan Berresford (Ford, Chase Bank, TC)
Leon Black (Apollo Global Management)
Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs)
Len Blavatnik (Russian mobster, Warner, founder of Acces entertainment -Deezer, working together with Apollo management of the Pallavicini family)
Anthony Blinken (Secretary of State under Biden)
Michael Bloomberg (mayor NY, WHO)
Michael Blumenthal (Secretary of Treasure under Jimmy Carter)
Luciana Borio (Goldman Sachs, Covid19 'expert')
Nicholas Brady (NY Edison, Supreme Order of Christ)
Richard Branson (Virgin)
Ian Bremmer (TC, Eurasia Group)
Edgar Bronfman (MGM, Warner)
jesuit William Buckley (National Review)
Richard Burt (private intelligence firm Diligence, shareholder Nathaniel Rothschild and Edward Mathias of the Carlyle Group, worked for Kissinger's consulting firm, advisor for Rand Paul)
Sylvia Burwell (Gates Foundation)
Dick Cheney (vice-president during the 911 ritual)
jesuit Bill Clinton (Clinton Foundation)
Chelsea Clinton (Clinton Foundation, IAC)
George Clooney (Hollywood actor, friends with the 'royal' family, wife part of the UN, pushes the gun control agenda with Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber)

Andrew, Ariel, Benjamin, Betsy, David (director CIA, sanctions on Russia, North Korea), Elliot, Herman, Jerome, Joel, Richard, Roberta, Stephen, Warren and William Cohen
jesuit Charles Cook (political analist)
jesuit Ivo Daalder (Nato ambassador)
Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Henry Jackson Initiative, husband financial advisor Queen Elizabeth)
jesuit and Knight of Malta John J DeGoia (president of jesuit university Georgetown, World Econic Forum)
jesuit Jeffrey DeLaurentis (US ambassador Cuba)
John Deutch (CIA director)
Douglas Dillon (Rockefeller Foundation, Secretary of Treasure uder Kenneddy)
Jaimie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase, Federal Reserve NY)
James Dobbins (diplomat, Rand)
jesuit Chris Dodd (MPAA)
William Draper (Skull and Bones)
Richard Dreyfuss (Disney actor)
Esther Dyson (daughter of Freeman Dyson)
jesuit Keith Elison (Nation of Islam, DNC)
John V Faraci (International Paper)
Deborah Fikes (World Evangelical Alliance)
Laurence Fink (BlackRock 8,6 trillion dollar in assets)
Anne Finucane (Bank of America)
Stephen Friedman (Goldman Sachs, Bush administration)
Abraham Foxman (Anti-Defamation League)
Elizabeth Frawley-Bagley (IMCEC, part of pedophilia cover-up)
Mikhail Fridman (Alfa-bank)
Glen Fukushima (AT&T, Airbus)
Oriet Gadiesh (Bain & Company)
Anthony Gardner (US ambassador to the EU)
jesuit Robert Gates (CIA)
Timothy Geithner (Kissinger Associates, Rand, Group of Thirty)
Thomas Glocer (Yale, Merck & Co, Morgan Stanley, Reuters)
jesuit Michael Green (CSIS)
Maurice Greenberg (Federal Reserve NY, TC, Marsh & McLennan, part of WTC on 911) Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve, financial system)
jesuit Mark Grossman (the Cohen Group, war in Kosovo)
Richard Haas (president CFR, advisor Colin Powell, war Iraq)
Stephen Hadley (Cornell Quill and Dagger, aide to Wolfowitz, war Iraq)
Morton Halperlin (Open Society of George Soros)
jesuit Carter Ham (war in Lybia)
Margaret Hamburg (Rockefeller and Gates Foundation, Covid scam)
Lee Hamilton (911 commission)
Jeff Hammerbacher (data team Facebook)
jesuit Allen Hancock (Apple, IBM)
Averell Harriman (Harriman bank
David Harris (American Jewish Commitee)
Roger Hertog (Oppenheimer, AllianceBernstein 581 billion in assets)
Carla Hills (TC, CSIS, Coca Cola, Chevron, AOL TimeWarner)
jesuit Mellody Hobson (Starbucks, Dreamworks Animation, Rockefeller Foundation, Disney, wife of George Lucas, Giving Pledge of Bill Gates)
Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)
jesuit Stuart Holliday ('special assistent' to George Bush)
Jim Hornthal (Zignal labs big data)
Yangzong Huang (Global Health Governance, part of Covid scam)
Robert Iger (Disney)
Angelina Jolie
Tim Kaine (running mate Hilary Clinton)
Zalmay Khalizad (Reagan and Bush administration, Rand, created Islam fundamentalism)
jesuit Robert Kimmit (TC, Lehman Brothers, Secretary of Treasure under George W. Bush, board of Facebook)
jesuit Gary Knell (Disney, National Geographic)
Greg Maffei (Oracle, Microsoft, Sirius XM)
Katherine Maher (Wikipedia)
Robert Malley (International Crisis Group, Soros)
Elisa Massimino (Massimo family controlling the jesuits, Center for American Progress)
John McCain (jesuit trained children, war Syria)
John Mearsheimer (Russia Today)
Robert Menschel (Goldman Sachs)
Wes Moore (Oprah Winfrey Network, Robin Hood Foundation of David Solomon-Goldman Sachs)
Rupert Murdoch (Newscorp Fox)
jesuit Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security)
Jennifer Nuzzo (epidologomist, part of Covid scam)
jesuit Diana Villiers Negroponte (British Steel Corporation)
jesuit Meghan O'Sullivan
Steve Odland (Conference Board, General Mills, Business Roundtable)
Michael Ovitz (Disney, Creative Artists Agency representing all A-list Hollywood actors)
Samuel Palmisano (IBM, Exxon)
Bruce Paisner (Emmy Awards, Hearst Communications)
Allen Parker (Wells Fargo)
Richard Parsons (Time Warner music industry, Citigroup, merged Time Warner with AOL, the company started by jesuit Wilhelm Meister, the family responsable for the experiments in concentration camps through their chemical company Hoechst)
Peter Peterson (chairman of Lehman Brothers, Nixon administration, started Blackstone group with Stephen Schwarzman, 545 billion in assets, owned WTC Building 7)
jesuit David Petraeus (CIA)
Richard Plepler (HBO)
Colin Powell (war Afghanistan, war Iraq)
Laurene Powell Jobs (Goldman Sachs, Apple, Disney, widow of Steve Jobs)
Thomas and Penny Pritzker (Pritzker Realty Group, Hyatt Hotels)
Lee Raymond (Exxon)
William Reilly (WWF, BP oil spill)
William Rhodes (Citigroup, Citibank)
Condoleeza Rice
Robert Rubin (Goldman Sachs)
David Rubenstein (Carlyle Group)
Nadia Schadlow (Trump administration)
Vivian Schiller (the Guardian, NBC)
Eric Schmidt (Google, Youtube, Business Round Table)
Norton Schwartz (US Air Force)
Peter Schwartz (SRI, Global Business Network with 'environmentalist' Stewart Brand)
Stephen Schwarzman (BlackGroup)
Raj Shah (Rockefeller Foundation)
Deven Sharma (credit rating agency Standard and Poor's, part of European debt crisis)
Jim Sciutto (CNN, part of Covid-scam)
Elaine Sciolino (NY Times)
George Soros/Gyorgy Schwartz (Open Society, Quantum Fund, the Good Club)
Randall Stephenson (AT&T)
Patty Stonesifer (Bill Gates Foundation, Amazon, Rockefeller Foundation, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization)
jesuit Daniel Tarullo (Federal Reserve)
Rex Tillerson (Exxon Mobile)
Sanford Weill (Citigroup)
Paul Wolfowitz (war Afghanistan, war Iraq)
Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve)
Fareed Zakaria (CNN)
The CFR has become a conspiracy cliché since the publications of jesuit Carroll Quigley and John Birch Society's Gary Allen (supported by jesuit John Schmitz, who try to frame it as a anti-christian, communist conspiracy), but indeed serves as a stepping stone to world government.

Early members were: Umberto Agnelli (Fiat, related to Furstenberg), Allen Dulles (CIA, Operation Paperclip), John Dulles, John McCloy (who financed and released the directors of IG Farben, responsable for concentration camps), Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Corrigan (Federal Reserve), Jeffrey Epstein, David Rockefeller, jesuit Joseph O'Hare, jesuit Chuck Hagel (Secretary of Defense), jesuit Brzezinski, jesuit Theodore Hesburgh (civil rights movement of MLK), jesuit Jack Valenti (MPAA), Skull & Bones-men Archibald Coolidge, Charles Seymour, McGeorge Bundy, Robert Taft, Averell Harriman, George H Bush, Winston Lord, John Chafee,..

- Council on the Future of Europe, started by Nicolas Berggruen (CFR): Tony Blair, jesuit Mario Monti, Gerhard Schroder, Juan Luis Cebrian (Bilderberg, Club of Rome, media group Prisa), Guy Verhofstadt, Jacques Delors (European Commission),.

- Council on National Policy: founded in 1981 by J Peter Grace (Order of Malta, 1001 Club, JFK and Reagan admin), jesuit Ed Fuelner (CSIS, Heritage Foundation), jesuit Steve Bannon (Goldman Sachs),..


- European Roundtable for Industrialists: founded by Rothschild banker Pehr Gyllenhammar, chairman 2005 Jorma Olila (Nokia, Bilderberg), a group of less than 50 industrialists who gather in Brussels, represent 1400 billion euro revenue and plan the European 'project' with the European Commission.
Umberto Agnelli (Fiat, CFR, related to the Furstenberg family)
Ben van Beurden (Royal Dutch Shell)
Rodolfo de Benedetti (CIR group, il Repubblica)
Pierre-André de Chalendar (BNP Paribas, Le Siècle)
Gerhard Cromme (Siemens, CFR)
Etienne Davignon (Societé Generale, Bilderberg, vice president of European Commission)
jesuit Jean-Sebastien Jacques (Rothschild company Rio Tinto)
Thomas Leysen (Mediahuis, mining company Umicore, TC)
Helge Lund (Novo Nordisk)
jesuit Lakshmi Mittal (Arcelor Mittal)
Soren Skou (AP Moller-Maersk)
Ben Verwaayen (advisor pm Mark Rutte)
Jacob Wallenberg (robotics company ABB, Ericsson, TC)
CEO's of Vodafone, Orange, Philips, Total, Air Liquide, MerckGroup, Siemens, Eni, Ericsson, Solvay, Adidas, Sabanci holding, BMW, BP..

- Ford Foundation: Francisco Cigarrao (Yale), Darren Walker (CFR), Fernando Reimers (CFR, World Bank), Ana Toni (Greenpeace),..(started in 1937 by Henry Ford, part of the 'Protocols of the elders of Zion' hoax, funded jesuit university in Congo with Rockefeller Foundation, president Horace Gaither (Mitre Corporation of Elizabeth Rindskopf CFR), McGeorge Bundy (S&B), Susan Berresford (CFR), chairman John McCloy of the nazi bank Chase Manhattan 1958-1965)

- Foreign Policy Association: co-founded by John Dulles, father of jesuit Avery Dulles, Knights of Malta Henry Luce and Frank Carlucci, jesuit Henry Kissinger, Maurice Greenberg (TC and CFR),..

- Friends of Europe, 'think tank' in Brussels: chairman Etienne Davignon (Bilderberg, ERT), Guy Verhofstadt, Thomas Leysen (Umicore, Mediahuis), Pascal Lamy (Bosch, WTO, European CFR), Antonio Vitoroni (International Migration Initiative -Open Society of Soros, European CFR, TC). Board of trustees: Elmar Brok (German CFR, papal Order of St Gregory)

- Gatestone Institute: zionist Nina Rosenwald (CFR), promoting zionist Geert Wilders, Alan Dershowitz (Natalie Portman)..

- German CFR: Alfred von Oppenheim (Rothschild related), Ulrich Cartellieri (Federal Reserve NY, ThyssenKrupp), Tom Enders (Atlantik-Brücke),..

- the Good Club: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Patty Stonesifer (Amazon), Oprah Winfrey (Hearst), Ted Turner (CNN), Michael Bloomberg, Julian Robertson (Tiger hedge fund), John Morgridge (Cisco systems),..

- Group of thirty: Axel Weber (UBS), Yi Gang (Bank of China), Jacob Frenkel (JP Morgan Chase), Timothy Geithner, jesuit Arminio Fraga (Quantum Fund of George Soros), Gerald Corrigan (CFR, Federal Reserve)..

- the Heritage Foundation: jesuit Ed Feulner (CSIS), Jim DeMint (CFR, Tea Party), Kim Holmes (CFR),..

- Hoover Institution (Stanford): Richard Allen (CFR), Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Shultz, Peter Thiel (Bilderberg), Niall Ferguson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali,..

- Hudson Institute: jewish jesuit Douglas Feith (also Jewish Institute for National Security of America), Herman Kahn (Rand corporation), Alexander Haig, Pierre Dupont..

- Institute for Strategic Dialogue: George Weidenfeld (BBC zionist, Rothermere American Institute, published Lolita of pedophile Nabokov, partnership with Ann Getty), Helena Kennedy, Jim Hoagland (CFR),..

- Inter-American Dialogue: Carla Hills (CFR), jesuit Laura Chinchilla, Kathleen Kennedy (CFR), funded by Ford

- Le Siècle: Jean-Claude Trichet (TC, Bis Bank), Edoard de Rothschild,..

- New America: chairman Eric Schmidt (Google), Anne-Marie Slaughter (TC, Director of Policy Planning), David Bradley (Atlantic Media),funded by Eric Schmidt, Gates Foundation,..

- Novo Nordisk Foundation (49 billion): Danish pharmaceutical company Helge Lund (BP, Schlumberger, ERT)

- Open Europe: Rodney Leach (Rothschild, Jardin Matheson), Norman Lamont (Rothschild, Le Cercle),..

- Open Society Foundation (newspeak for totalitarian society with internet censorship): George Soros, Morton Halperlin (CFR), Mabel Wisse-Smit (dutch 'royal' family connected to the order of Malta), Meredith Woo (CFR)..

- Pilgrims Society

- Trilateral Commission, founded by jesuit Tadashi Yamamoto, jesuit Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, educated at jesuit controlled London School of Economics, in 1973: David Abshire (advisor Reagan, CSIS)
Umberto Agnelli (Fiat, related to Furstenberg)
Conrad Black (Hollinger International, the Daily Telegraph)
Michael Bloomberg
Antonio Borges (Goldman Sachs, IMF)
George HW Bush
jesuit Bill Clinton
Warren Christopher (Clinton administration)
Marta Dassu (Aspen Institute, European CFR)
Etienne Davignon (ERT)
Edmond de Rothschild
Donald Graham (Washington Post, Facebook)
Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve)
jesuit Alexander Haig (Reagan)
Daniel Jansen (Solvay, Club of Rome)
Alexander Kan (dutch leftist politician)
Arnold Kanter (Undersecretary of State)
Fred Langhammer (Estée Lauder, Disney)
Jean Lemierre (BNP Paribas)
Enrico Letta (pm Italy, Publicis)
jesuit Mario Monti (pm Italy)
Steve Mnuchin (S&B, Trump)
David Ormsby-Gore Cecil
jesuit David Petraeus (CIA)
Borja Prado (Mediaset, Mediobanco)
Condoleezza Rice (911 ritual)
jesuit Alice Rivlin (Federal Reserve)
Françoise de Rose (CERN)
Eric Schmidt (Google)
Anne-Marie Slaughter (New America, Director of Policy Planning under Obama)
Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sachs)
Frances Townsend (advisor George Bush, CNN, CBS)
Jean-Claude Trichet (European Bank)
jesuit Herman Van Rompuy (European Commission)

Paul Volcker (Federal Reserve)
Jacob Wallenberg
Axel Weber (Deutsche Bundesbank, UBS Group, Group of Thirty)
Nout Wellink (Bis bank, Bank of China),.

- Unicef: jesuit Anthony Lake

- United Nations (started by Robert Cecil as the League of Nations after the Paris peace conference in 1919): jesuit Stéphane Dujarric, jesuit Boutros Boutros-Ghali, jesuit John Ashe, Claiborne Pell (Order of Malta), Harry Bailey (connected to MK Ultra Ewen Cameron and William Sargant), William Henry Draper III (S&B)..

- WHO: Brock Chisholm (Skull and Bones, Order of the British Empire), Ronald Forbes Hargreaves (Tavistock),..

- World Economic Forum (gathering of 100 leading global companies in Davos, Switzerland): Klaus Schwab, jesuit Mukesh Ambani, Larry Fink (BlackRock), David Rubenstein (Carlyle Group), jesuit pedophile Theodore McCarrick, Gates Foundation, Chevron, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Google, Goldman Sachs, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Nestlé..


Misleading books about elite gatherings

Mark Dice 'The Bilderberg Group: Fact and Fiction'
Daniel Estulin 'The True Story of the Bilderberg'
Myron Fagan 'The Illuminati and the CFR'
Thomas Gijswijt 'Informal Alliance'
Jim Marrs 'Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden Story that Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons & the Great Pyramids' (HarperCollins, owned by Rupert Murdoch)
Anthony Sutton 'Trilaterals over America' (framing it as a socialist takeover)
Jim Tucker (Infowars) 'Jim Tucker's Bilderberg diary'
Jon Ronson 'Them: Adventures with Extremists'


the Financial System