Fluoride is a compound of Fluorine (atomic number 9), an element that usually binds to other elements. It is used in the nuclear industry to created uranium fluoride and in tranquilizers like Prozac (the Mental Health Industry). Fluorine was investigated by Humpfrey Davis, president of the Royal Society. Henri Moissan (Royal Society) isolated fluorine in 1906.

The main disinfo agents about fluoride are Alex Jones, Stan Monteith (Infowars), Russell Blaylock (Infowars), Paul Connett (Infowars), George Edward Griffin (Infowars), hristopher Macklin (Coast to Coast), David Wilcock, Christopher Bryson, Jeff Rense, Nexus magazine (Ian Stephens), Joseph Mercola, Humansbefree.com, Abby Martin (RT),..

History of fluoride

Tooth are associated with mercury (in Egypt god Thoth). Nazi Germany produced chlorine trifluoride.

Bayer (later IG Farben) developed the process of making aluminium. Fluoride is a byproduct of aluminium, toxic waste. H. Trendley Dean was appointed as of National Institute of Dental Research, a branch of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland. He praised Kaj Roholm's clinical study Fluorine Intoxication. Fluorine gas was used for uranium enrichment during Project Manhattan.

From 1945 sodium fluoride was added to drinking water in Grand Rapids Michigan and from 1955 stannuous fluoride in toothpaste (Crest of Procter & Gamble, developed by Joseph Muhler of Indiana University, ad campaign with people from Marvel Comics).

It was promoted by WHO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NHS and FDI World Dental Federation (founded in 1900). Dupont (Kettering Laboratory) and ALCOA of the Mellon family collaborated with Hitler, IG Farben and the Manhattan Project. John McCloy was an advisor of Dow Chemical.

ALCOA lawyer Oscar Ewing (Harvard Law School, had William Dudley Pelley convicted) became Administrator of Federal Security Agency under Harry Truman in 1947.

Gerald J Cox of the Mellon Institute met Francis Bull at the Caries Conference in 1950. Ewing hired propaganda specialist Edward Bernays worked for the government, ALCOA and Procter & Gamble (advertising trick to use 'experts' like American Dental Association to convince the public).

George Waldbott (son of Hermine Rosenberger) became the leading figure in the anti-fluoridation movement. He wrote A Struggle With Titans: Forces Behind Fluoridation.

John Harper (Mellon Bank, Business Roundtable, Procter & Gamble) was CEO of ALCOA from 1965.

 Alain Belda, president of ALCOA in the late 90's, also worked for Dupont and Warburg Pincus.

Disinfo about fluoride

In the internet age rumors were spread to link fluoride to Hitler and plans to make prisoners in concentration camps more docile, usually based on a chemist named Charles Perkins' the Truth About Water Fluoridation' and 'The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben' of Joseph Borkin (NYU, Catholic University of America), which contains no reference to fluoride, and a quote of EH Bonner (supposedly a nephew of Albert Einstein).

The theory was spread by Jeff Rense, LibertyBeacon, Nexus Magazine, Christopher Macklin. Politifact of Poynter Institute (funded by Facebook, OSF) was used as debunker. Politifact made a blacklist of fake news (controlled opp Alex Jones, James Corbett) to promote fake movement March for Our Lives.

Irish writer David Grimes (the Guardian, Center for Inquiry) was used as debunker of anti-fluoride theories after a bill of Sinn Fein and as debunker of Andrew Wakefield.

The concept of water fluoridation as a communist plot was used by the John Birch Society members like Stan Monteith (Christian Coalition with Pat Robertson). In 2004 he wrote Hidden Agenda the Fluoride Deception. JBS member George Edward Griffin wrote Fluoride Poison on Tap.

The thought of fluoride as communist conspiracy was ridiculed in Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove with Peter Sellers and Sterling Hayden (CIA team of William Donavan). Dr Strangelove was written by Terry Southern (Greenwich Village Beatnik scene, Swinging London, Easy Rider to promote CIA controlled hippie scene).

Jay Lehr wrote The Fluoride Wars.

Paul Connett wrote The Case Against Fluoride. Connet's FluorideActionNetwork (FluorideAlert, focus on effects like lower IQ) is funded by Joseph Mercola (The Dr Oz Show), a target for Quackwatch, Vivek Murthy, Centre  for Countering Digital Hate (created after the Sandy Hook farce). He is married to Erin Elizabeth (Coast to Coast, Fox, CBS, Health Nut). Mercola was used as controlled opposition against Bill Gates during the Covid19-ritual to normalize Youtube censorship. Connett was promoted on Infowars.

Christopher Bryson (the Guardian, BBC, Christian Science, Discovery Channel) wrote The Fluoride Deception with focus on Edward Bernays, Mellon Institute and University of Rochester (Harold Hodge), funded by the Rockefellers and linked to Colgate University. He was promoted by the FluorideActionNetwork and Democracy Now (Amy Goodman). Phyllis Mullenix supposedly fired from Forsyth Research Institute, was interviewed by Paul Connett. FAN is also associated with Bill Osmunson.

Russell Blaylock focused on the usual suspects Rockefeller and Ford and was also promoted on Infowars. Alex Jones sells Superblue toothpaste without fluoride. Forbes.com and Rightwingwatch.org were used as debunkers.

In the 70s Germany and Holland banned water fluoridation.

Artificial sweetener Aspartame was discovered by Searle and approved in 1981 by jesuit Donald Rumsfeld CEO of Searle (jesuit Arthur Hull Hayes appointed by Ronald Reagan as FDA commissioner). Searle introduced the birth control pill (eugenics and Multiculti agenda, start of the fake sexual revolution). Rumsfeld played a role in Searle's acquisition by Monsanto, in 2003 it became a subsidary of Pfizer.

Fluoride can bind to calcium and the pineal gland has the highest value of calcium in the body.

In the New Age Church, where the pineal gland is considered the seat of the soul, DMT as gateway to higher awareness and wisdom, the theory is spread that fluoride is used to create phosphate crystals (calcification) on the pineal and destroy spiritual power. Jennifer Luke (University of Surrey) and Aaron Mrvelj did research on the effect on the pineal gland. In 2006 the National Research Council stated fluoride causes a decrease in melatonin.

The theory that fluoride causes calcification of the pineal was repeated by Christopher Macklin and Kanye West on the Joe Rogan Show.

Pineal gland

John Birch Society