The flood was a cataclysm in 13.000 bc, caused by bringing the moon into orbit of earth (as part of a 3 step takeover), which destroyed the civilization of Atlantis. Taking advantage of the chaos, a priest class of elite families was put into place to rule the traumatized population, mostly hiding in caves. It was an element in Sumerian mythology about the Anunaki (the Epic of Gilgamesh), which became the Old Testament of the jews, captive in Babylon. It is also mentioned in the Timaeus of Plato. Enki and Oannes became biblical figure Noah and John the Baptist. Saturn (the God matrix) rules human beings by flooding their pineal gland with astral images.

The destruction of Maldek, a planet which was called a 2nd sun, between Mars and Jupiter, caused the first floods on earth (the mythical Abyss).

In legends Arcadia (Arctica) was a time and place before the moon without seasons.

All cultures have myths about a cataclysmic flood: Utnapishtim (Sumeria), Noah (Judaism), Decaulion (Greece), Manu, Satyaravata and Khasistra (India), Yima (Iran), Dwyfan (Wales), Nuada (Ireland), Bergelmir (Scandinavia), Coxcox (Mexico),and Nata (Aztec).

All legends tell stories of the war of the gods, between black, red and whites, yellows, between Angels and Devils, Devas and Asuras, Daevas and Ahuras, the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, Gods and Titans, the famous Gigantomachy, causing the third flood.

The melting of Lake Agassiz in Northern America helped causing the flood. The heavy rains and floods were remembered through the constellations Aquarius (Enki pouring water), Pisces and other sea-related signs.

The Atlantean Nephilim, the Rhesus- bloodline, migrated from west to east. The Aryans became the Irish from Ireland, and Scottish from Scotland, move to Europe and Middle East.

Bison paintings were made in the caves of Altamira Spain and Lascaux France.

The human population were taught the flood was a punishment of Enlil (God) because of human sin (Sin: moon) and biting of the apple of Lucifer (practices of sodomy, DNA modification) from the Tree of Life.

Enki in mythology is a benevolent god that created, warns, protects and guides humanity. The battle between Enlil and Enki, oppressor and liberator of mankind, became YHVH and Lucifer.

In gnosticism Seth created offspring that survived the flood.

The flood also became a metaphor for ego death, crossing a sort of Abyss between dimensions, the boundary between all that is and is not, diving deeper and experiencing what it is like to be cut off even more from your essence.

The biblical story of Noah in Genesis (gen-Isis) contains sexual symbolism (protecting the light of consciousness when the fiery waters rise). The 8 people in the ark= the Ogdoad of Thoth.

The flooding of the Nile, coinciding with the rise of Sirius, were seen as the tears of Isis for her deceased husband Osiris.

The Sumerian priest class with fish hats became the popes of the Catholic Church. The Church ordered Rafael to paint the School of Athens with Plato (based on Leonardo Da Vinci who also painted John the Baptist and Jerome, the supposed author of the Bible), holding the Timaeus.

In 1657 jesuit Athanius Kircher wrote Arca Noë. Gustave Doré made illustrations of the flood.

Otto Friedrich (Time) wrote Before the Deluge about the rise of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party.

Igor Stravinsky wrote The Flood.

The Climate Church uses flood symbolism (Leonardo di Caprio's Before the Flood, executive produced by Martin Scorcese). Di Caprio played in Shutter Island with Ben Kingsley (Ark of Noah).

Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke and Credo Mutwa are used to spread disinfo about Atlantis and the flood (claiming the sphinx of the pyramids is much older, submerged Yonaguni structure hoax).

The hurricane Katrina ritual in New Orleans contained flood symbolism (Ninth Ward=Abyss of Revelation 911).

Darren Aronofsky made Noah with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone as Tubalcain. Jennifer Connelly played in Requiem for a Dream with Jared Leto (Jareth is the father of Noah).

The Corona-ritual had flood symbolism (waves of contamination, quarantine=40 days, George Floyd).


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