Film Noir

Film Noir (French for dark film, term coined by Nino Frank) is a movie genre, used in German film industry and later the Hollywood film industry (during the 40's and 50's). The film noir archetype of the Femme Fatale represents the Dark Feminine (Babalon the Scarlett Woman, Whore of Babylon, the Shekhina represented as smoke, worshiped by the Frankists), the vamp = sexual vampires Lilith/Kali/Salomé  (the vampire 1913), Morgan LeFaye in King Arthur myths,..  

The cynical private investigator represents the mind, Orion the hunter, fugitive, initiate searching for enlightenment, to solve the mystery.

The murder mystery is the Fool's journey (A Fool There Was 1915) searching for Isis, in underworld dark side of subconscious,  venus looking through the venetian blinds (the 4 kabbalistic worlds, the 4 levels of the Djed pillar, Sophia secret/mystery of Daath).

Its use of strong black and white contrast was influenced by German expressionism.

1929 Dashiel Hammett (marxist) Red Harvest crime fiction during the Great Depression.

1931 M  Fritz Lang murder mystery, Elsie (isis) disappears

1930s immoral characters in Little Caesar, Scarface, The Public Enemy,..
1932 The Beast of the City

1933 The Invisible Man (novel of HG Wells, mad scientist) Gloria Stuart Arthur Edeson James Whale (Frankenstein)

1935 The Devil is a Woman Marlene Dietrich (daath) Josef von Sternberg.

1941 Citizen Kane (voice over internal monologue) Orson Welles
1941 The Maltese Falcon (book of Dashiel Hammett) John Huston (friend of Polanski and George Hodell) Artur Edeson Dirk Bogarde Lauren Bacall
1941 A Woman's Face George Cukor Joan Crawford Conrad Veidt
1942 The Glass Key Veronica Lake (keyhole private eyes).
1942 The Lady from Shangai Rita Hayworth (eastern star sirius)
1944 Laura
1944 Double Indemnity
1944 Murder My Sweet Dick Powell
1945 Scarlett Street, Pickup on South Street, Phantom lady.

1946 Gilda (atom sex bomb, Ga=71) Rita Hayworth
1946 The Big Sleep Howard Hawks William Faulkner Leigh Brackett (friend of Parsons) Dirk Bogarde Lauren Bacall Warner Bros
1946 Born to Kill
1946 The Killers Ava Gardner.
1946 The Blue Dahlia Alan Ladd Veronica Lake predictive programming of the Black Dahlia media ritual produced by John Houseman (Mercury Theatre with Orson Welles).
1946 Black Angel James M. Cain born 7/1 like Diana.
1946 The Dark Corner Venetian blinds red shoes Lucille Ball William Bendix.
1947 The Devil Thumbs a Ride Lawrence Tierney
1947 Lady and the Lake (Raymond Carver) Robert Montgomery Jayne Meadows
1947 Body and Soul beast and babalon, boxer sacrifice
1948 The Naked City Don Taylor (The Omen 2, married to Hazel Court)
1949 The Set Up aging boxer
1950 The Night and the City (Babalon is a manifestation of Nuit)
1950 D.O.A. Edmund O'Brien
1950 Gun Crazy
1951 Strangers on a Train Alfred Hitchcock Ruth Roman
1953 The Big Heat Fritz Lang Glenn Ford
1955 The Big Combo (cinematographer John Alton/Johan Altmann) woman named Alicia.
1955 Kiss Me Deadly (Lust, Daath) Mickey Spillane
1956 Slightly Scarlet 

Modern film noir
1974 Chinatown Roman Polanski Jack Nicholson Faye Dunaway smoke shekinha
1981 Body Heat
1982 Blade Runner Harrison Ford
1991 Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer
1991 Shattered (broken glass) Tom Berenger Bob Hoskins
1992 Damage
1992 Basic instinct  Sharon Stone as the new Sharon Tate Michael Douglas Paul Verhoeven
1994 Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace
1995 To Die For (24) Nicole Kidman

1996 Mulholland Falls Nick Nolte Melanie Griffith Jennifer Connelly

1996 Fargo
1997 LA Confidential Guy Pearce Kim Basinger as Veronica Lake lookalike Kevin Spacey Russell Crowe
1998 Devil in the Flesh Rose McGowan
2001 Original Sin
2001 Moulin Rouge
2001 Black Box Marion Cotillard
2005 Sin City (Babylon)
2009 The Black Dahlia
(John the Baptist poster like Rosemary's Babyand Imagine) Brian De Palma Scarlett Johansson as Katherine "Kay" Lake (William and Catherine), Glasgow smile like the Joker Aaron Eckhart (the Dark Knight) Josh Hartnett Hilary Swank
2010 Inception Christopher Nolan
2012 Dark Knight Rises