Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was a jesuit trained  freemason, media actor and political puppet of the Left Wing Church, trained to play the role of leader of the Marxist-Leninist communist regime in Cuba from 1958 to 2008. He played the Horus archetype (Mars) and Pluto (communism, dictatorship, nuclear power, underworld, dark secrets) in the Cuban Revolution with Che Guevara, the Bay of Pigs invasion ritual, the Cold War as ally of Russia (Cuban Missile Crisis) and the mythology of the JFK ritual.

The Castro bloodline is related to the Italian Medici, Borgia and Farnese family who founded the jesuit order.

He was trained by the jesuits in the Dolores School in Santiago de Cuba and El Colegio de Belén in Havana. He joined the political party of Eduardo Chibas.

In 1948 he traveled with his wife to New York. In 1950 he graduated from the University of Havana with jesuit Luis Leon as classmate (later teacher of jesuit Bill Clinton at Columbia and jesuit university Georgetown). He helped planning the overthrow of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.

In 1952 he played a role in the Cuban Revolution on july 26 with Che Guevara and his brother Ramon Castro, to replace dictator Fulgencio Batista. With Che Guevara he played the twins of Gemini (Castor and Pollux). CIA agent John Philips was present in Cuba during the ritual.

In 1959 he became prime minister of Cuba.

In 1961 he played a role in the Bay of Pigs invasion on 4/19 (date of start sacrifice to Baal). According to the JFK mythology the invasion was planned by the CIA with help from mafioso John Roselli of the Chicago Outfit. In disinfo about Project MK Ultra, Sidney Gottlieb claimed one of the goals of the project was to create mind controlled assassins and to assassinate Fidel Castro.

In 1962 he played a role of antagonist of JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis media ritual. During the crisis the jesuits of Georgetown University founded the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS).

Cuban exiles like Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo (fought with Castro) and Antonio Veciana (CIA) founded terrorist organisation Alfa 66 in Miami, with ties to the cocaine trade (Traficante family). In 1963 he appeared in Life magazine.

In 1965 he created forced labour camps. He was promoted by Maya Angelou.

In 1973 he supported Israel in the Yom Kippur war.

His sister Juanita Castro was a member of the World Anti-Communist League. His brother Raul Castro was also trained by jesuits and met with Barack Obama. His son Fidelito Castro was a nuclear physicist and committed suicide on 2/1/2018.

He met with Sukarno, Malcolm X, Nikita Kruschchev, Angela Davis,  jesuit Jean-Paul Sartre, jesuit Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin Trudeau (called the Canadian Kennedys), Muhammed Ali, Hugo Chavez, David Rockefeller (Illuminati psyop), Nelson Mandela,..

Like Karl Marx, in his media image his beard (baseball team Barbudos with bearded Camilo Cienfuegos) represented the bearded goat Baphomet (Saturn worship).

Images of Fidel Castro were used in Brian De Palma's Scarface with Al Pacino (The Godfather based on Charles Luciano).

Tupac Shakur formed rap crew The Outlaws with names referring to Gadaffi and Castro.

Astrological chart

born 8/13/1926, date Alfred Hitchcock, Manuel Valls, Bert Lahr, Janet Yellen, Giovanni Agnelli.

Asc: Gemini, mc: Pisces. Dom: Leo (Lust), Gemini, Pisces - Sun, Neptune, Mercury.

Houses 3, 2, 4. 3: Sun and Neptune in Leo, 2: Venus in Cancer, Mercury in Leo, 4: Moon in Libra.

died 11/26/2016 date DJ Khaled, Rita Ora.