The feminine/female principle is creative, cold, dark, passive (downward falling, from aether to solid) water energy in opposition and polarity with masculine, active, light, hot fire energy, mother earth vs sun, magnetism vs electricity, Ida vs Pingala, in the atom electron vs proton, black pillar Boaz (boa=serpent, wave) vs white pillar Joachin. Incarnation on earth is only possible through a female womb. The Milkyway is the female energy of the universe. The warrior civilization of the Draco empire, under influence of the God program (masculine, egotistic, dominant energy) attacked Orion (masculine energy of Milkyway), while Sirius represents the female energy of Milkyway.

Female energy is a constant flow, masculine peaks and valleys.

In Lemuria the Venusians were capable of parthogenesis (virgin birth), fought the war like Lords of Mars, a degraded version of themselves. The symbol of femininity is the circle, the O (eau in french=water). The symbol of Venus is a circle above a cross (spirit above matter). In matriarchy the title of queen was passed on through the mother, the king was always a stranger, a foreigner that had to conquer the title (leading to the killing of the old king ritual). 

The Anunaki gave humans a genetic downgrade, making them more obedient and jealous.

In Atlantis priestesses used their psychic powers and meditation to access the subconscious but became under influence of the reptilians (Eve corrupted by the serpent). The Aryans (Draco-Orion group under influence of the God program) became dominant, experimented with forbidden knowledge (genetic engineering to create Beasts to summon the Fallen Angels) as mad scientists. They worshiped Arya (Tara), mother of Harya. Their hubris caused the collapse of Atlantis (first flood). The fall of Divine Feminine became a euphemism for Lucifer. To Luciferians, comet Venus the Lightbringer (in Latin Lucifer) represents the Higher Self of Earth.

The Saturn cult  brought the moon (causing another flood) into orbit of earth to distort the feminine energy of earth so the hormonal menstruation cycle (blood) was timed to the monthly cycle of the moon instead of the sun (3 part takeover).

W of woman=23d letter, nr of strife and dischord.

The distorted and traumatized (geo=ego) mother earth energy was worshiped as goddesses of witchcraft  Inanna, Sin, Isis, Sekhmet, Ishtar, Lilith, Artemis, Diana, Kali, mystery religions based on goddesses traveling through the underworld (Venus' transformation from Evening Star to Morning Star). 

From the moment humans were dependent of agriculture, a religion was installed of bulls and cows (Milkyway as life giving cow) and gender and family based religion (trinity Osiris-Isis-Horus) with Saturn and moon taking over the father and mother energy of the sun and earth.

The Tuatha de Danaan became the Danu worshiping Tribe of Dan.

The Sumerian Anunaki were children of Anu.

The Egyptians saw the sky as goddess Nuit. The odgoad had feminine counterparts: Amun-Amaunet, Nun-Naunet, Kuk-Kauket, Heh-Hauhet. Akhenaten (cult of Aten) built a site dedicated to Aten with phallus and cup.

In Babylon the priestess of the sacred marriage became sacred prostitution (archetype of Whore of Babylon, start of the financial system=Inanna, timed to the moon).

The Phoenicians (Venusians) controlled the Mediterranean Sea and became the Venetians.

The Greeks worshiped Aphrodite and taught the mystery of Persephone traveling through the underworld (Eleusinian mysteries, religion based on agriculture and drugs). Priestesses (Pythia= the serpent cult) at the Oracle of Delphi, dedicated to Apollo and Dionysus, were used as oracles. The cult of Hermes taught the principle of gender in Hermeticism. The Pythagoreans saw the number 10 (1 and 0, male and female) as sacred.

In Kabbalism Saturn (Binah) is the Supernal Mother, the first Hei of YHVH and Earth (Malkuth) the Inferior Mother, the 2n Hei.

In the Roman Empire the Vestal Virgins protected the sacred fire of goddess Vesta. Julius Caesar introduced the Julian Calendar of 12 months to suppress the serpent cult (13th month 13th sign Ophiuchus).

The Arabs saw Orion as female warrior Al Jauza.

The alchemists poisoned water sources with mercury.

The Saturn cult suppressed women through patriarchy, submission and veiling in Islam and Christianity. Arya became Maria (the sea). Jesus Christ, depicted as wearing blue and red (water and fire, female and female), calls himself the Alpha and Omega in the Book of Revelation (announcing the Whore of Babylon). The Catholic Church empire treated women as inferior as punishment for the sin of Eve and suppressed the gnostic Cathars and serpent cult. Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem=phallus and dome/cup.

In Judaism women were forced to wear wigs. The opposite forces of sun and moon are the pillars of the Temple of Solomon.

Paracelsus introduced the concept of sulfur, mercury and salt, representing the 3 humours and 3 principles of masculine, androgynous and feminine (modalities cardinal, fixed, mutable). The Venetians had a monopoly on sugar.

The followers of Jacob Frank worshiped the Shekhina and Black Madonna.

Gradually the rulers learned aggressive oppression always led to rebellion so tried a more passive-agressive approach of fake freedom, fake revolutions (American Revolution, French Revolution) and slavery sold as liberation, masculine force disguised as female tolerant energy, while ruling through freemasonry (men only club)..

1900s suffragette movement (right for women to vote), controlled by the eugenics movement (Margaret Sanger). Aleister Crowley's Thelema, goddesses Nuit (feminine passive) and Babalon (feminine, active). Crowley as prophet of the Aeon of Horus.

Quantum mechanics discovery of proton, neutron and electron. Marie Curie 'discovers' radium.

1919 Cecil DeMille's Male and Female. Sabbatean jews invent psychoanalysis.

archetype of Femme Fatale in film noir and news rituals (Marlene Dietrich, Mary Astor, Jean Harlowe, Rita Hayworth, Bonnie and Clyde), Dominatrix (Binah) in sadomasochism.

1933 nazism Adolf Hitler as archetype of Horus, nazi's wear oak leaves (male and female in one).

1939 The Wizard of Oz Dorothy going to the underworld (Isis searching for Osiris).

1941 psychologist William Moulton Marston (pen name Charles, trained at Harvard, promoted Margaret Sanger) creates character Wonder Woman.  pink becomes associated with femininity. Pink (pink sky) is used as a hypnotic trigger for dissociation.

1946 Jack Parsons' Babalon Working.

1952 Alice in Wonderland. Venusian ET's in the UFO religion.

1953 MK Ultra creates first mind controlled sex slave Marilyn Monroe. Cold War blue vs red.

1967 car crash Jayne Mansfield.

1968 the Left Wing Church and Feminist Church (Germaine Greer, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan) with Right Wing male bullies as antagonist. rise of the fashion industry and the porn industry. celebrities and porn actresses playing the archetype of Whore of Babylon. rise of the Gay-transgender Church with Luciferian rainbow symbol.

fake sexual revolution (Margaret Mead, Ruth Westheimer).

Panned Parenthood (influenced by Rockefeller funded sex research of Alfred Kinsey) funded anti-conception pill research of Gregory Pincus (jewish, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Biology with Richard Goldschmidt) with progesterone (factor in sex differentiation and homosexuality). The development of contraceptives, marketed through the Feminist Church, led to reduction of whites in Europe and US.

1969 the 911 Sharon Tate ritual and moon landing ritual.

1981 Diana Spencer as modern mother goddess. Madonna as Whore of Babylon.

1990s trend of silicon breasts (Pamela Anderson). degradation of women in program Hip Hop.

1992 John Gray's popular psychology book Men Are From Mars, Women from Venus.

2005 The Da Vinci Code Tom Hanks as Robert Landon signing book Sacred Feminine. Mac Miller Divine Feminine.

2013 Her (transhumanist agenda) Joaquin Phoenix Scarlett Johansson. New Age Church agents like Teal Swan. Ariana Grande God Is A Woman.

2018 Women's March in Washington with pink hats. Clinton vs Trump (blue vs red). Me Too trend (Harvey Weinstein ritual with Uma Thurman, Ashley Judd).

2020 passive-agressive tactic of the Covid19-ritual, fascism in the name of science, separation of the sexes.