Fascism (derived from the Latin word fasces) is a a hierarchical cult and doctrine, a branch of the Saturn cult invented by the jesuits and British Intelligence (MI6), who like the communists favor a totalitarian one party state as a continuation and glorification of the Roman Empire. Although fascists are described as anti-modernist in British propaganda, they were closely associated with program Modernism.

Its ideology was based on corporatism, the merging of corporate and government power. The fascists were used as dialectic antithesis to the jewish communists in a problem-reaction-solution trick to implement the UN world state. The Beast with 7 heads in the Book of Revelation represents the Roman Empire (built on 7 hills).

The fasces symbol is on the emblem of Knights of Columbus.

History of Fascism

1848 The jesuits trained Karl Marx, deliberately selected as a jew, writes the Communist Manifesto in London, to blame the horrors of communism on a jewish conspiracy and give rise to fascism. German nationalism of antisemite Richard Wagner (art as religion/transgression). Friedrich Nietzsche introduces the concept of Uebermensch. Jesuits like Du Lac, Pachtner and Muckmann spread antisemitism in France and Germany.

1899 founding of Action Française as reaction to the Dreyfus Affair, wich under Charles Mauras becomes antisemitic and nationalistic. It was promoted by anarchist-syndicalist George Sorel, Pius X, Pius XII and Maurice Barrès, member of the Martinist Order with Papus who was in contact with the Romanovs and Gabriele D'Annunzio (Scottish Rite Great Lodge of Italy). Barrès was a friend of Henri Bergson (brother of Moina Mathers, wife of Samuel Mathers of HOGD with British Intelligence agents) influenced Italian fascism.

1908 Filippo Marinetti publishes the Futurist Manifesto in Le Figaro, subsidized by Pyotr Rachkovsky, the head of the Okhrana in Paris, who also employed British agent H.P. Blavatsky (Theosophical Society, involved in creating the Protocols of Zion).

Marinetti contributes to The New Age (start of the New Age Church) of Alfred Orage (friend of George Gurdjeff and British MI6 agents Aleister Crowley and Bertrand Russell) like HG Wells, Ezra Pound, Florence Farr (HOGD), Dimitri Mitrinovic (friend of Kandinsky, Young Bosnia movement associated with masonic organisation Black Hand who started WW1) and Fabian GB Shaw. Orage was married to Jean Walker of the Theosophical Society.

1913 Igor Stravinsky's pagan ballet Rite of Spring (collaboration with Nicholas Roehrich of Theosophical Society).

1915 Benito Mussolini (influenced by Gabriele D'Annunzio) founds Fasces of Revolutionary Action. Italian elite families Colonna, Savoy, Borghese, Pacelli, Torlonia, Ruffo di Calabria promote fascism.

1916 Hugo Ball's Dada Manifesto. Dadaism with Sabbatean jew Tristan Tzara (redemption through sin/transgressive art).

1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia with Vladimir Lenin who lived close to Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich (start of modernist art), end of the rule of the Romanovs (related to Saxe-Coburg). Martin Buber, Franz Kafka and Gustav Mahler (Theosophical Society) are members of sex cult of Otto Gros (OTO community Monte Verita in Switzerland).

A civil war is instigated between Bolsheviks and White Russians, so the White Russians (Kirill Vladimirovich married to Victoria Saxe-Coburg, Anton Turkul, Spiridovich, Markov, Boris Brasol) emigrate to Munich to stir up anti-jewish anti-communist sentiment there.

1919 Filippo Marinetti and freemason Alceste De Ambris publish the Fascist Manifesto.

1921 Antonio Gramsci found the Italian Communist Party with Togliatti, Nicola Bombacci (Italian Socialist Party with Benito Mussolini) and Amadeo Bordiga.

1923 failed coup of Adolf Hitler. false flag assassination attack is staged, on Mussolini by Theosophist Violet Gibson.

1926 Mussolini imprisons Gramsci on an island where he writes his Notebooks (doctrine of cultural marxism).

1927 Benito Mussolini (contact with jesuit Pietro Tacci Venturi) and Giovanni Gentile (influenced by Gramsci's friend Benedotti Croci) write the Doctrine of Fascism. They work with Giovanni Colonna di Cesare (descendant of Julius Caesar). Fascist Leftists: Michele Bianchi, Giuseppe Bottai, Sergio Pannunzo..

Hitler is promoted in British propaganda.

1929 Lateran Treaty with Catholic Church (endtimes prophecy of Book of Revelation).

1932 Fabian Oswald Mosley founds the British Union of Fascists with jesuit William Joyce, CEM Joad, JCF Fuller (Crowley's A.A.), John Philby,... He is a friend of the Mitford sisters and supported by British propaganda office Wellington House.

1933 Adolf Hitler blames the Reichstag fire (Mars: fire), a false flag attack with Marinus Van der Lubbe, on the communists. Hitler is promoted in a personal cult as a Saviour of the Aryan race and German economy. Like the British fascists, the German fascists use the lightning symbol, associated with sodomy. The nazi's glorify the homosexual Cathars and homosexual Frederick the Great.

The Catholic Church gives Hitler his papal blessing in pope Pacelli's Reichskonkordat, installs their other catholic fascist puppet regimes: Franco in Spain, Josef Tiso in Slovakia, Degrelle and his Rexists in Belgium, nazi Edward III, Union of Fascists of Oswald Mosley in England, Mussolini in Italy (jesuit Pietro Tacci),..

1934 Joseph Goebbels orders propaganda by Rudolf von Laban (OTO connected dancer Mary Wigman). Julius Evola works for the Sicherheitsdienst.

1936 Mosley meets Mussolini in Rome. Francisco Franco becomes dictator of Spain, in alliance with Catholic cult Opus Dei. The Nuremberg rallies of the nazi's are filmed by Leni Riefenstahl.
The BUF marches in Blackshirt uniform through a jewish neighborhood to clash with Communist Party protestors (Battle of Cable Street).

1937 Mussolini founds the Cinecittà film studio. Japan invades China.

1940 fascist Henri Pétain leads the collaborationist regime in Vichy France. He is replaced by jesuit Charles de Gaulle. start of the Holocaust ritual.

1941 Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School) Escape from Freedom about rise of fascism.

1943 Rescueing of Mussolini with Otto Skorzeny.

1944 communist Palmiro Togliatti as Deputy pm of Italy after the fall of fascism.

1945 alchemical marriage of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun before 1 may, end of the WW1 and WW2 ritual. Britain and the US present themselves as moral victors who defeated evil and become the leaders of the new world order (puppetshow democracy instead of personality cult, childish mentality of the Aeon of Horus). William Dudley Pelley connects fascism to the New Age UFO religion.

1946 Wilhelm Reich Mass Psychology of Fascism.

1956 Pino Rauti founds the Ordine Nuovo, influenced by Julius Evola. OTO member Harry Hay and Will Geer work for the American League Against War and Fascism.

1975 end of Franco's reign. Piero Paolo Pausolini Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom (Luciferian sodomy agenda, novel of Marquis de Sade), also produced by Albert Grimaldi (sodomy movie Last Tango in Paris with Marlon Brando). Pasolini is murdered in november.

2020 Corona ritual.

Adolf Hitler

Benito Mussolini