Facebook is a tool of the US secret service (CIA-FBI), designed for gathering data, social engineering and spreading media hoaxes, launched in february 2004, disguised as a company in free market capitalism.

It is owned by Vanguard and BlackRock. DST Global of Yuri Milner was an early investor.

Like other Silicon Valley companies, its aim is to turn human beings into a cyborg race with a hive mind and without privacy, as part of a Luciferian agenda (social credit system, tested in Wuhan China).

Military technology was gradually rolled out from the 70's, to move towards digital slavery step by step, with PR actors in the media industry like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates.

Facebook was developed at Harvard (participated in CIA's MK Ultra research on mind control) under authority of president Lawrence Summers (CFR, Berggruen Institute, International Crisis Group with George Soros).

From 2004, after the apparent end of DARPA project LifeLog, Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and other young jewish students as PR-agents, was presented as the genius idea of a few young, innovative entrepreneurs at Harvard and by coincidence earned 100 billion.

Zuckerberg was trained at elite school Philips Exeter Academy like Allen Dulles, Dan Brown, Jay Rockefeller, Stewart Brand (Green Church), Corliss Lamont and Thomas Lamont (CFR, Federal Reserve). He is one of the participants of The Giving Pledge of Bill Gates.

Facebook's headquarter is in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley (San Francisco), close to Stanford University (research on brain-computer interfaces) and jesuit university St Clara.

Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp and in 2014 bought Virtual Reality company Oculus (=one eye) of Palmer Luckey (sister engaged to Matt Gaetz, resident of Seaside Florida where The Truman Show was filmed).

It collaborates with the Atlantic Council (NATO affiliated).

It developed its own cryptocurrency Diem (Facebook Libra).

During the Covid19-ritual it pushed the vaccination agenda with constant censorship (in Orwellian language 'factcheckers', Full Fact sponspored by Open Society Foundations) with the 5G psyop as excuse.

Sheryl Sandberg pushes the gay-lesbian agenda with Lesbians Who Tech.


- Adam D'Angelo (Philips Exeter, Quora)
- Alan Rusbridger (Facebook Oversight Board, The Guardian, Oxford University)
- Andras Sajo (Facebook Oversight Board, Open Society Foundations)
- Catalina Botero (Facebook Oversight Board, Inter-American Dialogue)
- Chris Hughes (Philips Academy, The New School, The New Republic of Walter Lippman)
- David Wehner (jesuit)

- Donald Graham (grandson of Eugene Meyer of Federal Reserve and World Bank, The Washington Post, worked with the wife of David Rubenstein)
- Elizabeth Linder (jesuit, Ditchley, Chatham House, Atlantik-Brücke)
- Erskine Bowles (Morgan Stanley, Clinton and Obama administration, CSIS)
- Evelyn Aswad (Facebook Ovesight Board, jesuit)
- Jeff Hammerbacher (CFR)
- Greg Maffei (Oracle, Microsoft, Sirius XM, Joe Rogan Show)
- Emi Palmor (Facebook Oversight Board, Ministry of Justice Israel)
- Helle Thorning-Schmidt (ex-pm of Denmark, Save the Children, CFR, Atlantic Council, ECFR, Facebook Oversight Board, International Crisis Group, Berggruen Institute)
- John Samples (Cato Institute of Charles Koch)
- Kate Regan (LSE of Fabian Society)
- Maina Kiai (Facebook Oversight Board, UN Kenya, Open Society Foundations)
- Marc Andreesen (venture capital firm with son of David Horowitz of the Right Wing Church, who wrote a book on George Soros)
- Mark Zuckerberg
- Nighat Dad (Facebook Oversight Board, The Tor Project)
- Paul Haga (Capital Group)
- Peter Thiel (PayPal with Elon Musk, Palantir technology, gay agenda)
- Regina Dugan (DARPA, Google, Motorola, Apple)
- Robert Kimmit (jesuit, CFR, TC, Lehman Brothers, Secretary of Treasury under S&B member George W Bush)

- Ronaldo Lemmos (Facebook Oversight Board, Mozilla Foundation, Columbia University, WEF)
- Sheryl Sandberg (CFR, Brookings)
- Sudhir Krishnaswamy (Facebook Oversight Board, jesuit)
- Suzanne Nossell (PEN America, Bertelsman Media)
- Tawakkol Karman (Facebook Oversight Board, fake Arab spring, promoted in The Guardian)
- Toomas Hendrick Ilves (CIA front Radio Free Europe, ex-president of Estonia, Facebook Oversight Board, ECFR, TC)
- Yaël Eisenstat (CIA, Berggruen Institute)
- Yann LeCun (Bell Labs, NYU, Legion of Honour) Chief AI scientist at Meta (metaverse symbolism) worked with Geoffrey Hinton.


The image of the young Harvard student Mark Z. that conquered the world, is the modern version of the cult of Mars, the child Horus. His mythology was reinforced with Hollywood propaganda movie 'The Social Network' (Columbia Pictures) in which actor Mark Zuckerberg is played by actor Jesse Eisenberg (The New School) and Sean Parker is played by Justin Timberlake (Disney programming, Columbia Records).

The new age of technology is an expression of Uranus energy, associated with technology, genius and revolution (like the fake "Facebook revolution" in Egypt), associated with the number 84 (Uranus orbiting 84 years). Zuckerberg was born in 1984 like red-haired prince Harry Saxe-Coburg (book 1984 of George Orwell, student of Aldous Huxley, announced the Covid19-society.

Zuckerberg has recommended Henry Kissinger's book 'New World Order' (used as distraction by Alex Jones clique).

The previous British Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century employed occultist John Dee, who worked for her secret service, gathered all the information from British spies. His nickname 007 is a symbol for Tubalcain (two balls and a caine, a phallus symbol). Tubalcain is a password in freemasonry, just like Cain, it stands for a descendant of Lucifer. The FB logo is therefore a copy of the Tubalcain (two balls and a cane) logo from Freemasonry. Smith is another name for Tubalcain (Goo-gle also refers to that 007, led by Eric Schmidt).

Facebook plays a role in the 'mental health' agenda, where social media companies behave as AI therapist/coach who can measure your emotions.

Mark Zuckerberg played a role in a media ritual with Cambridge Analytica, where Zuckerberg was interrogated as part of a fake investigation.

Facebook is used to produce a continuous stream of fakeness, to keep billions of people in the matrix, a constant feedback loop of trigger-reaction, reacting out of fear, anger and ego identity.

Through group pressure, Instagram is made mandatory for children, stealing all the data of their text messages, promoting the digital narcism of mind controlled sex slaves like Kardashian-Jenner, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez as role model. FB=FBI, the secret service of queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the Saturn cult. 

Facebook's Peter Thiel (gay agenda, interviewed by Alex Jones at Bilderberg) works for data analytics company Palantir. The end goal of their facial recognition, eugenics and transhumanism is a kind of perverse resurrection of the dead, where real people sit and stare into their coffins in such a way that through all the collected data, supplemented with DNA, digital avatars come to life, controlled by the elite.

The transhumanists of Silicon Valley celebrate this process of death-rebirth as a cyborg, in a mass called Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Stanford Research Institute developed AI assistent Siri for Apple.

the Transhumanist Church

Peter Thiel