The term extraterrestrial was coined by HG Wells and the abbreviation E.T. by Jack Parsons' friend Sprague du Camp to describe alien life. After Kenneth's Grant influence on Crowley's Thelema, the theme of extraterrestrials became ubiquitous in pop culture. Most of information about extraterrestrials is disinfo, spread by CIA jesuits:

- Ancient Aliens (controlled by the Hearst family, Order of Malta, Irish-Aryan, Scottish rite freemasons=the Aryan Draco-Orion nordic bloodline)
- Arthur David Horn (Extraterrestrial Origin of Humanity)
- Barry Downing (claim Jesus was an alien)
- Bill Cooper
- Bill Moore (Roswell psyop)
- Billy Meier (Shemaya of biblical Fallen Angels)
- Bob Lazar
- Christopher Mellon (family who created the CIA and New Age movement)
- Coast to Coast with jesuit George Noorey
- Contact in the Desert
- Corey Goode (Gaia)
- David Hatcher Childress
- David Wilcock (Ancient Aliens, Gaia)
- Edward Ruppelt
- Erich Von Daniken (reference to Tribe of Dan, Ancient Aliens)
- George Adamski
- George Clinton Andrews
- George Knapp
- George Van Tassel
- Gray Barker (introduced the concept of Men in Black in 1956, nickname for the jesuits)
- Harold Puthoff (SRI, CIA psyop Project Stargate, Disclosure Project)
- Jack Kasher (Thrive)
- Jacques Vallée
- James Mosely
- John Lear (Dulce Base psyop)
- John Mack (Harvard)
- John Podesta (jesuit, foreword of Leslie Kean's book about UFO's)
- Josef Allen Hynek
- Karla Turner (MUFON)
- Laurence Rockefeller
- Linda Moulton Howe (Coast to Coast, Ancient Aliens, Ageoftruth.tv)
- Michael Salla
- MUFON (Karla Turner, JZ Knight, Bill Moore, Leonard Stringfield, John Lear)
- Nick Pope (Ancient Aliens, Disclosure Project)
- Nick Redfern
- Paul Bennewetz (Dulce Base psyop)
- Philip Corso (Day After Roswell, Disclosure Project)
- Raelian movement (UFO religion, Elohim as aliens)
- Richard Dolan (Disclosure Project)
- Richard Hoagland
- Steven Greer (Disclosure Project, Project Camelot, Thrive)
- Stewart Sverdlov (Project Montauk psyop, Free Your Mind)
- Tom DeLonge (Blink 182 with Travis Barker, book with Peter Levenda)
- Travis Walton
- Whitley Strieber

Facts and evidence are often mixed with fiction or a victim/saviour narrative, that is easy to debunk and discredit as unscientific (by Michael Heiser, or Carl Sagan), to dismiss as a joke and meme in popular culture, at the same time normalizing and popularizing it as preparation for Luciferian New Age world religion.

There are different branches of the UFO-religion: people who see the Anunaki story as the new genesis, people who focus on pictures and videos of UFO's (MUFON), and people who concentrate on the crop circle psy-op (Saturn is the god of agriculture, of corn).


1920s HP Lovecraft (connected to the OTO) writes science fiction as modern form of magic (imagination as part of magic).

1945 atomic bombs of the Manhattan Project, seen by Kenneth Grant as tearing of an interdimensional veil, that allowed the Old/Ancient Ones to enter.

1946 Jack Parsons' and Ron Hubbard's Babalon Workings in the Mojave desert.

1947  Kenneth Arnold (BSA) claims to have seen 9 UFO's at Mount Rainier in Washington. His story is publicized by Raymond Palmer (science fiction scene of Robert Bloch and HP Lovecraft).

Roswell crash psyop on 33d parallel, fake video's of autopsy of Grey aliens, first stories of Men in Black (nickname of the jesuits). Allen Hynek of US Air Force spreads rumors about Project Sign and Project Blue Book.

George Van Tassel moves to Giant Rock in Mojave desert.

9/18 OSS turns into CIA.

12/1 Aleister Crowley dies.

1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still= Lust Babalon riding the Beast novel of Harry Bates (Strange Tales with Robert E Howard, the publisher of Isaac Asimov and Parsons' friend Robert Heinlein), set in Walter Reed Army Hospital of Project Bluebird Michael Rennie Patricia Neal (wife of MI6 agent Roald Dahl giant Lock Martin (Lockheed Martin, 10/12 like Crowley) Hugh Marlowe (Pasadena Playhouse) written by Edmund North (Stanford)  20th Century Fox music with a theremin instrument.

The Thing From Another World.

1952 George Adamski as contactee (collaborated with William Dudley Pelley, in contact with Theosophist Benjamin Creme). George Van Tassel, who worked for Howard Hughes, claims to be in contact with aliens from Venus, Nikola Tesla and with Ashtar (=goddess Isis/Ishtar) in the Mojave desert.

Project Blue Book. UFO psyop at US Capitol in Washington DC with Edward Ruppelt (Project Bluebook with Josef Allen Hynek) and Roger Ramey (nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll, Roswell incident ritual).

H. Marshall Chadwell (Project Artichoke) of Office of Scientific Intelligences creates the Robertson Panel with Howard Robinson (Caltech, Vannevar Bush's National Defense Research Committee), Luis Walter Alvarez (Nobel Prize in physics, Manhattan Project), Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, J Allen Hynek, supposedly to investigate the findings of Project Blue Book.

Raymond Palmer and Kenneth Arnold The Coming of the Saucers with first appearance of a man in black.

1954 George Van Tassel's Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions at Giant Rock with all famous contactee's like Truman Bethurum and Orfeo Angelucci, and Edward Ruppelt (Project Blue Book) published in Life (Time) magazine.

1955 Crowley's successor Kenneth Grant publishes his manifesto (cult of Lam, tantric union with spirit enforced by drugs).

1956 Albert Bender and Gray Barker They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, popularizes the concept of men in black.

1960 Francis Drake of Cornell University and JPL (Jack Parsons) starts Project Ozma, named after Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, promoted by Time as search for extraterrestrial life.

1961 Betty and Barney Hill abduction media ritual, introduction of Greys in the public consciousness.

1963 Department of Defense and National Science Foundation build the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico as cup of Babalon.

1968 Erich von Däniken Chariot of the Gods?.

1969 president Jimmy Carter claims to have seen a UFO. Betty's niece Kathleen Marden starts MUFON and works with Stanton Friedman.

1973 Claude Vorilhon founds the Raelian movement (UFO and sex cult) in France with Star of David and swastika symbol. Swiss Billy Meier starts a UFO religion with himself as prophet. The NSF starts the construction of the Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico with David Heeschen (National Academy of Sciences), close to town Magdalena (Holy Grail cup symbolism), the Roswell incident ritual at the 33d parallel and White Sands site of the Trinity Test.

1974 Arecibo Observatory media stunt, pretends to send the Arecibo message with information about DNA to the constellation of Hercules (next to Ophiuchus).

1975 John Keel writes The Mothman Prophecies. NBC movie The UFO Incident James Earl Jones. Zecharia Sitchin writes books of disinfo about the Anunnaki.

1976 Esotérisme Expérimentale Andrija Puharich (MK Ultra) Claude Vorillhon, J Allen Hynek, Serge Monast (Project Blue Beam), Zecharia Sitchin, Paul Helleyer, Linda Moulton Howe (Stanford), Richard Dolan.

1977 Steven Spielberg  Close Encounters of the Third Kind with US Air Force agent Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée (trained at Stanford, friend of Anton LaVey). Bases Project of Miles Johnston.

1978 Allen Hynek and Vallée's UFO speech at UN General Assembly.

1980 Paul Bennewetz is used in the Dulce Base hoax. John Lear (US Air Force, friend of William Cooper) and Bob Lazar (Fairchild of William Shockley) spread the Area 51 hoax.

1982 (year of birth Moonchild William) E.T. Steven Spielberg.

1987 Whitley Strieber (worked with Art Bell) publishes Communion with a Grey alien on its cover. George Knapp (Coast to Coast) and Bob Lazar create the Area 51 hoax (test site of Lockheed Martin). Contact Billy Meier Wendell Stevens (US Air Force) narrated by David Warner.

1991 founding of International UFO Congress with Richard Dolan, George Knapp. The Center for Inquiry (Carl Sagan) is used as team of skeptic debunkers.

1993 The X-Files Fox.

1995 The SETI institute of California starts Project Phoenix with Jill Tarter (in anticipation of death of Diana ritual).

1997 Phoenix Lights psyop on 33d parallel. Men in Black Will Smith. Contact of Robert Zemeckis based on book of Carl Sagan.

2001 Disclosure Project of Steven Greer (claiming all aliens are benign and are waiting until we contact them, part of a New Age UFO religion, where entities of other dimensions are welcomed as gods) with jesuit Daniel Sheehan, Richard Dolan. Internet pop culture: disinfo of Project Camelot (David Wilcock, Steven Greer, Dan Winter, Linda Moulton Howe, Randy Cramer, James Casbolt,..).

2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still remake Keanu Reeves Jaden Smith (Scientology).

2009 Hearst through the History Channel broadcasts Ancient Aliens, introduces Giorgio Tsoukalos (Coast to Coast) as the archetypal unscientific, crazy ancient astronaut theorist, used as as Facebook meme.

2011 Thrive of Foster Gamble with David Icke, Steven Greer, G Edward Griffin and Daniel Sheehan.

2012 movie Prometheus.

2014 Contact in the Desert at Joshua Tree.

2015 The Montauk Chronicles. Tom DeLonge (Coast to Coast, Joe Rogan Show, published book of Bob Lazar) To the Stars project with Harold Puthoff (CIA Stargate Project).  Breakthrough Listen project with Stephen Hawking, Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner (World Bank, investor in Facebook),  Martin Rees (president of the Royal Society) and Ann Druyan, wife of Carl Sagan (novel Contact). It uses the Robert Byrd Green Bank Telescope in Virginia funded by NSF, supposedly to listen for 'alien' communication. It was named after Oddfellow and senator Robert Byrd, one of the main characters in Cathy O'Brien's narrative.

2017 the Oumaouma media ritual with Avi Loeb (Green Bank Telescope used to scan the object).

2019 History Channel Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation with Tom DeLonge, Leslie Kean (Coast to Coast) and Christopher Mellon. The Cosmic Secret David Wilcock Michael Salla.

In most cases the same groups of aliens reoccur: reptilians, greys and Nordics (sometimes insectoids)

Misleading literature on aliens

Budd Hopkins 'Invasions' 1987
David Jacobs 'Secret Life: firsthand, documented accounts of UFO abductions'
Ed Komarek 'Exopolitics: a comprehensive briefing'
Edward Ruppelt (Project Blue Book) 'The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects'
John Mack (Harvard) 'Abductions: human encounters with aliens' 1994
John Scott Chace 'Project Blue book' 2018
Karla Turner 'Taken', 'Masquerade of Angels'
Linda Moulton Howe Alien Harvest
Mark Pilkington 'Mirage men'
Nick Redern 'Bloodline of the Gods'
Richard Dolan 'After Disclosure'
Scot Alan Roberts 'Secret History of the Reptilians'
Stephanie Relme 'the Mars Records'
Stewart Swerdlow 'True Blood, Blue Blood'
Whitley Strieber 'Communion' 1987

the New Age Church