Most of information about extraterrastials is disinfo, spread by CIA jesuits:
- Ancient Aliens (controlled by the Hearst family, Order of Malta, Irish-Aryan, Scottish rite freemasons=the Aryan Draco-Orion bloodline, nazi angle Orion Nordics)
- Christopher Mellon (family who created the CIA and New Age movement)
- Coast to Coast with jesuit George Noorey
- Corey Goode (Gaia)
- David Wilcock
- Erich Von Daniken (reference to Tribe of Dan)
- George Adamski
- Gray Barker (introduced the concept of Men in Black in 1956, nickname for the jesuits)
- Harold Puthoff (SRI, CIA psyop Project Stargate)
- James Mosely
- John Mack (Harvard)
- jesuit John Podesta (foreword of Leslie Kean's book about UFO's)
- Laurence Rockefeller
- Steven Greer
- Tom DeLonge

Facts and evidence are often mixed with fiction or a victim/saviour narrative, that is easy to debunk and discredit as unscientific (by Michael Heiser, or Carl Sagan CFR), to dismiss as a joke and meme in popular culture, at the same time normalising and popularising it as preparation for Luciferian New Age world religion.

There are different branches of the UFO-religion: people who see the Anunaki story as the new genesis, people who focus on pictures and videos of UFO's (Mufon), and people who concentrate on the crop circle psy-op (Saturn is the god of agriculture, of corn).

Distractions/misconceptions in Ancient Aliens:

- Puma Punku, Tikwanaku site Bolivia, considered a world centre like the sites in Greece were considered as navel of the world, meaning they were used to worship the celestial pole, sacred peak withe dragon Draco on its top. large, heavy stone slabs red sandstone. The builders had advanced knowledge of masonry, practiced human sacrifice, had trophy skulls. They used the H symbol, symbol of a stargate in Egyptian and Nubian pyramids, also used in the History channel logo (puma punku, door of the puma, door to the otherworld). The gate of the sun show the serpent god Viracocha, holding 2 poles. (swastika, meaning 'all is well(, symbol of good luck of Aryans), used by Ahnenerbe institute of nazi's to document their Aryan heritage. Ancient Aliens exaggerate the weight of the stones, suggest the use of diamond tip tools.

- the Pyramids, built as stargate to return to Orion, mummy as Osiris god of the underworld, mummification ceremony synchronous with inundation of the Nile and the disappearance of Sirius behind the sun (Isis going to underworld). King chamber as pineal gland, queens chamber as pituary gland. The stairs as stairway to the stars. They were not a UFO landing site, but the pharao's claimed a 'divine' and extraterrestial origin.

- Baalbek, used in worship of the god Baal, corrupt male energy worshipped in form obelisks (phallus of Baal) with very large, heave stones. Ancient Aliens quote Sitchin's milseading information that it was used as a landing space for spaceships.

- Incan sites Machu Picchu, 15th century sacred mountain, Easter Island

Ancient artifacts:

Ancient Aliens promotes Erich von Daniken's misinterpretation of the depiction of king Pacal and the World Tree, as a machine, designed by extraterrestial. The Nazca Lines, Tolima stylised birds and fish are interpreted as 'fighter jets', the depiction of a lotus in an Egyptian crypt at Dendera, as first womb out of nothingness giving birth to sun god Atum, represented as a snake, is interpreted as a 'light bulb'. The lotus is supported by Nun, goddess of nothingness and the Djed pillar, symbol of the spine and kundalini energy (activation of the pineal as birth of the universe out of nothingness). Ancient Aliens uses pictures of manupilated hieroglyphs to prove the Egyptians had planes and helicopters. The sun and moon on crucifiction scenes as male female pillar, are interpreted as Ufo’s. The crystal skulll hoax was promoted by Frederick Mitchell Hedges, who also worked for the Hearst family.

The large Paracus skulls were introduced in 1928 by Julio Tello, funded by Rockefeller foundation (who also funded Robert Temple of 'the Sirius mystery' about the Dogon tribe), spreading rumors they had European origin.

Ancient text issues:

Ezekiel’s Wheel in the bible is interpreted as a spaceship, scenes in the Mahabharata are interpreted as scenes of ancient nuclear warfare (Louis Pauwels' book 'the Morning of the Magicians'), Vimana’s as UFO's in fake text 'Vimanika Shastra', Anunnaki, Nephilim,..

Hearst through the History Channel Ancient Aliens 2009-2015 introduces Giorgio Tsoukalos (Coast to Coast) as the archetype of unscientific, crazy ancient astronaut theorist, used as as Facebook meme.

Arthur David Horn's 'Extraterrestial Origin of Humanity', Barry Downing claiming Jesus was an alien, the french Rael movement interpreting the Elohim as aliens, Philip Corso (Day After Roswell), Stephen Greer claiming all aliens are benign and are waiting untill we contact them is all part of a New Age UFO religion, where entities of other dimensions are welcomed as 'gods'.

In most cases the same groups of aliens reoccur: reptilians, greys and nordics (sometimes insectoids).

Misleading literature on aliens

Budd Hopkins 'Invasions' 1987
David Jacobs 'Secret Life: firsthand, documented accounts of UFO abductions'
Ed Komarek 'Exopolitics: a comprehensive briefing'
Edward Ruppelt (Project Bluebook) 'The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects'
John Mack (Harvard) 'Abductions: human encounters with aliens' 1994
John Scott Chace 'Project Blue book' 2018
Karla Turner 'Taken', 'Masquerade of Angels'
Mark Pilkington 'Mirage men'
Nick Redern 'Bloodline of the Gods'
Richard Dolan 'After Disclosure'
Scot Alan Roberts 'Secret History of the Reptilians'
Stephanie Relme 'the Mars Records'
Stewart Swerdlov 'True Blood, Blue Blood'
Whitley Strieber 'Communion' 1987

the New Age Church