Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is a British fake anti-establishment movement, founded in 2018 by Tamsin Omond (Green Party, transgender agenda), Gail Bradbrook and Roger Hallam (Radical Routes, Burning Pink Party), used in the media industry as a political puppet of the Left Wing Church and with Al Gore, Greta Thurnberg one of the main priests in the Climate Church.

Gail Bradbrook was previously married to Jeff Forshaw (CERN, book with Brian Cox, the Observer). ER organises mass arrests, hunger strikes and traffic disruptions. It targets the fashion industry and so-called climate deniers.

They are promoted by The Guardian, actress Emma Thompson (married to Kenneth Branagh), Greta Thurnberg, Julia Bradbury (BBC, ITV), Noam Chomsky (Institute for Policy Studies), James Hansen (NASA), Stephen Fry (gay-pedophilia agenda, announced the Covid19-ritual with V for Vendetta), Michael Stipe (gay agenda),..

They are funded by the Climate Emergency Fund of Trevor Neilson (Council on Foreign Relations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, company with grandson of Warren Buffett, Global Philantry Group with Madonna, Miley Cyrus), Rory Kennedy (daughter of Robert Kennedy, sister of Robert Kennedy Jr) and Aileen Getty (family with oil fortune, who funded Crowley follower Kenneth Anger). Rory Kennedy had an organisation with Vanessa Vadim (daughter of Roger Vadim, previously married to Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Fonda).

Mobilize Earth with Joker Joaquin Phoenix and Joker Matthew Modine was a fundraiser for ER.

ER blockated the headquarter of The NY Times and Extinction Rebellion Youth blockated the headquarter of Google in London after an article in The Guardian stated Google funded climate deniers.

The hourglass X symbol, like Skull and Bones, is a symbol of Saturn, planet of death, fear, time, social order.

It serves as an announcement of the extinction of the old race (predictive programming in Resedent Evil Extinction, Transformers Age of Extinction) and the birth of a new transhumanist, genderless race (through nanotechnology, introduced during the Covid19-ritual).

It fits in a strategy of constant tension and chaos with violent riots of BLM, Trump supporters in the Pluto in Capricorn era.

the Climate Church

Al Gore