Eve (Awa) is the first woman in the Book of Genesis of the Bible, a book written by the captive jews who copied Sumerian mythology about Adamu, Enki and Ninhursag. The creation myth is manipulation of the God program that insinuate man was created (mythology of Anunaki Enki) by the God program. Yod and HVH (Adam and Eve) represent the higher and lower realm separated by the Abyss, duality of red and blue, male and female.  The matriarchal society of Lemuria (feminine energy of Venus) came under influence of reptilians. Their androgynous bodies became more material and lost the ability of self-impregnation (virgin birth). The snake Lucifer is the wave (flux of + and -, male and female Kundalini energy, DNA). Adam in the Midrash is a hermaphrodite (madam). In Atlantis  genetic engineering led to more degradation (devolution) and a shorter life span.

The Lords of Mars (Baal) suppressed the feminine energy of earth through patriarchy.

The Egyptians worshiped Atum, a primordial self-created God (the God matrix) and mythological figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology, mentioned in the Pyramid Texts and Book of the Dead. Atum was the father of Shu and Tefnut, the progenitors of male earth god Geb and female sky goddess Nut, and one of the 9 gods of the Ennead. As a solar (life force of the soul) deity he was equated with Re (Ra). Like Set he was associated with the evening sun (tm: to finish, word tomb, falling sun in autumn), while Khepri represented the morning and midday sun. Geb and Nut gave birth to Osiris and Isis (Orion and Sirius), Set and Nephthys. He gave birth to himself out of the Watery Abyss (in Sumeria Anu, Enki's Abzu). Sometimes he was represented as a snake (=wave, DNA, myths of interdimensional shapeshifting reptilians) or fighting the chaos serpent Apep. Atum was worshiped in Heliopolis (city of the sun) in the form of a phallic obelisk. Atum= Aum-Ohm vibration (Holy Breath) in Hinduism, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

Akhenaten replaced Amun and Atum with Aten in a cult of monotheism (worship of Abraham the Ram of Aries during the Age of Aries, Adam and Eve as the twins of the Age of Gemini). The horned bull became the Phoenician and Hebrew letter aleph.

Aleph is one of the 3 mother letters with mem and shin. In an atom the negative female electron orbits around a nucleus with positive proton and neutral neutron. The 4 elements and 4 letters of YHVH can be pictured as the figure Adam Kadmon with the Vav as phallus and Shin in the heart.

As the first man and woman Adam and Eve represent the sun at dawn and evening, spring and fall, the cycle of evolution, in mathematics odd and even numbers. The fall of the feminine (Eve) became the theme of the mother goddesses going to the Underworld (subconscious) Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, Persephone (Eleusinian Mysteries),..

She is the mother of Cain, Abel and Seth (progenitor of Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah). Her family tree represents the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Adam and Eve, male and female =upward and downward pyramid form the Star of David (sexual energy of Daath). The throat chakra (Atum-Adam's apple, Adem=breath) corresponds with Da'ath (the qlippoth=Kings of Edom). Adam and Eve created Cain and Abel (Bael), the child of Lucifer and Seth (setting sun), progenitor of Noah (nun: fish). In the bible Adam lived 930 years (93: solar number).

 The dam (masculine energy) stopping female water =capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam-A'dam. tm: to finish, New Years' Eve represents death- rebirth.

In Genesis Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden through an angel with flaming sword (constellation Perseus in Aries opposite of Libra, 777 Lightning Flash of Creation). Born into sin=born into the sinewave (eve) of the zodiac signs, lunar matrix (after the moon was put in orbit of earth, the menstruation cycle was rimed to  the moon instead of the sun), start of negative wave in astrological cycle of 25.000 years.

Genesis=genes snakes of Isis. Like Atum was the progenitor of Osiris-Isis-Horus, Adam was the progenitor of Holy bloodline Seth (Egyptian god Set), Noah, Abraham (Ibrahim), Jacob (Tree of Life as dimensional ladder=Jacob's Ladder) and prophets Muhammed, Moses and Jesus, but also of Cain, Enoch, Tubalcain. 13th Tribe of Dan (DNA)=serpent of 13th sign Ophiuchus the Snakeholder.

The Saturn cult (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) suppressed the feminine energy of earth through demonization of women, Eve as Evil, worshiping demons like Lilith. Mary is sometimes called the second Eve.

In gnosticism Eve represents the feminine principle Barbelo. When Sophia fell asleep, the Demiurg created a false Eve, the eidolon, a reflection of Sophia. In some depictions the apple of Adam and Eve is a magic mushroom containing DMT.

Adam, Eve and the serpent are depicted at the entrance of Knights Templar church Notre Dame in Paris.

Adam and Eve are pictured on the Lovers card (Gemini, contrast of opposites Mars and Venus during spring and during fall) and the Devil card. The Tower represents the expelling from the House of God.

1432  brothers Van Eyck  the Lamb of God (ram of Aries) with Adam and Eve.

1528 painting of Lucas Cranach the Elder.

1533 HC Agrippa 3 Books on Occult Philosophy pentagram Adam and Eve, letter Shin as 5th element (YSHVH, Yeshua). inverted pentagram (goat of Mendes) evokes Samuel and Lilith.

1667 John Milton Paradise Lost.

1826 Paradise Lost illustrations of William Blake.

1927 Metropolis of Fritz Lang the magician creating false Eve.
1939 Snow White dies after red apple.

1941 Lady Eve Barbara Stanwyck Preston Sturges (son of friend of Crowley).

1945 The Manhattan Project was a project to split the atom and to make an atom bomb to drop it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (blood of the snake, 33d parallel).

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun alchemical marriage on 4/29 (date of William and Catherine).

1946 Eva Peron as first lady of Argentina.

1948 founding of WHO with serpent logo in Geneva (gene=serpent of Eve) Switzerland. CERN in Geneva tries to open the Abyss of Revelation 911.

1950 All About Eve Joseph Mankiewicz Anne Baxter (Batman with Adam West) as Eve Marilyn Monroe (Mary).

Marjorie Cameron gives birth to Eve Kimmel.

1957 Three Faces of Eve (triple moon) Joanne Woodward (EST training of Werner Erhard).

The Beatles (beetle Khepri) founded Apple Records.

1968 Eve Christopher Lee.

1978 Superman Valerie Perrine (Playboy) as Eve Teschmeier Richard Donner.

1979 The Alan Parsons Project album Eve.

Eve Torres. Eve Arden (Pasadena Playhouse).

1974 Steve (Eve) Jobs, father of Eve Jobs) founds Apple (fruit of the Tree of Knowledge).

genetic engineering to recreate the fall of man and days of Genesis.

1978 Rebecca Cann (Cain, Science Church) invents the concept of mitochondrial Eve (Darwinist Out of Africa theory).

1999 Eve Let There Be Eve Interscope Records. Eve feat Gwen Stefani Blow Your Mind. The Matrix AWA tower.

2000 Life-Size (doll programming) Tyra Banks as Eve.

2004 Lost (Paradise Lost) Evangeline Lilly as Kate (Hecate), filmed in Hawaii (Lemuria). Eve Ensler The Vagina Monologues.

2005 V for Vendetta Natalie Portman as Eve John Hurt as Adam Suttler.

2006 Casino Royale Eva Green.

2008 Wall-E robot EVE Pixar (Steve Jobs) Disney. porn actress Eva Angelina. Eve short film Natalie Portman.

2013 Star Trek Into Darkness Alice Eve.

2014 remake of Rosemary's Baby Zoe Saldana Patrick J Adams. Supernatural character Eve.

2018 First Man Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.