Eros and Civilisation

Eros and Civilisation: A Philosophocal Inquiry into Freud is a book written in 1955, by Herbert Marcuse, an agent of the OSS (later CIA) who was affiliated with the Frankfurt School (the Left Wing Church). Eros the life instinct is the rose, Venus, Lucifer the Lightbringer (Julius Evola wrote Eros and the Mysteries of Love). It was based on the work of Sigmund Freud, Civilisation and Its Discontents (1930) and served as a blueprint for Pop Culture, the fake feminist movement and the fake Black Panther movement (the Black Church) with Angela Davis, a student of Marcuse.

Marcuse wrote the book while living with Susan Sontag/Rosenblatt, affiliated with CIA front Esalen Institute, part of the gay agenda and mother of David Rieff of The New School and Open Society Foundations of George Soros.

It was published by Beacon Press, which also published Martin Luther King Jr and the Pentagon Papers (The NY Times, Marcus Raskin of IPS). Susan Sontag promoted it in the Columbian Daily Spectator.

Eros is Greek for 'love'. Eros/Cupid is on the Lovers card. Jack Parsons was the head of the OTO Agape lodge. In the development of a child the Pleasure Principle is replaced by the Reality Principle, the child learns to repress his or her instincts to be accepted as a member of civilisation. Nirvana principle= return to the womb.

Part I Under the rule of the Reality Principle

1 The Hidden Trend in Psychoanalysis.

According to Freud, civilisation is repression (of instincts, through monogamy, work) and the fall of the western civilisation means liberation of instincts. Uncontrolled Eros (life) is as fatal as Thanatos, the Death Instinct. Civilisation as delayed satisfaction, productiveness that represents the Reality Principle that replaces the Pleasure Principle in the development of a child/person. The development of the repressive mental apparatus happens in two stages, the onthogenetic (individual scale from infant to adult), phylogenetic (large scale, community to civilisation). Remembrance of the Past as vehicle for liberation (Archaic Revival of Terence McKenna, resorting to the last anchor points, Greek and Roman culture).
2 The Origins of the Repressed Individual (onthogenesis)

The Freudian Uberich represents parents, culture. Civilisation weakens the life instinct, liberates destructive powers (progress=> more destruction of nature). The entertainment industry offers possibilities of remembering and reliving the Pleasure Principle, eternal carefree joy, in harmony with the Reality Principle (work, duties).
3 The Origin of Repressive Civilisation (phylogenesis)

The liberation of parental authority in puberty as starting point for social engineering trends like Avant Garde, Pop Culture, hippies, punk rockers, Black Panthers, Gothics, New Wavers, Straight Edgers,..
4 The Dialectic of Civilisation.

Freud equates civilisation with the guilt principle. Entertainment industry offers sexual freedom in harmony without disrupting conformism and capitalism. Mass media as escapism. Nous (spirit, no body) as highest form of freedom.
5 Philosophical Interlude

Part II Beyond the Reality Principle

6 The Historical Limits of the Established Reality Principle
7 Phantasy and Utopia. imagination has truth value of its own (stream of consciousness in surrealistic art and literature).
8 The Images of Orpheus and Narcissus. akin to Dionysus, Orpheus=homosexuality.
9 The Aesthetic Dimension
10 The Transformation of Sexuality into Eros
11 Eros and Thanatos

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