Eric Roberts

Eric Anthony Roberts is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to play a role in the James Holmes phoenix ritual (death-rebirth of Brandon Lee who played Eric Draven and Heath Ledger). He is the brother of Julia Roberts and father of Emma Roberts (Blow with Johnny Depp).

He is related to David Rayfiel, who played in movies of Sydney Pollack.

He appeared in VH1 staged reality show Celebrity Rehab.

Astrological chart

born 4/18/1956, date d Albert Einstein, James Woods, Aries the emperor (liber 418, date of Transcendance).

Dominants: Leo (Lust), Aries, Aquarius- Sun (Christ, like Ledger), Mars, Moon.


1978 King of the Gypsies Dave Shelley Winters Sterling Hayden Brooke Shields Judd Hirsch Susan Sarandon Paramount Pictures
1980 Paul's Case Paul Television film
1981 Raggedy Man Teddy
1983 Star 80 Paul Snider
1983 Miss Lonelyhearts Miss Lonelyhearts Television film (sgt peppers)
1984 The Pope of Greenwich Village Stuart Rosenberg Mickey Rourke Daryl Hannah
1985 The Coca-Cola Kid Becker
1985 Runaway Train Buck McGeehy (broken glass) Jon Voight Menahem Golan
1986 Slow Burn Jacob Asch Television film
1986 Nobody's Fool Riley Hood (the Fool) Rosanna Arquette Louise Fletcher
1989 Rude Awakening Fred
1989 Blood Red Dennis Hopper Julia Roberts
1989 Best of the Best Alex Grady
1990 The Ambulance Josh Baker
1990 Descending Angel Michael Rossi Television film
1991 Lonely Hearts Frank (Sgt Pepper's)
1991 By the Sword Alexander Villard
1992 Final Analysis Richard Gere Kim Basinger Uma Thurman
1993 Best of the Best II Alex Grady
1993 Voyage Gil Freeland Television film
1993 Love, Cheat & Steal Reno Adams
1994 Babyfever Anthony
1994 Freefall Grant Orion =osiris (the hanged man) Avi Lerner
1994 The Hard Truth Chandler Etheridge
1994 Sensation Ian Burton
1994 The Specialist Sylvester Stallone James Woods Sharon Stone Rod Steiger
1994 Love Is a Gun Jack Hart
1995 The Immortals Jack (the joker mask) Joe Pantoliano Chris Rock Tia Carrere Tony Curtis
1995 The Nature of the Beast Adrian (Dusty)
1995 Saved by the Light Dannion Brinkley Television film
1996 It's My Party Nick Stark
1996 Public Enemies Arthur Dunlop Alyssa Milano Theresa Russell (also movie of Johnny Depp, who played Ledger in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus)

1996 Power 98 Karlin Pickett
1996 Doctor Who The Master / Bruce (=Bruce Wayne)
1996 Heaven's Prisoners Bubba Rocque
1996 The Cable Guy Himself Jim Carrey Matthew Broderick Jack Black
1996 Dark Angel (Lucifer)
1996 Glass Cage Montrachet
1996 American Strays
1996 Past Perfect
1997 The Shadow Men Bob Wilson Sherilyn Fenn
1997 Most Wanted Assistant Deputy Director Spencer
1997 T.N.T. Russo
1998 The Prophecy II Michael
1998 La Cucaracha Walter Pool
1998 Making Sandwiches Julia Short film
1999 Restraining Order Robert Woodfield
1999 Wildflowers Daryl Hannah
1999 Façade Colin Wentworth
1999 Hitman's Run Tony Lazorka / John Dugan
2000 Tripfall Mr. Eddie
2000 Race Against Time James Gabriel
2000 The Alternate Michael Madsen Ice-T
2000 Cecil B. Demented Melanie Griffith Maggie Gyllenhaal Stephen Dorff Alicia Witt Patty Hearst Roseanne Barr
2000 Sanctimony Lieutenant
2000 Mercy Streets Rome
2001 Mindstorm David Mendez
2001 Fast Sofa Bijou Philips Jennifer Tilley Crispin Glover
2001 Raptor (one eye, reptilian) Sheriff Jim Tanner
2001 Con Games Officer Hopkins
2002 Spun The Man
2002 Wolves of Wall Street Dyson Keller
2003 National Security Nash
2003 Endangered Species Lt. Mike "Sully" Sullivan
2004 Six: The Mark Unleashed Dallas
2004 The Last Shot Himself Uncredited
2005 Confessions of an Action Star Police Chief
2005 The Civilization of Maxwell Bright Arlis
2006 A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints Older Antonio Robert Downey Jr Rosario Dawson
2006 Phat Girlz
2006 Hollywood Dreams Karen Black
2006 DOA: Dead or Alive Donovan
2006 Heroes NBC (=Horus)
2006 One Way Nick Swell
2006 Aurora (=Aurora theatre of the James Holmes ritual)
2008 Witless Protection
2008 The Dark Knight Sal Maroni Christopher Nolan Heath Ledger, scenes like Brandon Lee in posthumous movie The Crow, Christian Bale Michael Caine Gary Oldman Aaron Eckhart Maggie Gyllenhaal
2008 Dark Honeymoon L.A. Guy
2009 The Steam Experiment Grant
2009 Rock Slyde Jake the Deliveryman
2009 Shannon's Rainbow (Wizard of Oz programming)
2009 Royal Kill Dad
2009 Crimes of the Past
2009 The Butcher
2009 In the Blink of an Eye
2010 Enemies Among Us
2010 The Expendables James Munroe
2011 Chillerama
2012 Silver Case Senator
2012 Deadline Ronnie Bullock
2012 Snow White: A Deadly Summer Grant
2012 Bloodwork
2012 The Mark Cooper
2013 Wrong Cops Bob
2013 Lovelace Nat Laurendi Billy Zane Amanda Seyfried Peter Sarsgaard James Franco as Hugh Hefner Chloé Sevigny Sharon Stone Hank Azaria Wes Bentley
2013 Assumed Killer Taxi Driver
2013 A Talking Cat!?! Duffy the Cat Voice role
2013 Paranormal Movie Dr. Lipschitz
2013 Pop Star Mr. Esposito
2013 White T Ricardo
2013 The Cloth Father Tollman
2013 The Hot Flashes Lawrence Humphrey
2013 Assault on Wall Street Lawyer Patterson
2013 Before I Sleep David
2013 Frank Hamer Direct-to-video
2013 Dante's Hell Animated Dante voice role
2014 SEAL Patrol Mr. Cromwell
2014 Inherent Vice Michael Z. "Mickey" Wolfmann Joker Joaquin Phoenix Josh Brolin Owen Wilson Reese Witherspoon institute based on CIA front Esalen Institute
2014 The Opposite Sex Mr. Campbell
2014 Starcrossed Rommel Lazarus
2015 Moments of Clarity Hal Spreadum
2015 Stalked by My Doctor Dr. Albert Beck TV movie
2015 Skin Traffik The Executive
2015 No Deposit Gerry Gaci
2015 American Sharia Officer Richardson
2015 A Fatal Obsession Michael Ryan
2015 Ktown Cowboys Al
2015 The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) Governor Hughes
2015 L.A. Slasher The Mayor
2015 Sicilian Vampire Detective Louis Marshall
2015 The Condemned 2 WWE of McMahons
2015 Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart Chris Cornell as the Hanged Man Elena Satine (Strange Angel about Jack Parsons).
2016 Stalked by My Doctor: The Return Dr. Albert Beck TV movie
2016 Compadres Dalton
2016 Six Gun Savior The Devil
2016 The Red Maple Leaf James Caan
2016 A Trip to Jamaica
2017 The Institute James Franco Tim Blake Nelson (played MK Ultra doctor Sydney Gottlieb) Pamela Anderson about mind control experiments
2017 Unbridled
2017 Ayla: The Daughter of War General Coulter, U.S. General Officer
2017 Maximum Impact Danny Trejo
2018 Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge
2018 Papa Dr. Eric Owens Frankie Avalon (movies with Anette Funicello) Ann-Margret Daryl Hannah Michael Madsen
2018 Blackbird (=The Crow, the Ba in Egyptian mythology)

2018 Frank and Ava as Harry Cohn about Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner
2018 Head Full of Honey Til Schweiger (murder at movie theatre in Inglorious Basterds)
2019 Night Walk Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone)


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