Eranos (Greek for 'banquet') is a discussion group that gathered in a series of conferences on science, religion, history, psychology and yoga founded by Theosophist Olga Frödl-Kapteyn and funded by the Melllon family.

From 1933 (year of rise Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler, Jung Carl and Joseph Campbell=JC like Jesus Christ) the conferences were held near the Ordo Templi Orientis center Monte Verità, near Ascona Switzerland (Rudolf Steiner of the Theosophical Society, Paul Klee, Isadora Duncan, Hermann Hesse,..). Members of the Monte Verità community created the modernist Dada movement at the Cabarat Voltaire in Zürich (death of God, nihilist crisis announced by Friedrich Nietzsche).

The Theosophical Society did research on yoga to use dissociation techniques in trauma based mind control (used to train Hollywood actors). Like the Hitler Youth and the Wandervogel movement of Hans Bluher that visited Monte Verità, its goal was to reinstall the Greek pedophilia religion and to move towards one Luciferian world religion in the Aeon of Horus (god of truth).

Olga Frödl-Kapteyn was influenced by Alice Bailey, who worked for the UN and Lucis/Lucifer Trust. Her mother was a friend of Fabian GB Shaw.


- Adolf Portman (biology)
- Alfons Rosenberg (friend of the daughter of Richard Kalergy)
- Carl Jung and his students Marie-Louise von Franz and Erich Neumann
- Ernst Benz (SturmAbteilung, book on Emanuel Swedenborg)
- Erwin Schrödinger
- Friedrich Heiler (connected to OTO)
- Gerard Holton (Harvard, APS)
- Gershom Scholem (Frankfurt School)
- Gilbert Durand (anthropology)
- Giuseppe Tucci (history of Buddhism)
- Gustav Heyer
- Heinrich Zimmer (Indian philology)
- Henri-Charles Puech (historian of religions)
- Henry Corbin (Islamic studies)
- Herbert Read (art history)
- Hermann Weyl
- Jacob Wilhelm Hauer (Hitler Youth, SS, German Faith movement of University of Tubingen, friend of Ernst Graf zu Reventlow)
- Joseph Campbell
- Karl Löwith (student of Heidegger)
- Karoly Kerenyi (Greek mythology)
- Kathleen Raine (scholar of William Blake)
- Louis Massignon (jesuit, islamology)
- Ludwig Derleth (Cosmic Circle of Stefan George)
- Martin Buber (Zionism)
- Max Knoll (Princeton, electrical stimulation of the brain)
- Mircea Eliade
- Pierre Hadot (books on Platonism, friend of Foucault)
- René Huyghe (jesuit, evacuation of the Louvre during WW2)
- Robert Eisler (friend of Aby Warburg)
- Rudolf Otto (historian)

Through the Bollingen Foundation the Mellons published and promoted writers like  WH Auden, Ezra Pound, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, André Malraux, Stephen Spender, David Cecil and Delmore Schwartz (NY Intellectuals, treated at Bellevue). Jung was influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg and contributed to The Trickster of rabbi Paul Radin (CCNY, student of Franz Boas). The Mellons also played a role in the hippie drug culture of CIA agent Timothy Leary.

Herbert Read founded the Institute of Contemporary Art with Roland Penrose, nephew of physicist Roger Penrose.

In 1949 Joseph Campbell wrote The Hero With a Thousand Faces (Tarot journey of the Fool), which influenced George Lucas. He was a friend of the daughter of president Woodrow Wilson and Willis Harman of SRI.

It became the model of CIA front Esalen Institute (human potential movement, hippie counter culture, the New Age Church).

Carl Jung

Theosophical Society