Enki was one of the Annunaki 'Gods' (worship of the God matrix) and mythological figure in Sumerian mythology (modern day Iraq), associated with planet and element Mercury. His counterpart was Enlil, who caused the flood. The Annunaki were descendants of An and earth goddess Ki. He became Ea in Akkadian (Babylonian religion). He was worshiped in the city Eridu. He lived in the Abzu, a source of fresh water (also Sumerian for semen) as god of deep water and magic. His consort was Ninhursag.

He was often depicted holding 2 snakes (2 rivers Tigris and Eufrates, the Kundalini energy to activate the pineal gland), like constellation Ophiuchus the Snakeholder.

In Babylonian mythology he was the father of Marduk (Jupiter).

He was associated with the southern sky of constellations and the Square of Pegasus (winged horse symbol of thalamus) between Pisces and Aquarius. The square called I-ku represented Paradise in Babylonian astrology.

The Sumerians introduced the dark art of alchemy. Mercury became a symbol of the shapeshifting interdimensional 'Gods'. Mercury as an intellectual and mental stimulant is associated with knowledge, arts and writing, everything related to communication and commerce and also a psycho-pomp, one foot in physical and one foot in spiritual, the guide of souls in the afterlife.

The term Apkallu (wise, expert) was applied to him. As one of the Apkallu he was depicted as priest Oannes (later John the Baptist) with a fish head dress (Mercury was used to contaminate the sea's and fish) and pinecone symbol of the pineal gland. In Babylon worshiped mercury as fish god Dagon.

The fish mouth hats were later copied by the priests and popes of the Catholic Church (Pisces symbolism in the story of Jesus Christ as Fisher King, apostle John as fisher).

In Egypt Mercury was worshiped as Thoth, in Greece as Hermes and in Roman Empire Mercury.

The battle between Enlil and Enki, oppressor and liberator of mankind, became YHVH and Lucifer. As creator god he has similarities to Egyptian creator god Ptah with Djedd pillar symbol.

The 7 stars of the Pleiades= Paal Ea des. His companion two-faced Izimud (Mercury divides/splits the mind) became Roman god Janus.

Zodiac sign Aquarius the Waterbearer (17 the Star), one of the water signs that refer to the flood, represents Enki.

In the Science Church mitochondrial Eve in the Out-of-Africa theory represents Ninhursag. Abzu= the kabbalistic Abyss.

Two-face became a character in the Batman mythology.

Winged horse symbolism was used in the logo of TriStar Pictures, Clash of the Titans and Disney's A Wrinkle In Time.

Quantum computer company Dwave developed the Pegasus chip.