Endeavor is an agency of mind controlled and directors and puppets of the media, Hollywood film industry, the music industry, fashion industry and sport industry, in Beverly Hills, founded by Ari Emmanuel.

It was formed in 2009 after the merging of William Morris Agency and Endeavor Talent Agency. With Creative Artists Agency of Michael Ovitz, it is the leading talent agency in Hollywood.

Ari Emmanuel came from a Zionist family and started at the Creative Artists Agency of Michael Ovitz (CEO of Disney). He is the brother of Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago and brother of Ezekiel Emanuel (Covid scam, Center for American Progress).

Patrick Whitesell was head of CAA from 1995 to 2001. He married Lauren Sanchez (ABC show The View, Fantastic Four, Ted 2) and later Pia Loyola Miller (Home and Away, Dora and the Lost City of Gold). Lauren Sanchez later married Jeff Bezos of Amazon. John Whitesell is a member of Kehillat Israel with Jon Feltheimer (CEO of Lionsgate Entertainment), director Ellie Kanner and Lloyd Brown (ABC Entertainment Group).

Barry Diller, Michael Ovitz, Marvin Minoff (married to Bonnie Franklin), Ted Ashley (Warner Bros, EST training of Werner Erhard) and his uncle Nat Lefkowitz (CCNY) also worked for William Morris Agency.

Lauren Schwartz of WMA was involved in the mind control of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.

From 2023 it owns the WWE wrestling league of the McMahons.

William Morris Agency clients

- 50 Cent - Alicia Keys - Amy Winehouse - Bill O'Reilly - Brendan Fraser - Britney Spears - Bryan Singer - Catherine Zeta-Jones - Denzel Washington - Eddie Murphy - Eminem - Foo Fighters - Forest Whitaker - Gus Van Sant - Jerry Springer - JJ Abrams - John Travolta - Josh Brolin - Kanye West - Kate Bosworth - Matt Stone - Mel Gibson - Michael Bay - Nine Inch Nails - Paul Thomas Anderson - Pearl Jam - Queen Latifah - Quentin Tarantino - Richard Gere - Ridley Scott - Russell Crowe - Steve Martin - Taylor Swift - Tim Allen - Tim Burton - Tommy Lee Jones - Trey Parker - Tyler Perry - Wachowskis - Weezer - Wes Craven

Endeavor clients

- Adam Sandler - Amy Adams - Amy Poehler - Anthony Hopkins - Baz Luhrman - Ben Affleck - Ben Stiller - Brian Helgeland - Casey Affleck - Charlie Sheen - Chris O'Donnell - Christian Bale - Conan O'Brien - Danny Boyle - David Cronenberg - Diane Keaton - Dustin Hoffman - Edward Norton - Elliott Page - Emile Hirsch - Ewan McGregor - Frances McDormand - Gael Garcia Bernal - Goldie Hawn - Helena Bonham Carter - Hugh Jackman - Hugh Laurie - Jack Black - James Franco - Jason Segel - Javier Bardem - John Malkovich - Josh Lucas - Jessica Alba - Joaquin Phoenix - Jude Law - Juliette Binoche - Karl Urban - Kate Hudson - Keira Knightly - Ken Watanabe - Kevin Bacon - Kevin Smith - Kim Kardashian - Mark Wahlberg - Martha Kauffman - Martin Scorcese - Matt Damon - Michael Douglas - Michael Moore - Patrick Stewart - Paul Bettany - Paul Giamatti - Rachel Weisz - Robert De Niro - Robert Rodriguez - Sacha Baron Cohen - Shia LaBeouf - Spike Lee - Steve Carell - Tilda Swinton - Tina Fey - Toni Colette - Topher Grace - Tyra Banks - Viggo Mortensen - Willem Dafoe - William Hurt


IMG Models: Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, Hailey Baldwin (wife of Justin Bieber), Gisele Bundchen (Leonardo di Caprio), Milla Jovovich, Lily Cole, Millie Bobby Brown (from age 13), Dakota Fanning, Karlie Kloss, ..

It owns International Management Group, IMG Models, Miss Universe Organisation (previously owned by Donald Trump), Monkey Kingdom UK, Optomen TV, Craig Piligian, Shed Group, Tiger Aspect, Ultimate Fighting Championship (Joe Rogan), World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE.

Mind control