Elliot Page

Elliot Page is a mind controlled actor-rapper, used in the media industry and Hollywood film industry to push the gay-transgender agenda and to announce the Covid-19 ritual.

She was a friend of Mark Rendall, who played in Disney film The Scream Team.

She married Emma Portner, who worked for Netflix, Apple and is used in the entourage of Justin Bieber (Disney programming).

In 2014 she was used to push the gay agenda at a Human Rights Campaign in Las Vegas (Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Lieberman, Maya Angelou) and on Facebook.

In december 2020, during the transhumanist vaccination agenda of the Covid19-ritual, he was used to push the transgender agenda, promoted by pm of Canada Justin Trudeau, Ellen DeGeneres, jesuit James Gunn (Disney movies, Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie), Netflix and Time magazine.

Astrological chart

born 2/21/1987, d John Trump, Mélanie Laurent, Alan Rickman, Margaret von Trotta, Gary Lockwood, pisces ruled by Neptune planet of dreams and illusion. page of cups,(

Dominants: Pisces (the Moon), Sagittarius (art), Capricorn (the devil)- Pluto (transformation), Neptune, Sun.

Mars in Taurus opp Pluto in Scorpio, Uranus, Saturn, Moon in Sagittarius, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces.


2002 Trailer Park Boys
2002 Marion Bridge Joanie
2003 Love That Boy Suzanna
2003 Ghost Cat (kitten programming) Shirley Knight
2003 Homeless to Harvard Thora Birch
2004 I Downloaded A Ghost
2004 ReGenesis (one eye, recreating the days of Genesis)
2004 Wilby Wonderful Emily Anderson
2005 Hard Candy Hayley Stark (red hood, Di Caprio played John Candie)
2005 Mouth to Mouth (one eye) Sherry
2006 X-Men: The Last Stand (3 nails=vav vav vav 666) Kitty Pryde (beta kitten, gay agenda) Hugh Jackman Anna Paquin Ian McKellen (gay agenda) James Marsden Patrick Stewart produced by Lauren Donner (The Omen) based on comic of Stan Lee
2007 An American Crime Catherine Keener James Franco (gay agenda)
2007 Juno Juno MacGuff (wife of jupiter in Dee's The Tempest masque) orange stripes Michael Cera as child Harpo JK Simmons Jason Bateman
2007 The Tracey Fragments Tracey Berkowitz (split personality, purple rose, white gloves of Art card)
2007 The Stone Angel Ellen Burstyn (Actors Studio)
2008 Smart People Dennis Quaid Sarah Jessica Parker filmed at Carnegie Mellon University
2009 Vanishing of the Bees Narrator Documentary (creating a hive mind, Eleusinian mysteries honey)
2009 Whip It green art helmet cup, Bliss Cavendar / Babe Ruthless (nr 22) Drew Barrymore Juliette Lewis Kristen Wiig Daniel Stern Jimmy Fallon
2010 Peacock (transgender agenda, split alters) Cillian Murphy Susan Sarandon Josh Lucas Keith Carradine
2010 Inception Ariadne, weaving 8legged spider Christopher Nolan Leonardo di Caprio as Cobb (flees the US, like Roman Polanski) Tom Hardy Cillian Murphy Joseph Gordon-Levitt Michael Caine Pete Postlethwaite (anima of Cobb, conscious-female subconscious)
2010 Super Libby / Boltie jesuit James Gunn Liv Tyler
2012 To Rome with Love (red lips, reference to James Bond film From Russia With Love) Monica Jesse Eisenberg Woody Allen (pedophilia agenda, both The New School) Penelope Cruz 4 stories, architect
2013 The East (rising sign mars symbol) jesuit Patricia Clarkson Alexander Skarsgard
2013 Touchy Feely Jenny
2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past Kitty Pryde James McAvoy Michael Fassbender Jennifer Lawrence Anna Paquin Halle Berry
2014 Tiny Detectives (Sherlock jr)
2015 Into the Forest  Evan Rachel Wood
2015 Freeheld (gay agenda) Julianne Moore Steve Carell produced by Michael Shamberg (announced the Covid19-ritual with Contagion)
2016 Tallulah Zachary Quinto
2016 Window Horses Kelly (voice) (horses neptune) Nancy Kwan (The Wrecking Crew with Sharon Tate)
2016 My Life as a Zucchini Rosy (voice) English dub
2016 Gaycation (gay agenda) Vice of Hearst Ian Daniel extra show about the Orlando shooting ritual and Donald Trump produced by Spike Jonze promoted by GLAAD
2017 My Days of Mercy(gay agenda) Kate Mara, 2 faces
2017 The Cured (announces the apartheid of the Cured and the Infected during the Covid19-ritual)
2017 Flatliners Courtney Holmes (experiment with near death experiences) Kiefer Sutherland
2019 The Umbrella Academy Netflix
2019 Tales of the City (rainbow) Laura Linney Olympia Dukakis (transgender agenda)


the Gay-transgender Church